08/09/19 - 14:10
Italian Grand Prix
Autodromo di Monza • Race


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TOP 10... 1) Leclerc 2) Bottas 3) Hamilton 4) Ricciardo 5) Hulkenberg 6) Albon 7) Perez 8) Verstappen 9) Giovinazzi 10) Norris


LECLERC WINS THE ITALIAN GRAND PRIX! The 21-year-old has become the first Ferrari driver to win at Monza since Alonso in 2010! The crowd goes crazy! That's what they came to see. What a drive from Leclerc! He was exceptional. He earned that.


LAST LAP! Leclerc is one lap away from leading from pole to chequered flag. Hamilton has just taken the fastest lap of the race, but the headlines look likely to belong to Ferrari. This is a big moment for Leclerc.


Oh dear! Bottas had a look at Leclerc heading into Turn One, but he then brakes a little too late and that could be his chance gone. The Ferrari surely won't be caught now! There are some heads in hands in the Mercedes garage.


This has been a good weekend for the Renaults, with Ricciardo and Hulkenberg in P4 and P5 respectively. Albon can also been quite pleased with his race. He is set for a sixth place finish.


Bottas has just set a new fastest lap of the race, but Leclerc has a 1.7 second lead on the Ferrari. Has the chance gone for Bottas? You just don't get the feeling that he's going to do it.


This was the incident that cost Hamilton...


Alonso was the last driver to win the Italian Grand Prix in a Ferrari and that was all the way back in 2010! However, Bottas certainly believes that he can snatch this away from Leclerc.


Bottas has the pace on Leclerc, but the Finn is running out of laps to get past the Ferrari. There is just one second between the two at the front of the pack. He's getting close to DRS range.


Hamilton has just said on the Mercedes team radio that he has nothing left in his tyres and it would seem that the championship leader is out of the scrap to win this race. Disappointing for the Brit.


This certainly hasn't been Vettel's race, but he still stands a chance of getting into the points.


There was cheering in the Ferrari garage as Hamilton locked up there, but might this actually be bad news for Leclerc? Bottas has fresher tyres and has the straight line speed that Hamilton didn't.


HAMILTON LOCKS UP! That's a big mistake from the championship leader and it has cost him second place! Hamilton locked up into Turn One and has to use the run off. Bottas will now have a shot at Leclerc!


PICTURE: Can Leclerc hold on to the race win?

Charles Leclerc

Here's a little subplot for you... Bottas has just set the fastest lap of the race and now the Finn is just 2.7 seconds behind Hamilton in second place. Might Bottas be a factor in this scrap at the front of the pack?


No investigation necessary! Leclerc won't be handed a penalty for darting across the chicane at Turn One. Meanwhile, Hamilton isn't happy with some of the racing from the Ferrari.


Will Leclerc get away with this? The stewards are having a look at it.


Leclerc locks up! That was a HUGE chance for Hamilton to pass the Ferrari! Leclerc locked up and darted across the chicane, but Hamilton STILL couldn't pass the 21-year-old and he survives!


Albon is up into P6. The new Red Bull driver is having a very good second half of the race, just as he did at last weekend's Belgian Grand Prix. Proving his worth for his new team.


There's just 0.5 seconds between Leclerc and Hamilton. "I need more power," Hamilton comes across on the Mercedes team radio. Even with DRS, he is struggling to close up on the Ferrari.


Verstappen up into P11! Gasly managed to stick with the Red Bull wheel-to-wheel as the two former teammates raced into Turn One, but Verstappen gets the inside line and takes 11th place.


So the Virtual Safety Car has been out and back in a couple of times in quick succession following the retirement of both Sainz and Kvyat, but we are racing again!


Kvyat out of the race! The Russian had just pitted, but he's in the wall after the first turn. What happened there? Did Kvyat experience a braking issue? We've yet to see a replay.


This was excellent racing from Leclerc.


Sainz retirement! That's such a shame for the McLaren. He'd just exited the pit, but there was a loose wheel nut and Sainz has had to park the car in the pit lane exit. What a pity.


This is fantastic maturity from Leclerc who seems to have fended off the challenge of Hamilton for the moment. "It's hard to keep up with him" says the championship leader, Hamilton.


Leclerc and Hamilton both get past Ricciardo. Bottas still leads the race, but the Finn has yet to pit. 1) Bottas 2) Leclerc 3) Hamilton 4) Ricciardo 5) Hulkenberg 6) Sainz 7) Kvyat 8) Perez 9) Verstappen 10) Gasly.


Hamilton has just been on the team radio to express doubt that he can catch Leclerc. By the championship leader's own admission, the Ferrari has the straight line speed on the Mercedes.


A black and white flag is essentially a yellow card. No action will be taken at this point. A warning.


HAMILTON RUNS WIDE! This is magnificent racing. Hamilton had the slipstream on Leclerc, but the Ferrari positions his car in a clever way and that forces the championship leader to run wide.


Hamilton is right on the tail of Leclerc. This duel is technically the fight for P4 because Hulkenberg, Ricciardo and Bottas have all still to pit. Hulkenberg allows the two to pass him. He doesn't want to get involved in this scrap.


LECLERC IS IN! Ferrari have got the race leader in and out IN FRONT of Hamilton. That's good work from Ferrari, but they have put Leclerc on the hard compounds while Mercedes have Hamilton on medium compounds.


HAMILTON INTO THE PITS! Okay, here we go. Things are about to get interesting. The championship leader is out in front of Sainz, rejoining the race in P5. What does Leclerc do now? We are approaching the moment of the race.


Hamilton is on the Mercedes team radio again and this time he's raising doubts that he can overcut Leclerc, meaning that he doesn't believe he can make just one stop until the end of the race.


Hamilton on the team radio: "He's quicker than us."


Stroll has also been handed a drive-through penalty for rejoining the track in an unsafe manner and the stewards are also looking at whether Raikkonen started the race on the incorrect tyres.


Another Albon pass! The Red Bull has just passed Giovinazzi and Albon is now up into P7. He enjoyed similar success in moving through the field at the Belgian Grand Prix last week.


Vettel has done his 10-second stop-go penalty and the German has come out again at the back of the pack. So we have a Ferrari leading the race and a Ferrari in plum last position.


This is the incident that cost Vettel and very nearly cost Stroll!


Vettel penalty! The Ferrari has just been handed a 10-second stop-go penalty and that's a disaster for his race. That's the harshest penalty that can be handed out. Vettel has a fight on his hands to save his afternoon.


Verstappen has just set the fastest lap of the race down in P17. Albon has been in bullish mood for Red Bull. He's up into P8, although he has been a little too gung-ho on occasion.


That Vettel incident has really opened the door for Mercedes to catch Leclerc. Ferrari no longer have a rear gunner behind the two Silver Arrows. This could cost Leclerc the race, in theory.


Hamilton is catching Leclerc. The championship leader has cut the Ferrari's lead by 2/10ths of a second in the last lap. While Vettel is having issues, Leclerc's race is going serenely so far.


"He just came back on the track like an idiot" says Stroll on the Racing Point team radio and he has a point about Vettel. The stewards are now looking into the incident involving the Ferrari.


VETTEL SPINS! Wow! That's a big incident! The Ferrari has spun and there's damage on his front wing and Vettel is going to have to come into the pits. Vettel then clashes with Stroll as he comes back on to the track!


It's been a good start to the race for Renault. Ricciardo has just passed his teammate Hulkenberg into P5. Renault have fifth and sixth place after six laps. They'll be targetting the podium.


As things stand... 1) Leclerc 2) Hamilton 3) Bottas 4) Vettel 5) Hulkenberg 6) Ricciardo 7) Stroll 8) Sainz 9) Giovinazzi 10) Magnussen


The stewards are looking into the incident between Verstappen, Gasly, Perez and Grosjean into the first turn. Meanwhile, Albon passes Sainz, but then goes wide allowing the McLaren to retake the position.


Vettel back up into P4! The German was passed by Hulkenberg on the first lap, he reclaims position just before the start of the second lap. Verstappen hit Perez and he's now in the pits getting a new front wing.


Leclerc gets away cleanly, holding position as he came through Turn One. He just about kept his advantage, but there's some chaos at the back of the pack. Did Verstappen get himself in some trouble?


LIGHTS OUT! We are racing at Monza!


What a GIF!


Formation lap... the coverings are off the tyres, the grid is being cleared and the drivers are embarking on their formation lap ahead of the start of this race. There's real anticipation ahead of this.


Getting through that first corner is always very important at Monza. It's a long way off the grid down into Turn One and it's tight once you get down there, so a lot can change as you come into Turn Two.


Your man on pole. He looks very calm...


So Leclerc is looking to win his second successive race after winning at Spa last weekend. Behind him are the two Silver Arrows and then Vettel behind him in P4. Should be interesting.


THE GRID... 1) Leclerc 2) Hamilton 3) Bottas 4) Vettel 5) Ricciardo 6) Hulkenberg 7) Sainz 8) Albon 9) Stroll 10) Raikkonen 11) Giovinazzi 12) Magnussen 13) Kvyat 14) Norris 15) Gasly 16) Grosjean 17) Perez 18) Russell 19) Kubica 20) Verstappen

*Verstappen, Norris and Gasly to start from the back of the grid due to multiple power unit changes


Good afternoon and welcome to Eurosport's LIVE coverage of the Italian Grand Prix. Charles Leclerc is on pole after a farcical final qualifying lap yesterday. We'll bring you all the action from Monza. Lights out is at 14:10 GMT.