08/10/10 - 06:00
Japanese Grand Prix
Suzuka Circuit • Free Practice 2

Free Practice 2

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So Friday's second practice ends as the first did with Red Bull completely dominant. Sebastian Vettel was again the top man ahead of his team-mate Mark Webber. Robert Kubica is third, Fernando Alonso fourth and Ferrari team-mate Felipe Massa fifth ahead of Jenson Button. Join us tomorrow for more live updates from Saturday's practice and qualifying session.


Hamilton improves his time to 1m33.481s, 13th for the Brit who was fifth in the first session before his crash.


Hamilton's second lap was affected by traffic but he will have the time for one quick lap before the close of practice.


Hamilton's first lap is a slow 1m34.542s, leaving him in 18th, he'll be hoping for much quicker next time.


Michael Schumacher veers off the track drives himself out of the gravel and back into the pits.


Hamilton is on the track with barely seven minutes to make an impact.


Button is back on the track also but still no sign of Hamilton.


Massa is back out as are Schumacher, Hulkenberg and second-place Webber.


McLaren insist that Lewis Hamilton will be out before the end of practice but they have less than 20 minutes left to make this happen.


Vettel extends his lead over Webber to four-tenths of a second with 1m31.465s. Superb effort from the Red Bull driver.


Alonso sets his best time of 1m32.362s but is still just behind Kubica lying fourth just ahead of team-mate Massa.


The battle between the rest of the field is now being won by Kubica who has recorded 1m32.200s.


As expected Vettel has taken the lead again with 1m31.712s.


Button records his best lap of the day to move up to fourth but this is to be overshadowed shortly as Vettel seems set to retake the lead.


Alonso records 1m32.785s to move up to fifth and then Webber takes the lead with a time of 1m31.860s! But for how long with Vettel also on the track?


More quick times expected shortly with both Alonso and Webber back on the track.


Schumacher moves back up to fifth after posting 1m32.831s


Massa records a far better time with soft tyres moving into third place with 1m32.519s


Sutil is now up to fourth with a time of 1m32.842s. Fine effort from the Force India driver.


Just past the halfway spot in the session the pecking order is: Vettel, Webber, Petrov, Alonso, Sutil (who has just recorded 1m33.211s) and Schumacher.


Alonso and Massa return to the pits after failing to come close to the times they recorded early in the session.


Petrov moves up to third with 1m32.703s, while Jenson Button records his best time of the day (1m33.523s) leaving him ninth.


Spoke too soon....Webber improves his best time to 1m32.413s closing the gap to his team-mate and rival.


Vettel and Webber are both back on the track but not approaching their earlier times yet.


Yakamoto skids off the track at the Spoon Curve but does not do any damage to his car.


Kubica veered onto the gravel but managed to get his car back to the pits. Schumacher also leaves the track happy for now with his fifth place.


Further down the field Barichello is up to tenth and Rosberg 11th.


Still no sign of Lewis Hamilton on the track. His team are still feverishly working to ready his car to get him out there.


Webber is back in the pits and Vettel should follow him shortly. They have dominated this session just as they did the first one. Alonso is third, Petrov fourth and Schumacher fifth.


Vettel stretches further ahead with a time of 1m32.210s.


Webber didn't stay at the top long as Vettel bettered his team-mate's mark with a time of 1m32.501s.


As expected Webber takes the lead with 1m32.574s. His team-mate and this morning's quickest driver Vettel has moved into third behind Alonso.


Mark Webber's first lap puts him into fourth place with 1m33.310s and he seems set to take the lead on his next recorded circuit.


Massa continues a good session for Ferrari by moving up to fourth after his seventh lap.


Button moves up to sixth in the order before returning to the pits where Lewis Hamilton's car is still being repaired.


Schumacher goes into second place in his Mercedes with 1m33.299s while Alonso improves his time to 1m33.119s.


Alonso records the best time of the session so far with 1m33.159s. Much better start from the Ferrari driver.


Hulkenberg takes the lead with 1m33.800s, just after Sutil chimes in with a 1m34.389s.


No slow start to this session as Alguersuari records 1m35.875s then Force India's Tonio Liuzzi posts 1m36.209s.


Vettel and Webber are now out on the track after practising starts in the pitlane.


We're underway, Jaime Alguersuari is the first out of the pitlane closely followed by Kamui Kobayashi.


We are just ten minutes away now from the second practice session. It is still dry at the Suzuki Circuit though the storm clouds, scheduled for this evening and tomorrow in Japan, are on the horizon.