Hungarian Grand Prix: Shaky steering for Vettel, stellar sportsmanship for Hamilton

Hungarian Grand Prix: Shaky steering for Vettel, stellar sportsmanship for Hamilton

30/07/2017 at 13:15Updated 30/07/2017 at 15:00

Sebastian Vettel won the Hungarian Grand Prix despite some steering issues, and Lewis Hamilton took himself off the podium with some great sportsmanship.


A strange race in Hungary, as the leading quartet, two silver and two red, struggled with challenging each other; they were finding it hard to maintain track grip when they put on the pace.

Sebastian Vettel, starting in pole, suffered from steering problems, and was given some great advice by his team.

He clung on to the very end, and he takes a 14-point championship lead into the summer break. Kimi Raikkonen came in second, concluding the first Ferrari one-two at the Hungaroring since 2004, and Valtteri Bottas of Mercedes took third spot.


Three stars out of five. It was a quiet day from Hamilton today - literally, seeing as IT problems meant his radio wasn't audible for large chunks of the race.

There was some excellent sportsmanship from the Brit too - Bottas allowed Hamilton past to have a go at overtaking Raikkonen, but as he couldn't manage it he allowed the Finn to take the final podium spot at the last.


Kimi Raikkonen was not impressed with Paul di Resta, the reserve driver in the seat of Felipe Massa's Williams, suggesting he should "stick to reporting". Ouch.

Poor di Resta had to retire the car a handful of laps from the end due to a technical issue.

Disappointing for him, but he had an excellent weekend all round.


Who doesn't love a McLaren using unreliable Honda power to attempt overtaking? All the kudos to Fernando Alonso, giving Carlos Sainz something to think about. Even the social media crew from other teams were enjoying it.

The Spaniard - 36 on Saturday - finished sixth, with the quickest lap of the day. A truly special weekend from him.


Let's go with irony today. Ferrari were happy with Vettel leading the pack, despite steering problems - his faster team-mate, Raikkonen, fancied a go at taking it on, despite pressure from the Mercedes pair right behind him.

Yet despite what looked a highly dubious strategy of hoping to keep the German ahead with sheer willpower, it actually panned out. Raikkonen seemed frustrated by it - he was effectively protecting his hamstrung team-mate from the speed of the Mercedes behind him - but a second-place finish should make up for it a little.


Alonso's sixth place will grab the headlines, but there was another McLaren who saw the chequered flag too - well done, Stoffel Vandoorne, in tenth place, putting more points in the bag for the team.


Junior team Toro Rosso had similar problems in recent races - it was Red Bull who suffered with friendly fire this week, with Daniel Ricciardo clashing with Max Verstappen. The Australian was unhappy.

Verstappen picked up a ten-second time penalty for causing the collision, which will have been little comfort to Ricciardo - whose tweet after qualifying seemed ominously prescient.


Actor Ashton Kutcher was at the Hungaroring.

He didn't do the podium interviews, though - that was left once more to media pundit and former driver David Coulthard.