Though the F1 world champion underlined he was not saying the track changes caused his crash - which happened when he turned in while on the new outside kerb at Turn 11 - he said they were part of unnecessary changes that meant the track "lost a lot of character".
"I think I put my rear wheel slightly over the white line and touched that kerb and they're very, very slippery," said Hamilton.
"I don't know why they've actually put them there. It was fine the way it was before.
Hungarian Grand Prix
Rosberg fastest in practice as Hamilton crashes out
22/07/2016 AT 15:44
"I don't put it down to the track, it was obviously me, I put the wheel in the wrong place.
"It's a shame that sometimes they do these things. I don't know why. We had these old kerbs before and where I went off there was a nice little small lip, it was fantastic.
"It worked for so many years and then they decided to change it. I assume they've just got so much money that they needed to spend it."
REPORT: Rosberg fastest in FP2, Hamilton crashes.

Nico Rosberg fastest in practice.

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Hamilton was able to drive his Mercedes back to the pits, but had to stop running for the afternoon as the impact had put excessive loads through the suspension and the car had to be stripped down and checked.
"I hit the wall perfectly sideways so was able to pull away, but it overloaded the wishbones," he said.
"The front wing endplate might have been damaged and the sidepod wing maybe, but fortunately not a lot of damage."
The crash triggered the g-force sensors that require drivers to undergo a precaution medical check, though Hamilton confirmed he was unhurt.
"I'm fine. Even if my frigging leg was broken, I'd still want to race," he joked.
"What I find really crazy is in Formula 1 they're generally so over the top.
"You see these MotoGP riders, they ride with broken ankles and collarbones and everything.

Lewis Hamilton after the Austrian Grand Prix

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"You have one little busted finger and they don't want you to race [in F1].
"But fortunately I have no problems. The medical team did a great job. It was a very quick in and out."
The crash came at the start of second practice and Hamilton admitted the lack of running afterwards was not ideal.
"It's just about getting in the swing of things and if you miss a session that's really what you miss," he said.
"Today I missed a long run so when I get into the race will be the first time really attacking and making those tyres last as long as they need to go.
"It actually makes it a little more exciting because when I get into the race, nothing's planned, it will be one lap at a time and I'll rely even more on my driving."
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