12/10/14 - 12:00
Russian Grand Prix
Sochi Autodrom • Race


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Well, not the best race of the season; in fact, the dullest for some time, I'd say. But it's significant because Mercedes have wrapped up their win - and Lewis Hamilton extends his lead at the top of the drivers' standings. Thank you for your company this afternoon.


Niki Lauda is asked if Lewis Hamilton is now looking unstoppable for the drivers' championship. "Yes. Kind of."


The McLarens of Button and Magnussen are fourth and fifth, with Alonso's Ferrari in sixth. The Red Bulls of Ricciardo and Vettel are seventh and eighth.


Rosberg is second, apologising to his team for his mistake on the first lap but thanking them for the car, with Valtteri Bottas taking the third spot on the podium.


"Awesome drive!" the team tell Hamilton. "Congratulations to the team!" he responds.


Mercedes take the constructors' title as Hamilton moves ahead further in the drivers' championship.


So Hamilton wins the Russian Grand Prix - after Rosberg's awful error at the start, that was never in doubt.


And we're into the final lap. Rosberg is the fastest man on the track even on those tyres - now 52 laps into their race, remember - but Hamilton has never been under pressure.


Hamilton is so far ahead of Rosberg he can'tt even see him in his mirrors at any point.


There's little happening out there now. This is a procession.


Bottas records the fastest lap of the race! Has he left it a little too late to make a bid for second?


Ricciardo is still nudging at Alonso, but can't get past him.


In what's been a rather dull race, Rosberg has done amazingly to make it through this far - can he hang on for the last five laps?


Rosberg is nearly 19 seconds behind Hamilton, though.


Bottas is five seconds behind Rosberg. Can he force another error from the Mercedes driver?


Sergio Perez is told that the fuel situation now is "desperate". Ouch.


Let's see what Bottas can muster, then.


So it looks like Rosberg really is going to take this to the end now - that's the assumption that the other teams are working to.


The closest we have to an overtaking battle at the moment is in sixth place, where Daniel Ricciardo is less than half a second behind Fernando Alonso. We've already seen plenty of times this season how cute Ricciardo can be with his overtaking moves.


Ah, now Hamilton is putting his foot down and gently easing himself away from Rosberg.


Rosberg says it will be "easy" to get the tyres to the end of the race, then quickly corrects himself: "Not easy, but they feel good for now." We'll see, then, Nico.


There's a sizeable interval between each car at the moment. Not a gripping spectacle, really, with not a great amount of opportunity for overtaking.


Into the pits for Kyvat.


Rosberg is setting faster and faster laps on these ancient tyres. Fascinating. But then of course Hamilton isn't being pushed at all and hasn't got to attack.


Those Red Bulls are still well down the pack, in seventh and eighth. And Kvyat is down in 14th after his terrific performance in qualifying.


So Rosberg is a way behind Hamilton, but he is extending the gap between him and Bottas. Looks like he's creating a cushion so he can pit for more tyres.


Five-second stop-go penalty for Grosjean. Seems a bit harsh.


Rosberg records the fastest lap. Now, perhaps this might liven up the race a bit.


Kobayashi says there was nothing that forced him out of the race, but he was told to box by the team. This is very peculiar indeed.


A three-second stop for Vettel, and meanwhile Rosberg forces Bottas wide at Turn 2 to take second.


Vettel pits!


Vettel is scolded through the radio for not "respecting the beeps" that are intended to alert him as to what he should be doing.


Bottas is moving in on Vettel, who took second place during the pit stop window as he hasn't stopped yet - but Nico Rosberg is there in fourth and pushing.


Sutil spins off in his duel with Grosjean, but keeps his car away from the barriers and gets back on to the track.


Hamilton didn't even lose the lead there after that pit stop. The field is spread so massively across this long track.


Hamilton is next to be called into the pits, and meanwhile Kobayashi has to retire from the race - 19 cars left this afternoon.


And Bottas pits as well. Williams are rather more slick than their Ferrari colleagues.


Alonso into the pits and it's a really really slow and messy stop.


This is a very odd race so far. There are cars a lap behind already, and even Romain Grosjean in 17th is a minute and a half behind the leaders.


And now Rosberg is closing in on Raikkonen in sixth.


Raikkonen is making a bid to take sixth from Vergne, who's locked up under pressure and then opts to pit.


Well, with the work that Rosberg has had to do and has still to do, there's surely no way he's going to make it through until the end without pitting again. Surely.


Rosberg is reporting a lot of degradation; Hamilton is reporting that his tyres feel terrific.


There's a widening gap between the top 12 and the stragglers now. Daniel Ricciardo is still tangled up, sitting in 16th.


Rosberg moves past Sergio Perez in Turn 2 with great simplicity.


Rosberg is advised to pick the pace up a little.


Vergne's doing well to hold off Kvyat and Raikkonen, protecting his seventh place.


"Everything's looking great!" Bottas's team tell him.


Jenson Button sounds very chirpy over the radio as well, cruising along in third and pulling away from Fernando Alonso.


A beautiful and smooth drive from Hamilton so far.


And Hamilton is just pulling further and further away from Bottas.


Massa is making a low-key move through now, slipping past Gutierrez into 12th.


Apparently Jenson Button has scorned the idea that Rosberg is going to make it to the end on that set of tyres.


"We believe we're in position for a podium," claim Rosberg's team over the radio.


And Hamilton begins to stretch away from Bottas, although there's still a long gap between them and third-placed Button.


Yep, Chilton is out of the race.


Ricciardo pits, ready to attack on a pacier set of tyres.


Rosberg has done well to move through as far as he has, now in 14th, behind Hulkenberg, but that's still around 38 seconds behind Hamilton.


Chilton's reporting a problem with his front left tyre, and looks like he's about to retire from the race.


Hamilton and Bottas are a good ten seconds ahead of Button in third.


Hamilton's lapping in 1:43 now.


Button's pulling away from Alonso, much to the glee of his team.


"I am driving in a way that I can get to the end of the race, for your information," reports Rosberg.


Ricciardo says he's losing a lot of time stuck behind Vettel. "Understood," say his team. Team orders imminent?


Ricciardo is having a little jab at team-mate Vettel. This will be interesting.


Jenson Button's team tell him that Alonso is behind him, and he sounds a bit puzzled as he points out that he can see him in his mirrors.


Max Chilton has pitted already to switch to soft tyres.


Valtteri Bottas is tucked in nicely in second at the moment, with Jenson Button in third.


So Rosberg is right at the back, thirty seconds behind, and with a lot of traffic to make his way through. Is this the end of his championship challenge?


Vergne's told his tyre temperature is high. Sounds like he says that he knows, but he just wants to drive, so let him.


Vergne and Magnussen are having fun there in a little battle for fifth.


Hamilton's lapping at 1:45 at the moment - he'll be going about six seconds quicker shortly.


"What's the strategy now?" asks Rosberg. "We need to go to the end on this set, Nico," he's told. Oh, Nico.


Rosberg is in the pits, and Hamilton is back in front.


"Nico, you need to give that position back to Lewis, please," says the team radio. "I need to box," he admits - that sizzling start has also sizzled the car.


Good start from the front three but Rosberg locks up at Turn 2 after moving through on his team-mate to take the lead!


Go go go!


Everyone's lined up on the grid, and there's that pleasing humming of engines ready for the formation lap.


@Pirellisport: "Ready to go in Russia. One stop strategy theoretically the quickest. Some drivers say overtaking will be tricky, so strategy important #F1"


Beautifully observed silence, and an acapella national anthem.


The drivers are gathered in silence on the track, lined up behind a message that reads, "Jules, we are all supporting you."


While the Marussia team are gathered around a sign that reads "Racing for Jules", all looking very sombre, the grid girl stands next to them and beams. Somewhat inappropriate.


Martin Brundle's talking about the tribute they're planning on the track. He says that something similar happened after the deaths of Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger, and he thought it was the wrong thing to do then.


Marussia's Max Chilton, looking very young, says: "It's not the same without my team-mate."


Don't forget that the grid has quite a few tweaks after qualifying because of the fistful of gearbox penalties that have been imposed.


"There is a long way to go. I think we are doing a good job," says Massa, reflecting on what he says was the hardest race of his career.


Felipe Massa is talking about last weekend (and those shouts of "it's so bad! so bad!"), and how the visibility was so poor in his car that coped quite badly with the conditions.


Prior to the start there'll be an expression of support for Jules Bianchi. Daniel Ricciardo tweeted a short time ago: "Today 14.48 before #F1 GP we drivers will stand in support to Jules and his family in a closed circle formation."


The Russians are delighted to have the Grand Prix in Sochi. So delighted, in fact, that there's an interpretative dance performance on the track at the moment, complete with prop tyres. (I assume they're prop tyres, not real ones.)


Good morning, all, and welcome to our LIVE coverage of the Russian Grand Prix. OK, so it's yet another Mercedes lock-out of the front row, but Valtteri Bottas's pace during qualifying suggests that this race might not be the straightforward canter to the finish that the Silver Arrows want.