27/07/14 - 13:00
Hungarian Grand Prix
Hungaroring • Race


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What a terrific afternoon of racing that was, and a well-deserved victory for Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo, who attacked bravely and with confidence. It's good to see Fernando Alonso on the podium after a great drive on very little tyre; and Lewis Hamilton should be very pleased with third place after starting from the pit lane. One suspects, however, that the Mercedes camp will not be a happy place to be over the next few weeks as they work to solve these problems that dogged both their drivers this weekend. Thanks for joining me this afternoon!


The trio of drivers walk out on to the podium, and I'm fairly sure Ricciardo hasn't stopped beaming since he passed the chequered flag. Time for the Australian national anthem.


Ricciardo leaps on to his car, flexes his muscles and beats his chest in maximum macho glee.


"Nice work, Lewis, that was one hell of a recovery from the pit lane," his team praise him.


Christian Horner says, "It was an incredible drive from Daniel. I can't say anything high enough for him."


Ricciardo is laughing and cheering over the radio. "Amazing, you deserve that!" his team tell him. He certainly does. Wonderful driving.


That's his second Grand Prix win, and Alonso does brilliantly to take second on practically no tyres whatsoever, with Hamilton doing equally brilliantly to take third after that pit lane start.


Daniel Ricciardo wins the Hungarian Grand Prix!


Into the final lap, and Ricciardo is five seconds ahead of Alonso.


Hamilton also complains that his tyres have no grip either. Goodness, we have some disgruntled Mercedes drivers this afternoon.


Hamilton can't get past Alonso, who's struggling with those worn tyres.


Ricciardo will need to extend that lead because the quick-lapping Rosberg is now joining the chasing pack, just two seconds behind Hamilton now.


Alonso can do nothing to hold off Daniel Ricciardo! What terrific driving from the Red Bull.


And Ricciardo has done it! He takes Hamilton, moving wide at the turn, and the Red Bull team leap out of their seats.


Hamilton's being told to adjust his steering wheel settings to hold off Ricciardo in turn. What an exciting end to this race!


This is a late and impressive surge from Rosberg, taking two and a half seconds off Ricciardo's advantage every lap.


Ricciardo tries to go round the outside of Hamilton but is rebuffed - and Rosberg's team tell him to keep up the pace and he'll catch the leaders by the last lap.


Now, Nico Rosberg, still in fourth, is lapping more quickly than Daniel Ricciardo. He still trails by 14 seconds - is there any way he can close that gap?


Hamilton and Ricciardo have Fernando Alonso in their sights now, and he's rattled - so much so that he goes bouncing across the bumps on the chicane.


"We're good on fuel," Hamilton is reassured.


Hamilton is lapping significantly slower than Ricciardo now, who's around a second quicker per lap.


His second move is more successful as he gets past Raikkonen and Vettel, taking fifth.


Kimi Raikkonen is holding off Nico Rosberg to keep sixth, despite the championship leader's best efforts.


Alonso continues to hold on to the lead, but Hamilton is cutting in to that. Ricciardo is being warned to protect his tyres ready to race at the end.


"You're racing to the end," Rosberg's team tell him.


And when he comes back out on to the track, he's in seventh.


Yes. Rosberg is called into the pits for a change of tyres.


Hamilton's nearly four seconds off Alonso, and Rosberg is now over a second and a half behind in third. Time for his final stop and an all-out final 13 laps?


Vettel tells his team he'll stay out on the track if that's the only way of staying in contention. "Good call," they reply.


There's Ricciardo's final pit stop, and Alonso takes the lead as the Australian moves back into fourth.


Ricciardo wants to know what the plan is, and the plan seems to be that he'll be putting for a final time shortly.


Hamilton is, indeed, not letting him past.


Rosberg continues to complain on the radio that Hamilton isn't letting him past.


And rather understandably, Hamilton says that he's not going to slow down for Rosberg, but if his team-mate manages to catch up then he'll let him overtake.


"Why is he not letting me through?" demands Rosberg, and Hamilton is duly instructed to let him past. This is rather odd, seeing as Hamilton is a second in front and Rosberg is not closing in on him.


And Hamilton manages to add another tenth of a second to that advantage.


Hamilton doesn't have to think about letting Rosberg through quite yet, anyway - he's still three-quarters of a second behind him.


"I can't imagine these tyres lasting," declares Hamilton. His team tell him that wear shouldn't be an issue. Interesting.


Hamilton's been told that Rosberg has one more stop to take, so not to hold him up. I would very much like to see and hear Hamilton's reaction to that.


Rosberg is nibbling at Hamilton's lead, which he's slashed to under a second now.


Hamilton is still not happy about the cockpit temperature.


Alonso is in third at the moment, with Hamilton closing in from fourth.


Oh, as I say that, Ricciardo notes some power unit problems.


Ricciardo is 13 seconds ahead of Massa now - but presumably he will need to pit at some point soon.


Race leaders, watch out: Pastor Maldonado is in eighth and gunning for those points.


Wow. The plan is now for Hamilton to do the rest of the race without stopping.


So Daniel Ricciardo is leading the field once more, with the Mercedes now in fifth and sixth - Hamilton with the advantage over Rosberg.


So Hamilton pits now - and he's not preparing for rain quite yet.


Alonso does take the chance to pit, though, and comes out in fifth.


Hamilton reckons he can eke out another couple of laps, so he's told to push it as much as possible and then come in.


There are some very ominous black clouds circling the track, and Hamilton is told to pit at the end of the next lap.


Esteban Gutierrez has to retire from the race - struggling with the necessary power.


"What do I do? Push like crazy?" asks Rosberg, in response to the news that Hamilton is a pit stop and more in front of him.


Alonso's lead is rapidly eroding, and Ricciardo is happily moseying through in third as Hamilton attacks.


Hamilton reports his seat is getting hot. That's not a positive sign.


Remember though that the field is just settling itself down after those safety cars and scattered gluts of stops.


Hamilton's pushing on Vergne and he takes second!


That troublesome chicane is the one with the astroturf edging, which seems to be causing problems.


Vettel screams wide in the manner of Perez, but he recovers it. Meanwhile, Rosberg has a slow pit stop, and emerges in 13th.


Ricciardo is sensibly saving his tyres, waiting for his chance to strike.


Ricciardo is being told to react quickly when the cars ahead of him start to pit in a couple of laps' time.


That second place is up for grabs. Vergne clings on, but Rosberg is only half a second behind, with Vettel the same distance behind him, and Hamilton the same distance behind him. Evenly organised, admittedly.


The Mercedes are looking to overtake - Hamilton pushing at Vettel, Rosberg pushing at Vergne.


DRS enabled again as Alonso continues to extend his lead.


Ricciardo - on the new tyres - is sixth, with Massa perched behind him.


Vettel's in fourth, but Hamilton's behind him and going for it.


Alonso and Ferrari lead, with Vergne continuing to be "that Toro Rosso in front" of Nico Rosberg.


We are racing again!


Kobayashi comes to a halt and has to withdraw.


Nico Rosberg radios through to tell whoever might be listening that there are cars going too fast past the accident site, "especially the Toro Rosso in front of me".


The more they replay that Perez smash, the nastier it looks - he runs wide off the turn, then skews across directly into a concrete wall, with no tyres protecting the impact.


And Valtteri Bottas as well.


Ah, that would include Daniel Ricciardo, then, who's in the pit lane.


The track crew are out with their brooms, and this looks like a good time for a pit stop for anyone so inclined.


Awful smash for Sergio Perez - a huge amount of bits and pieces scattered across the track, but the driver himself is fine.


Rosberg is over half a second behind fourth-placed Vergne in the Toro Rosso; as observers point out, the fact he can't cut into that advantage might indicate a continued problem with the Mercedes.


Ricciardo's got the fastest lap now - well under 1.30.


Hamilton's team tell him that his brakes are veering towards being too hot now, so he'll have to keep an eye on that.


Button's into 15th now, and Ricciardo is five seconds clear of Felipe Massa in second.


Pastor Maldonado goes wide and clips Bianchi, causing a fair amount of damage to the back of the car.


Hamilton's now in seventh, behind Vettel, but he can see his team-mate Rosberg just in front.


Button's re-emerged into 18th place, but already looking to move up.


Alonso, the man currently in possession of third place, has recorded the fastest lap of the afternoon.


Nico Hulkenberg's car is off the track and into the barriers - he's out of the race having clipped Sergio Perez on the way out.


Button pulls into the pit, allowing Ricciardo to retake the lead, and as Vergne and Rosberg both lock up their brakes, that challenge for the third place gets more packed.


Rosberg's dropping back through the field, and Hamilton's right there behind him now, alongside Vettel.


"We need your feedback on these tyres. Let us know when they're dead," Button's team tells him.


Hamilton weaves through to pressure Sebastian Vettel in eighth.


And as Button pulls into the lead, he's told that the forecast rain is looking less likely now.


The safety car is preparing to pull in...


It looks like a brake disc issue for Rosberg, who's told not to use them for the time being.


Romain Grosjean has crashed out - and Nico Rosberg's car is smoking! Not in the good way, but in the emitting clouds from the rear.


Button and Magnussen are the only ones of the top 12 on intermediate tyres now - everyone else is on the slicks.


So after that round of pit stops and tyre change drama, Rosberg is down in fifth, with Ricciardo leading, and Button just behind him in second.


Ericsson is OK and has walked away from the wreckage of his car, by the way - not sure what happened there, it was a smash into the barrier.


I was about to type that this will be an opportunity for the rest of the pack to start pitting on to their wet tyres, but half of them already have by the time I've got the words out.


Marcus Ericsson has had a very nasty crash, and the safety car is out.


Rosberg now edges up to a ten-second lead over second-placed Bottas...and meanwhile Hamilton's car is falling apart as he goes round the track. He's told not to worry about it, and continues to slice through the field.


And Rosberg continues to quietly extend his lead, with another fastest lap time, well under 1.44 now.


Hamilton does seem to have trouble controlling his car, ever so slightly veering off the track - perhaps a legacy of that wing damage.


Hamilton's car is certainly warming up - second fastest on the track now.


Hamilton reports "a vibration somewhere" in the car. He really is not a happy man. Nico Rosberg is streaking ahead, and Valtteri Bottas moves into second.


The track is drying out now, and DRS is back in action.


Hamilton's been told to keep heating his brakes up - and meanwhile, Rosberg holds on to the lead and records the fastest lap so far.


"The brakes just gave up," says Hamilton over the radio. He thinks he has damage on the front left corner of his wing.


There's so much spray zipping up from the track - and Hamilton's spun off on Turn 2 already! He pulls it back, and is back on the course.


Here we go!


Danii Kyvat is just stuck on the grid, completely stranded. "I have no engine, I have no engine!" he informs the team. "It just went off."


Word is that everyone is starting on intermediates. Interestingly, Jenson Button is the driver on the grid who's done the best here in rainy conditions previously.


I don't know about you, but I'm counting down to this next downpour now. The man who seems calmest about it, perhaps oddly, is Max Chilton, who says the entire track is "damp" but with wetter patches. It'll be a tactical joust to see when the pit stops come - if the next rain shower arrives as scheduled.


Danii Kyvat has no time for pre-race questions, the answers to which he feels are self-evident. How does the track feel? "Wet," he declares.


Jenson Button describes the track as "slippery...like a slippery thing." Perhaps not the most articulate, but I think we know what he means. "There are massive rivers - it could be tricky out there," he adds, mentioning standing water around the track.


Christian Horner, the Red Bull team principal, says he's expecting more rain in the next half-hour.


Paul Hembury, Pirelli's motorsport director, says that the track now is in mixed condition - part of it would be suited to intermediate tyres, and part would be suited to wets. Big decisions to be made.


The drivers are testing out their tyres on this newly wet track. Lewis Hamilton is out there, and checking the new additions to his car.


A sudden deluge in Budapest. That's a very soggy track now.


"There is no way that happens in Formula One...it's a run of bad luck," says Toto Wolff regarding the accusations that a team ever has it in for a driver. "If he has any more mechanical problems I will jump over the wall and push him around myself." Good to know.


And the first spots of rain are accumulating on the track as the winds pick up - and some lightning is spotted in the distance.


What perhaps makes it even worse is that this weekend Hamilton was intending to become the first driver to win the Hungarian Grand Prix five times. It seems unlikely now - but perhaps not impossible.


And of course to add insult to injury, his Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg starts from pole and looks set to extend his lead in the championship standings even further this afternoon. Hamilton seems both frustrated and disbelieving, and you can't really blame him for either.


Good afternoon, all, and welcome to our LIVE coverage of the Hungarian Grand Prix. Well, it's beyond a joke for Lewis Hamilton now; after brake problems in practice and an engine fire in qualifying, he starts from the pit lane. That comes after last weekend's disappointment in Germany, where he battled through the grid to finish third after brake issues in qualifying.