11/10/14 - 12:00
Russian Grand Prix
Sochi Autodrom • Qualifying


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So the top ten after qualifying is Hamilton, Rosberg, Bottas, Button, Kvyat, Magnussen, Ricciardo, Alonso, Raikkonen and Vergne. Remember we have those grid penalties that'll move some of the pieces around before they take their places tomorrow - the race begins at 12 noon BST on Sunday. Join us then for all the action from Sochi.


Another Mercedes lock-out on the front row - and Kvyat's Toro Rosso will start fifth, ahead of both Red Bulls. Well, what a day.


Oh, he totally would have done as well but rode so far wide at the final turn. Oh, Valtteri. What a disappointment for him.

Q3 - 1' 

Hamilton's still going faster, though - 1:38.513 for that final spin, and he's on provisional pole. Rosberg won't beat him - will Bottas?

Q3 - 2' 

Note that Kvyat's Toro Rosso is just a smidge behind Ricciardo's Red Bull.

Q3 - 3' 

Magnussen has dropped down to tenth now, with Button in fourth. The Mercedes team reckon the track is slowing down now.

Q3 - 4' 

There's Hamilton, slicing a chunk out of Rosberg's best time, now P1 on 1:38.647.

Q3 - 5' 

And there's Ricciardo, coming through into fourth.

Q3 - 6' 

Alonso looking good value for P4.

Q3 - 7' 

Bottas is looking excellent so far, now tucked it neatly behind Rosberg in P1.

Q3 - 8' 

Vettel says his mindset hasn't changed since announcing his departure. OK then. Meanwhile, the Mercs seize the top two places, both clocking under 1:40.

Q3 - 9' 

Sebastian Vettel says that he wonders if he had been too aggressive, and there was a lack of grip on the rear tyres.

Q3 - 10' 

Right. Raikkonen is making a decent first run, in the absence of the Mercs yet.

Q3 - 11' 

Apparently Vettel doesn't have a "problem" but he's been unhappy with the balance of the car all day.

Q3 - 12' 

Right. Shoot-out for pole position, then. Hamilton's had it very easy so far - anyone likely to push him?


Massa admits that it's better to be driving this weekend than not - "When you're driving, you're just thinking about doing your job."


Felipe Massa is griping about the lack of power in his car this morning, which is usually "so quick, so competitive".


Who's out now then? Perez, Hulkenberg, Gutierrez, Sutil, Grosjean - and Sebastian Vettel, who makes it into 11th but no better. Oh dear, oh dear, Red Bull.

Q2 - 1' 

Vettel is slower than both Saubers. No, really.

Q2 - 2' 

This is not looking good for Red Bull. Vettel still languishing and lacking the pace he needs to squeeze through.

Q2 - 3' 

Ricciardo now in sixth, with Vettel way down in 15th. Vergne's nudged out of the top ten momentarily, but soon nips back up into ninth.

Q2 - 4' 

There's Alonso, now seventh fastest and no longer in danger of the drop, I'd guess.

Q2 - 5' 

Ricciardo is reporting a problem with his steering. That might explain why he's down in seventh.

Q2 - 6' 

Magnussen and Button looks promising here, sitting pretty in fourth and fifth. Alonso is preparing to make his charge.

Q2 - 7' 

No Vettel on the board yet. Rosberg loitering in third.

Q2 - 8' 

Good work from Valtteri Bottas, taking the lead, immediately usurped by Lewis Hamilton.

Q2 - 9' 

There's a good lap from Magnussen, pushing Rosberg, just 0.04 seconds behind him now.

Q2 - 10' 

And Rosberg goes fastest, nearly half a second faster than Button now.

Q2 - 11' 

Ah, there's Ricciardo, now third in Q2 behind Jenson Button who has the fastest time so far.

Q2 - 12' 

Sergio Perez is first to clock a time in Q2, a 1:40, with Gutierrez behind him.

Q2 - 13' 

Warnings to the Mercs to keep an eye on their rear-tyre temperatures.

Q2 - 14' 

Another set of new tyres for the pack leaders in this session.

Q2 - 15' 

Out on the track again, then, and it's confirmed that Pastor Maldonado's grid penalty will not carry over into the following race.


Claire Williams says that Massa had issues with his engine mode but won't comment on whether it'll necessitate a change.


Massa wants to know why he couldn't stop in the garage, and his team tell him that there wasn't enough time. He isn't a happy man.


So who's out? Chilton, Kobayashi, Ericssen, Maldonado - and Massa. Not good for Williams, who had third and fifth place in final practice. "Sorry about that, Pastor, a complete shambles," his team tell him.

Q1 - 1' 

Max Chilton looks likely to be stuck at the back of the grid, five and a half seconds slower than those Mercs.

Q1 - 2' 

Massa manages to do better than Pastor Maldonado, but that's the best you can say for him at the moment. Massa 17th, Maldonado 18th.

Q1 - 3' 

Maldonado gets on the scoreboard - but only in 17th. Not good enough. Massa is really struggling, almost nine seconds behind the leader.

Q1 - 4' 

Hmm, Massa has a fuel pressure problem, and has been advised to get round the best he can for the moment.

Q1 - 5' 

Massa seems to be reporting engine problems. Lewis Hamilton clocks a 1:38 lap to take the edge while Rosberg runs wide at Turn 10.

Q1 - 6' 

There's young Daniel Ricciardo, in ninth but quite a way off the pace.

Q1 - 7' 

Where are the Red Bulls? Nowhere, as yet.

Q1 - 8' 

"We're safe, but we'll take the next lap just to learn some more information," the team tell Lewis Hamilton.

Q1 - 9' 

And Rosberg seizes it back. Alonso's doing well in third - I maintain that Ferrari are really going to miss him, overperforming in that car.

Q1 - 10' 

Hamilton takes the lead! 1:39.282, a snifter quicker than Rosberg.

Q1 - 11' 

The McLarens are on medium tyres at the moment - Button's in fourth and Magnussen in seventh.

Q1 - 12' 

Hamilton's about three-quarters of a second behind his team-mate, with Kvyat holding on to third.

Q1 - 13' 

Rosberg takes the lead - 1:39.292 - and his team tell him they think that's probably OK to qualify.

Q1 - 14' 

Dany Kvyat currently leading the pack with a 1:41.088.

Q1 - 15' 

Both Mercs are on softs, according to the social media. Maldonado is back in the pits and seems to have a problem with his car.

Q1 - 16' 

Word from the pit seems to be that the race will be run to a one-stop strategy.

Q1 - 17' 

Hamilton's out there and ready to go on soft tyres - interesting. Sebastian Vettel is composing himself.

Q1 - 18' 

Off we go then!


Five minutes to go before qualifying begins, circling the Olympic Park. Warm and sunny out on the track, and it's looking beautiful. But then F1 circuits usually do.


Three potential grid penalties this weekend - Kevin Magnussen (McLaren), Max Chilton (Marussia) and Nico Hulkenberg (Force India) all had unscheduled gearbox changes over the past week; plus there'll be a five-place penalty for Pastor Maldonado of Lotus, carrying over from Japan.


Here's the latest from final practice, just to catch yourself up - https://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/news/formula-1-hamilton-fastest-fp3-sochi-090305799--f1.html


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Good morning, all, and welcome to our LIVE coverage of qualifying for the Russian Grand Prix. After last weekend's awfulness, the F1 show has rolled on to Sochi, with Marussia entering only one car in Jules Bianchi's absence. Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg duked it out during practice, with the Brit having the edge in FP3. Now - what's going to happen when it really counts?