04/10/14 - 05:00
Japanese Grand Prix
Suzuka Circuit • Qualifying


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Exciting qualifying session there. Hamilton leads the championship, but Rosberg has the advantage going in to tomorrow. Then again, the weather is likely to interfere. So much drama! Join me tomorrow morning for live commentary on the race itself.


Rosberg thanks his team over the radio, and the drivers all pile out to go and get weighed.


Hamilton cuts the deficit to less than two-tenths of a second but Rosberg holds on to pole!

Q3 1' 

Vettel won't be starting at the front of the grid in Japan for the first time ever. His team-mate Ricciardo has recorded a qualifying time nearly half a second faster than him. Ouch.

Q3 2' 

Poor lapping from Vettel, with a big lock-up on the hairpin and he was already a good half-second off the pace.

Q3 5' 

Nobody out on track as the clock ticks down - they're all preparing for a final push.

Q3 6' 

And Vettel's down in ninth - bottom of the Q3 standings so far.

Q3 8' 

Rosberg grabs provisional pole. Where's Lewis Hamilton? He's in second, three-tenths behind.

Q3 9' 

Bottas is setting the pace early on here.


Vettel - on a rather dramatic day for him - just scrapes into Q3 in tenth place, with Ricciardo in seventh. Vergne, meanwhile, qualifies ahead of Kvyat - yep, the chap who's about to get the high-profile promotion.

Q2 3' 

The Red Bulls and the Williamses are staying out there on the track at the moment.


Spoke too soon on the typhoon thing - forecast has now been upgraded to "super-typhoon".

Q2 9' 

Rosberg edges it over Hamilton so far - those Red Bulls are still way down the ranks.

Q2 14' 

Let's get started on Q2 then.


With both Lotuses out, Romain Grosjean sounds disgruntled over the radio - he's not happy with his tyres.


Pastor Maldonado is out in Q1, so that means his ten-place grid penalty will get carried over to Russia as well.


Not sure what's happening with those Red Bulls - well down the pack at the moment.


It's very warm out on track. No sign of any typhoon yet, which is good.

Q1 9' 

The Williamses are perched behind the Mercedes duos, and they all decide that's enough for now. The Red Bulls are still out there.

Q1 10' 

Hamilton leads, Rosberg behind him.

Q1 14' 

Nice for Kobayashi to be first out in qualifying in front of a home crowd.

Q1 17' 

It's just been pointed out that Vettel's changed the colour of his crash helmet. To red. Subtle.

Q1 18' 

Here we go, then - the Mercedes engineers have been working to get Hamilton ready after his final practice was cut so short.


Of course the biggest news so far this morning is Sebastian Vettel leaving Red Bull, to go to Ferrari, presumably, where he'll probably be replacing Fernando Alonso. Pundits are suggesting Alonso might be on his way to McLaren. That'd be interesting.


It's been a bit of a bad morning for Lewis Hamilton so far, who had a rather bumpy end to FP3, skewing off into a tyre barrier. Can he claw it back ready for when it counts?


Good morning! Qualifying for the Japanese Grand Prix begins shortly.