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Hungarian Grand Prix
Hungaroring • Race


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FULL RESULTS - 1. Hamilton 2. Verstappen 3. Vettel 4. Leclerc 5. Sainz 6. Gasly 7. Raikonnen 8. Bottas 9. Norris 10. Albon 11. Perez 12. Hulkenberg 13. Magnussen 14. Ricciardo 15. Kyvat 16. Russell 17. Stroll 18. Giovinazzi 19. Kubica DNF - Grosjean


HAMILTON WINS! Mercedes played this perfectly. The second pit stop caught Red Bull by surprise and that was what ultimately won Hamilton the Hungarian Grand Prix, his seventh victory here.


"I cannot finish the race like this," Verstappen says on the team radio and the Red Bull is having to come into the pits. They got the strategy wrong. Hamilton and Mercedes caught them cold with that second stop.


HAMILTON IS THROUGH! With two laps remaining the Mercedes is through and passed Verstappen, going the long way round Turn One and into Turn Two! The strategy has worked!


This has been a fantastic duel between the front two and it seems that we are about to get one final scrap. Three laps to go and Hamilton is right on the tail of Verstappen!


The gap between Verstappen and Hamilton with just four laps of the race remaining? 3.1 seconds. Is this Hamilton's race? Will Verstappen be forced into the pits late on here?


"Tyres are dead," Verstappen says on the radio. Wow. This could be a race defining moment.


The gap was 20 seconds just a few laps ago and now it's down to seven seconds!


Hamilton is thrashing his car around every corner in one last dash to catch Verstappen and get past the Red Bull that he has been on the tail of since Turn One in the first lap.


There is a lot of heads in hands on the Red Bull and Mercedes pit walls. This is going to e very, very close. Hamilton is chasing down Verstappen who is running out of tyres here!


Mercedes have been on the radio to Hamilton prediction that by the end of the race Verstappen will be down to 0 rubber. Man, this is going to be close.


A duel between Magnussen and Ricciardo is happening for P14. The Renault is growing increasingly frustrated by the way the Haas is breaking. Magnussen manages to stay ahead.


Hamilton has just set the new fastest lap of the race. The gap is down to just 13.4 seconds!


Bottas up into P9. He has salvaged his race somewhat. But Ricciardo has had more trouble making his way through the pack and is down in 15th position with 12 laps left.


This is going to be tight. Hamilton has found himself in traffic which has allowed Verstappen to stop the bleeding of time. Hamilton about to clear that traffic, though.


That just illustrates how Verstappen and Hamilton have made this a two horse race - they have just passed Raikonnen in seventh place. And Verstappen is about to lap Vettel in fourth!


15-second gap now between Verstappen and Hamilton. 15 laps to go...


Verstappen has a lot of track in front of him now. He needs to make the most of that with Hamilton closing the gap on his tail.


So it seems that Red Bull are going to keep Verstappen on the one-stop strategy. It's surely too late for them to get their driver in for a second stop given how Hamilton is closing.


"We should have pitted as well," Verstappen says on the team radio. Have Mercedes managed to save their strategy here and pull one out of the bag?


Bottas into P11! The other Mercedes has passed Albon and is now within sight of a points finish after being sent to the back of the pack in the opening few laps.


We are in for an interesting final 20 laps of this race. Mercedes have rolled the dice here by changing Hamilton on to the medium tyres. There's much talk going on at Red Bull.


HAMILTON INTO THE PITS! Well, this is a bit of a gamble from Mercedes. They have put Hamilton on the medium tyres and that has surely caught Red Bull by surprise!


Feels like we are building up to another duel between Verstappen and Hamilton. The Red Bull is growing increasingly concerned on the team radio about a lack of power.


"I need full power," Verstappen complains on the Red Bull team radio. The response comes back that he has full power.


Hamilton has just set the fastest lap of the race and has once again closed the gap slightly on Verstappen. The difference between the two is just 1.1 seconds.


Just a reminder that Verstappen has never finished in the top three at the Hungarian Grand Prix. So it's a significant personal achievement that he is leading this race.


Verstappen has managed to build his lead on Hamilton again. The Red Bull is a second-and-a-half ahead of the Mercedes and Hamilton's advantage due to fresh tyres is gone now.


It's another scruffy pit stop as Vettel changes tyres. There have been a few of those today. The Ferrari comes out in front of Sainz in P4. Can the German make a push for the podium?


Hamilton wide! The Mercedes went a bit too ambitious there going into Turn Four and ended up having to give the position back to Verstappen. The threat is over for the time being.


Hamilton attack! The Mercedes goes wheel-to-wheel to get past Verstappen into Turn One, he went the long way round, but the Red Bull manages to keep his position. Drama!


Verstappen and Hamilton are coming into some traffic now and this could add some extra spice to what is already an interesting duel between the two for P1.


Indeed, Verstappen seems to have woken up. Hamilton lost some time in the first sector and in the middle sector as well and the gap is back up to just over one second.


Wow! Hamilton is all of a sudden right on the tail of Verstappen. Were the Red Bulls sleeping there? Hamilton looks to have the pace on the Red Bull right now! We are racing!


"Hamilton is now behind. Expect him to attack while his tyres are fresh." That was the message on the Red Bull radio.


Hamilton gained over two seconds on Verstappen in the last lap alone. The Mercedes is really making the most of the young tyres he is on. The gap is back to just one second.


Not quite sure when or how it happened, but Bottas is finally ahead of Ricciardo. The Finn might now finally start making his way through the pack again.


Hamilton is in! Finally, the Silver Arrow comes into the pits. Where is he going to come out? Hamilton enters the race again ahead of the two Ferraris, but six seconds behind Verstappen.


The current projections are that Hamilton will come out three seconds behind Verstappen when he pits. Have Mercedes made a mistake with their strategy here?


Hamilton is getting increasingly concerned on the team radio. He had a left front brake issue for a moment there, there was some smoke, but that seems to have been resolved.


There has been a lack of racing action between Hamilton and Verstappen, but there has been great drama between the two as they figure out their race strategy. Compelling.


Did Mercedes make a mistake by not bringing Hamilton in when they originally planned? Now, Verstappen has grip again on new tyres and that gap between the two is closing.


Hamilton has clear track ahead of him. He needs to stretch this lead as much as he can. Hamilton on the radio... "I can't go any faster, man."


In comes Verstappen! Okay, here we go. The Red Bull has come into the pits and has come back out ahead of Leclerc in third position. That was crucial. That has worked quite well.


"I've got to say once again, I'm losing grip." That's the third time that Verstappen has mentioned that on the radio.


This is starting to look good for Hamilton. He has closed the gap to such an extent that the Mercedes is getting within DRS range of the Red Bull.


Pit stop drama! Mercedes radio'd to Hamilton to come into the pits. However, once they rushed their crew into the pit lane Hamilton stayed out. Was that a dummy?


If Verstappen pits now then he would likely come out just in front of Vettel. The problem for him is Hamilton, who is just over one second behind the Red Bull now.


Could it be that Verstappen is losing grip? Is that why Hamlton is slowly but surely closing the gap on the race leader? Might Verstappen have to be the one to pit first?


Bottas has been slowed up by Ricciardo. The Mercedes was working his way through the grid before he came up against the Australian who is defending his position well.


Gap between Verstappen and Hamilton now stands at 1.4 seconds...


Super racing! Kvyat and Albon go wheel-to-wheel and in the end Albon is forced wide. That was great drama between the Torro Rosso drivers. Kvyat gets the 12th position in the end.


Hamilton has just got that little bit closer to Verstappen, closing the gap to 1.8 seconds. There's a feeling that we are all waiting for this duel to burst into life at any moment.


Bottas has managed to make four passes from the back of the grid and is now on the tail of Ricciardo, who is also trying to make his way through the field. Could be interesting.


Vettel has built up a lead on Sainz that means Ferrari can afford to change their pit stop strategy. It might be worth the gamble. It might be their only way back into the fight at the front.


Bottas has passed Kubica and is no longer in last position. And he's just passed Giovinazzi as well. The Mercedes could still finish in the points if he keeps this up.


"Tell me when you need me to close up," is the message from Hamilton. He still believes that he can catch Verstappen. This has become a bit of a two horse race.


We're 13 laps in and Gasly is half a minute and seven positions behind his Red Bull teammate, Verstappen. One wonders how much longer Red Bull will persevere with him.


Bottas was eight seconds behind Kubica at the back of the grid a couple laps ago, but has now closed that gap to just two seconds. He is setting an excellent pace on those new tyres!


It's been a good start for McLaren with Sainz in P5 and Norris in P6. They have been improving almost with every race so far this season.


Mercedes put Bottas on to the hard compound tyres when he came into the pits to get his front wing changed and that seems to have worked. The Finn is making up good time.


Ricciardo started the race from the back of the grid, but the Australian has only made up two places in the first nine laps or so. He has only made his way up two positions. Hmmm...


Hamilton is keeping within touching distance of Verstappen, but the front two are setting a pace that the rest of the pack can't keep up with. The two Ferraris have fallen a long way behind.


Into the pits! Bottas dives in to get a new front wing. That was a long stop for the Finn, 14.7 seconds, and that will cost him a lot of track position. This has become a tough afternoon for Bottas.


1. Verstappen 2. Hamilton 3. Leclerc 4. Vettel 5. Bottas 6. Sainz


Verstappen has built up a lead of two seconds at the front of the pack. He must have been delighted to see the two Mercedes squabbling in the first few corners of the first lap.


It wasn't a good first lap for Gasly, either. He is down to ninth place. The stewards have decided that no investigation is needed into the incident between Bottas and Leclerc.


This is a bit of a disaster for Bottas. He's going to lose a lot of track position by coming into the pits. Could they change him on to the hard tyres to push him further into the race?


Bottas is fighting to keep his seat at Mercedes from Ocon and this hasn't been a good start from the Finn. He is down to fifth after losing his front wing. He is going to have to pit!


LIGHTS OUT! It's a great start off the line with Verstappen, Bottas and Hamilton all going wheel-to-wheel down into the first turn. They all come out as they started on the grid, but Hamilton gets up into P2 at Turn Three.


Okay, the formation is under way. Lights out in just a few moments! The start is so important here!

McLaren F1 tweet

Ricciardo starts from the back of the grid after he was forced to fit a new power unit. However, Vettel still managed to finish second from the back of the grid last time out.


This is a difficult track to overtake on so Verstappen being on pole is significant for the Red Bull driver. However, the threat of the Mercedes behind him will be enough to keep him sharp.


Verstappen has won two of the last three races and he is on pole for the first time at the Hungarian Grand Prix this afternoon. Behind him are the two Silver Arrows of Bottas and Hamilton in P2 and P3.


Good afternoon and welcome to Eurosport's LIVE coverage of the Hungarian Grand Prix. All the drivers and teams are down on the grid and there's not long until lights out! We'll bring you all the action!