07/09/12 - 13:00
Italian Grand Prix
Autodromo di Monza • Free Practice 2

Free Practice 2

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Thanks for joining us - we'll be back tomorrow with coverage of FP3 at 10am UK time, and then qualifying at 1pm. See you then!


That's it from us - from the looks of things, this race could be staggeringly close on Sunday as most of the drivers are very, very close on times. Pole position and race tyre wear will be absolutely critical come race day.


The session comes to a close as Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen all post laps of around 1:29 as they take the chequered flag.


Michael Schumacher is on a smooth-looking lap on his final run - looks like he's finally got his brake balance sorted as he laps with a 1:29.5, very decent with a heavy fuel load.


Cars going off all over the place: Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel all run through chicanes. We've seen an extraordinary amount of that today.


Jerome D'Ambrosio, filling in for Romain Grosjean, is looking very solid, as is his team-mate for the weekend Kimi Raikkonen.


Most drivers are not using DRS right now, incidentally.


Looks like there will be no improvement in the times for the rest of this session - all the drivers appear to be on heavy fuel loads, lapping around the 1:30 mark.


Assuming that they're both running on high fuel loads, Hamilton and Rosberg look like the fastest men on the track right now.


Hamilton has just locked his brakes into the first chicane, then Vettel does the same on the entrance to Roggia. With tyres getting worn as teams look to race performance.


Every driver now out on the circuit - apart from Alonso, who is presumably off tearing strips off some of his mechanics.


Button's heavy fuel runs this morning were a second or so quicker than Vettel - still finding it hard to understand why Red Bull haven't bothered having at least a lap or two in something closer to qualifying trim to confirm their speed is competitive.


The Red Bulls are both back out on the track - Vettel's first flying lap here is a slow one, clearly on high fuel, and he's just over 1:30.


Confirmation here that Ferrari have suffered a gearbox failure. There's a possibility that they will have to take a five-place grid penalty if it cannot be patched up.


Felipe Massa is having tech trouble too: the vent on top of his helmet has just flown off on the straight.


Most of the cars back in the pits now preparing for the final stint. The two Red Bulls are 11th (Webber) and 13th (Vettel), will they be able to show some speed before qualifying?


Lots of work for Ferrari to do between now and qualifying. Alonso is quick, still sitting third, but will his car last the distance at his team's home race?


Alonso is taking his racing overalls off now - his session is over!


The mechanics are trying to restart Alonso's car after taking a look - and it won't start! Alonso is taking off his steering wheel, getting out and taking his helmet off.


Alonso comes into the pits, and drives straight up to be pushed back into the garage. Whatever next? Will his CD player start jumping? Will the cup holders break?


Sounds suspiciously like Alonso's gearbox has packed up. Not good for the championship leader...


Alonso looks like he's got another problem: engine failure, brakes, what is it this time?


Considering those tyres have had coming up for a dozen laps by my count that's good work from Alonso.


Alonso is back around again trying to match Hamilton's 1:25.290, and though he doesn't he is within six hundredths, still fourth on the sheets.


Fernando Alonso is looking a little wobbly - looks like he's really pushing in the first sector, but a slide convinces him to back off a little. He won't set a time this lap.


Hamilton comes round Parabolica for the end of his flying lap and... he's quickest! He's beaten Button by three hundredths. Top 11 cars all within a second of each other - the story of the season...


Vitali Petrov has had a bit of a brain freeze at Lesmo and ended up in the gravel. Doh!


Lewis Hamilton comes back out onto the track hoping to see if he can keep pace with his team-mate.


Button has come round for another couple of laps, and on the second of them he looks like he'll go fastest... and just! Button's 1:25.328 puts him just a few thousandths quicker than Alonso.


HRT's Karthikeyan is not having a good session - he's over four seconds off the pace and has just clobbed the kerbs at Ascari.


Button slips back in the final sector - he was up after the second sector, but it's a 1:25.485 in the end and he is fourth fastest.


Jenson Button has come back out onto the circuit, and is now on a flyer - two tenths faster in the opening sector...


Massa went back out but has come quickly back into the pits - with his brakes smoking. Alonso's brakes are being checked over very carefully in the pits.


Michael Schumacher is back out, this time on the softer, medium compound tyre - but counter-intuitively the softer tyres seems no faster than the harder tyre.


Vettel is out again and has done another lap - once again though it looks like he's running on a heavy fuel load. Seems like Red Bull are trying to punish a new set of tyres to try and work out if they'll last.


Gravel everywhere, something wrong with the Ferrari - Alonso is on the radio back to the pits, seems like he'll be coming back in.


Alonso loses the plot totally at the Rettifilio chicane at the end of the first straight - he's so far past the braking zone that he has to steer off the track, unable to even steer around the bollards!


Alonso comes round the Parabolica and.... he's not beaten his time, 0.156 off his best lap.


Massa returns to the pits, while Alonso is now on a flying lap having made his way round. He's beaten his own time in the first sector.


It's a slow one from Massa: a 1:29.581, and as he comes round he goes past team-mate Alonso exiting the pits.


Massa is back out after a stop in the pits, and he's got some lovely clear track. We'll see how close he can get to his team-mate.


Rosberg has just clattered his way over the Roggia bend - that one is really sending the cars flying today.


Michael Schumacher is back out but seemingly struggling with grip, while Rosberg's wing control seems to be on the blink now. Gremlins in the works at Mercedes.


This practice will be key for tyre choices: the weather forecast suggests that these are the conditions we'll have for the race, so anyone considering a one-stop strategy will need to gauge wear carefully.


t's a 1:27.266 from Vettel - again, he could still be on heavy fuel. Given that he's two wins here to his name he's probably comfortable in the knowledge that he'll still be up there during qualifying.


Vettel is running about a second slower than Alonso so far.


The championship contenders have all headed back into the pits apart from Sebastian Vettel. Neither of the Red Bulls did much of note this morning, though it's very likely they were running with heavy fuel loads.


Fernando Alonso posts the fastest lap of the day! The Ferrari fans go mad as the Spaniard clocks 1:25.350 to go to the top of the standings.


Alonso seems to be in much better touch than he was earlier, and is on a flying lap... but he stays a 10th of a second behind Rosberg. The Mercedes driver clearly had a very good run - his team-mate Schumacher is nearly a second slower just now.


Ferrari's Felipe Massa is out on the circuit, and with a new engine now installed Fernando Alonso is out as well - and both drivers shine immediately with laps in the 1:25s to sit second and third. Button and Hamilton have matched that too - very close on the timesheets now.


Rosberg clearly wasn't happy being outshone by Schumacher this morning: his succession of fast laps continues with a 1:25.446, equalling his team-mate's FP1 time to within two hundredths. He's fastest so far this afternoon.


Michael Schumacher has just radioed in to the pits to reveal that his DRS system has broken...


Jenson Button was apparently running a very high fuel load this morning, still managing to clock consistent 1:29s. A one-stop strategy could be on the cards on Sunday given those stats.


Lewis Hamilton clocks the second fastest lap, but is promptly overtaken by first Rosberg and then Raikkonen.


Karthikeyan has gone off on turn two and into the gravel trap - he manages to rejoin, but not a great start to the day for another one of the drivers to sit out earlier.


Button second fastest just now, and his team-mate Lewis Hamilton now comes out onto the tarmac.


Paul di Resta is out for the first time today - he sat out as Jules Bianchi drove the Force India this morning. Di Resta is straight in with a 1:26, suggesting that the rumours linking him to Ferrari might have fired his form up a bit.


Jenson Button is straight out and looking tidy, while Kimi Raikkonen has gone quicker again with a 1:25.934.


News comes in that Alonso's car was in such a state of disrepair because the engine had blown when he ground to a halt in the morning session. It was an old one with two races under its belt already, so no major worries.


Kimi Raikkonen fires up with a 1:26.093 early on, suggesting that grip and speeds will be a definite cut above in this session.


D'Ambrosio opens the session with a 1:30, while Bruno Senna - absent from this morning's session - is now out on the circuit.


Jerome D'Ambrosio gets straight out onto the track, no doubt wanting plenty of laps to get used to his maiden race weekend in F1 as Romain Grosjean's stand-in.


Fernando Alonso's car looks nothing like ready - the championship leader is kicking back in the pits with his overalls pulled round his waist.


The session begins, and Caterham's Vitali Petrov is the first man out of the pits.


Still stunning weather in Italy: 27 degrees, with the track now at 40 degrees - that's 9 degrees hotter than this morning.


Michael Schumacher was the class of the field this morning as he topped the timesheets in the opening session, in which many struggled for grip.


Welcome to our LIVE coverage of the second free practice session for the Italian Grand Prix at Monza.