06/09/13 - 14:00
Italian Grand Prix
Autodromo di Monza • Free Practice 2

Free Practice 2

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The first half of that session was eventful but, as expected, the second period was less so with the drivers performing their simulation runs and trying the different tyre options. Regardless, it was a good session for Sebastian Vettel. Thanks for joining us.


The checkered flag is being waved. Vettel the fastest man with a 1:24.4 from Webber, Raikkonen, Grosjean, Alonso, Hamilton, Rosberg, Massa, Button and Perez.


The drivers are now winding-up their final few laps of this second practice session, with Vettel surely the happier of the men out there.


Vettel is still absolutely flying. The German is like a well-oiled machine - still in the 1:27 zone. He clocks consecutive laps of 1:27.6, 1:27.6, 1:27.4, 1:27.2 & 1:27.6.


Rosberg the next to have trouble at Lesmo. The driver experiences some oversteer and is forced off for a few seconds.


Alonso takes a bit of a rough ride through the gravel as the rear steps out on him during Lesmo 2.


Vettel is now flying at around 1:27 consistently - around a second quicker than anybody else in the field.


Bianchi and Vergne have completed the least amount of laps in this session - just 24 each.


Charles Pic has been told "not to use DRS for the rest of this run."


Interesting fact: The top four cars in the speed trap all have Ferrari engines while the top four cars on the time sheets have Renault engines.


Massa has reported a gearbox issue. It appears that there's a problem with 1st gear as he's told to come back into the pits and go into neutral from 2nd.


With 15 minutes to go Vettel leads from Webber, Raikkonen, Grosjean, Alonso, Hamilton, Rosberg, Massa, Button and Perez.


It's clear to see that the options are doing the trick for the drivers out there. Following the long run, Vettel's lap times continue to pick up.


In stark contrast to that of Hamilton, Vettel, who has returned to the medium compound, has had a very promising day - especially this second practice session. He'll be confident ahead of qualifying.


Having looked back at Hamilton's most recent error, it was a right-hand lock up that caused him to come off on turn one. Not the day he would have wanted, but he won't be to unhappy with it.


With 20 minutes to go, there's very little happening to entertain the fans at the Monza track, but the teams are doing exactly what is required to make sure they're fully prepared for qualifying and the subsequent race.


Hamilton caught out at the chicane yet again. He goes wide, through the gravel and towards the advertising hoardings. He's alright, though...


Vettel completes his 19th lap on the hard tyres, whilst Webber continues on the mediums. Red Bull going very well here...


The times are well down, as expected, during these simulation laps. Hulkenberg, now back on the hard compound, is consistently clocking 1:30s.


Vettel looking very strong in this second practice session. You can't help but feel that the German could well go on to claim yet another win here this weekend.


van der Garde has been speaking whilst in the pits - obviously not too impressed with the options. "Normally when you put new tyres on you get the bang of the grip but I felt nothing."


Maldonado, van der Garde and Bianchi currently in the pits with number of drivers on long runs.


Hamilton now goes off at Lesmo. We've seen a number of drivers today struggle with the chicanes. That one must be a favourite...


Bianchi goes wide again. He skidded through the gravel at Ascari earlier on and now goes very wide at Lesmo.


The two Mercedes drivers opting for a different strategy at the moment. They're both on a long run but Rosberg is on the prime tyres with Hamilton on the options.


Fernando Alonso's team have been on the radio to him. "OK there is Pic and then Van der Garde behind him. We pass through the pits again. Save the tyres, no need to push."


We're seeing a number of slower laps right now, which would indicate race simulations.


Maldonado has been told to leave space to Vettel who is apparently "heavy on fuel."


Fernando Alonso, who has been in the pits for some time, now heads on out medium compound tyres and will look to cut Vettel's gap.


Raikkonen almost goes off at Parabolica. Not quite sure what happened but he carelessly went wide, caught the gravel and kicked up an awful lot of dust.


The two Lotus drivers are currently sitting in 3rd and 4th on identical times, despite the different chassis lengths.


With just over 40 minutes to go of this second practice session at Monza, Vettel still leads.


Despite the understeer, the Mercedes driver manages a time of 1:24.3 which leaves his 0.877s slower than Vettel.


Hamilton has been on the team radio and has said that there is "too much understeer." Will he be pitting shortly?


Button is up to P7 with a 1:25.53. Raikkonen then clocks a time of 1:25.1 which sees him up to third.


Hamilton goes third again, but, in typical fashion, Alonso goes quicker with a 1:25.3.


Just to keep you updated, no action will be taken against Jenson Button for using DRS outside of the designated zones during FP1.


Perez, now running on medium compound tyres, clocks a 1:25.8 - 0.2s faster than he was on hards.


Williams's Valteri Bottas reporting massive drag on his front wing.


Charles Pic goes off at the first chicane, sliding over the sleeping policeman but no damage caused.


Hulkenberg has just been told not to let his front-right tyre cool down too much.


Vettel currently leads from Webber, Rosberg, Hamilton, Alonso, Grosjean, Massa and Button.


Jules Bianchi is currently propping up the table in this second session. He's nine-tenths down on the man in front of him - teammate Max Chilton.


Vettel goes quicker!! The options are really doing the business for him here. He's clocks a 1:24.4.


Niko Rosber, warming himself up for a hot lap, goes third as he bumps Hamilton back to fourth.


Vettel can indeed maintain his pace. He clocks a time of 1:24.7 and that is the afternoon's new benchmark. That was his first timed lap on the medium compound tyres.


Grosjean once again cuts the first corner of the chicane. He's struggled with that all day.


Vettel gets the green light on sector one. Can he maintain the speed throughout the rest of the lap. He put in a superb first chicane, there.


Fernando Alonso is still in the pit, waiting for his car to be readied. Sat on his chair in his sunglasses, as always...


Ricciardo, Bottas and Chilton were the first on the medium compound tyres. Vettel now joins them.


Hamilton now at third with a time of 1:25.534. He still trails the Red Bull one-two.


van der Garde lets his team know that the "left rear tyre is going off a little bit." He's also reporting understeer.


Ricciardo starts his flying lap on the medium compound tyres, with Valtei Bottas joining him.


Webber gets within two-tenths of his teammate Vettel, making it a Red Bull one-two.


Hamilton briefly goes third but is surely bumped back down a place by Fernando Alonso.


Button is back in the pits with a few tweaks being made on his set-up.


Webber goes third fastest with a 1:25.6. Maybe the KERS problem has been sorted. We'll keep an eye on that...


Rosberg goes second quickest with Webber set to set a lap time soon. Did his team manage to tackle that KERS problem?


Paul Di Resta pits as Mark Webber gets his first crack of FP2.


Vettel goes quickest with a lap time of 1:25.0 - the quickest time of the day so far. He leads Raikkonen, Button and Rosberg.


Grosjean goes off at Ascari. Hulkenber is told to use the eight second gap behind him to cool his car between runs.


Pastor Maldonado now lies in eighth place with a time of 1:26.8 while Felipe Massa reports understeer over the radio.


Button still seems to be struggling with the rear of his car - something that was giving him issues during first practice. He tells his team: "Let's give it one more lap."


Webber is readying himself for more action. He's stood waiting with his helmet on. Is his car ready?


Following Raikkonen's fastest lap, he had a slight collision with a kerb and his since made a pitstop to change the front assembly of his car.


It is being reported that Mark Webber is having KERS issues.


Raikkonen overtakes Chilton with a time of 1:25.7. Quick time from Kimi. Chilton has now backed off slightly.


First lap time for Chilton is 1:27.7, which, as the first lap, sets the session's benchmark.


A number of drivers had issues with the chicanes in the opening session. The chicanes were introduced to the track in 1972 to slow the cars down and have remained ever since.


Sergio Perez has been told: "Remember lots of brake warm-up on your out-lap. Launch map off and don't use KERS until you exit turn 11."


Button, Raikkonen and Vergne all followed Chilton out on the track. Blue skies and sunshine cover the monza track.


Max Chilton of Marussia was the first man out on the track with mark Webber's Red bull still undergoing work,


This session should see a number of teams testing out the medium compound tyres having spent the morning on the hards.


The pit lane is now open and the hour-and-a-half-long second session is underway.


The air temperature over the track at Monza is 29c, with the track temperature at 42c. A nice, warm day in Italy.


There is some fairly extensive work being done on Mark Webber's car. He won't be going anywhere too early in this second session.


Good afternoon and welcome to live coverage of the second practice of the Italian Grand Prix from Monza.