05/10/14 - 06:00
Japanese Grand Prix
Suzuka Circuit • Race


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Live commentary on this race will finish now, but do please keep an eye on the site for updates on Jules Bianchi's condition. Thank you for your company this morning.


Indications seem to be that Bianchi didn't go to hospital in the helicopter due to the weather conditions.


Sauber have confirmed that Adrian Sutil is fine.


Nigel Mansell does the honours for the podium interviews, Lewis Hamilton says a couple of words of Japanese, but this is an awful end to a very difficult day. Bianchi is unconscious and has gone to the ambulance with a police escort, but not in the helicopter - the FIA press officer has said there is no more news yet.


The three on the podium - Hamilton, Rosberg and Vettel - clink their bottles of champagne, but no smiles here.


National anthem on the podium but this is a very subdued kind of finish.


Reports now suggesting that Sutil says that Bianchi hit the recovery truck.


Gary Hartstein, a former F1 doctor, comments on Twitter that he is concerned if there is no champagne on view, and that was always his indicator that an incident had been serious.


Reporters from the track are indicating that the helicopter is being readied to airlift Jules Bianchi to the hospital.


Some are commenting on the failure of the television broadcasts to show replays of Bianchi's crash or the ambulance attending the scene. I would argue that's not an oversight, it's simply tasteful.


You can tell this is a big deal; Hamilton and Rosberg are looking worried and are talking quietly to each other.


The official classification has cut off at the end of Lap 44, meaning that Alonso is the only starter who isn't listed as finishing.


Low-key celebration and waves from the Mercedes team, acknowledging the support they've received.


Apparently Marussia have had to force their way into the medical centre to join Bianchi. It sounds like utter chaos.


So Hamilton wins, but it doesn't really seem that important at the moment.


The race is over.


The track reporters are suggesting that Bianchi's team aren't being allowed to see him quite yet, and he didn't respond to a radio message, although that doesn't necessarily mean anything.


There's not a great deal of daylight left now, so presumably this race will be terminated.




Visibility is so poor it's difficult to see what's happening.


An ambulance is now there at that corner, Turn 15. This is a nasty and sad way to end this odd race.


It's for Jules Bianchi, who seems to have gone off at the same point as Sutil.


News seems to be that the medical car has produced a stretcher, but it isn't for Adrian Sutil.


Visibility is shocking once more.


Nobody really knows what's happening at the moment, particularly since the medical car is out.


Kobayashi unlaps himself, moving past a very slow Lewis Hamilton, and the safety car deploys along with the medical car. Let's hope Adrian Sutil is OK.


Sutil's car is being lifted off the grass, and a race wouldn't be complete without an investigation into Pastor Maldonado. This week it's for speeding in the pit lane.


Ricciardo had just gone past Button - who's opting to get in quickly for wets as well.


Yellow flags as Adrian Sutil careers off backwards.


Magnussen is opting to go back on to wets for the final ten laps.


Lewis Hamilton is fretting about the rain. His team basically tell him to calm down - he's the fastest on the track, he has a ten-second advantage - he just needs to hold on and drive sensibly.


Jenson Button and Daniel Ricciardo are having a great little fight for fourth. The Australian has a pop and moves ahead, but the McLaren driver responds immediately and reclaims his place.


And as we're completing the 40th lap, even if the race is truncated now, that means there'll be full points awarded.


The rain is increasingly heavy.


Don't want to tempt fate, but it's a credit to the drivers that Alonso is the only exit so far (and that was due to a technical problem). People are running wide at Turn 1 a lot, but they're dragging it back.


Sergio Perez's team tell him that 15 minutes of rain is expected, but not how heavy that rain might be.


Birthday boy Kevin Magnussen unlaps himself, doing brilliantly to get back past Ricciardo, who then heads into the pits.


The leaders are nipping past the back-markers, and Ricciardo is now only two seconds ahead of Hamilton.


And...it's raining.


Ricciardo takes the lead, with Hamilton nipping out three seconds behind him.


Yes. And he is.


Hamilton's closing in on all that traffic now. Can he maintain this sizeable advantage? He's over 18 seconds ahead of Ricciardo - but should he be pitting now?


Button's looking to claw back some of that time lost in the poor pit - fastest lap so far for him.


And Rosberg is called into the pits. Ricciardo is 14 seconds behind him in third at the moment.


Vettel gets himself the fastest lap so far - he's looking to get past team-mate Ricciardo again.


Terrible pit stop for poor Jenson Button. Vettel goes in front of him. What a disappointment.


Hamilton is now pulling away - five-second gap between him and Rosberg now, and he's preparing to start cutting a swathe through the back of the field.


Hamilton's already moved three seconds ahead of Rosberg.


Hamilton had been closing in all through the previous lap, waiting for his chance, and one has to wonder how much Rosberg could actually see of his team-mate, who stayed in close behind him before whipping out wide.


Round the outside, and Hamilton moves out of Turn 1 into the lead!


Hamilton skews wide into the first corner! He's back on the track but that gives Rosberg a bit of space.


Hamilton's jabbing at Rosberg now. The race leader is complaining about oversteer.


Rosberg is struggling for grip on the track - he was right, he really has been going flat out on those tyres.


DRS enabled, and Hamilton's immediately eating in to Rosberg's lead.


Awful pit stop for Kimi Raikkonen, who falls down the field.


Rosberg’s team ask him how much he’s putting in. “I’M FLAT OUT!” comes the reply.


The Red Bulls are fastest on track at the moment. But then the Mercs are only racing each other, really, not the rest of the pack.


The McLaren of Jenson Button is still sitting happily in third.


Hamilton is told there’ll be no more rain but that’s “low certainty”. How very definitive.


Brilliant driving from Daniel Ricciardo - in fact, both the Red Bulls are driving fantastically today. He goes past Bottas who can parry his first attempt but not the second.


Vettel goes round the outside of Bottas, up into fourth, and Ricciardo now has another Williams to get round to keep up with his team-mate.


Hamilton is closing in on Rosberg - and now the rain is forecast to begin to fall once more. He's going to need to cut into that advantage a touch more before that blinkin' safety car comes out again.


There he goes. Great driving from Ricciardo, who's now in pursuit of Vettel. He really is a fantastically exciting driver to watch.


He's not managed to inveigle his way past the Williams yet as Vettel starts to move away.


Vettel goes down the inside of the hairpin forcing his way past Massa. That's going to put the pressure on for Ricciardo to keep up.


Both Mercs have pitted now, and Hamilton emerges behind his team-mate, not assisted by that trip over the tarmac.


Hamilton skids wide and off the track, but gathers control again.


Rosberg is called in - box, box, box. Bianchi is sitting pretty in third!


Near miss for Massa and Vettel coming out of the pits together.


Hamilton sets the fastest lap of the race so far, closing in on his team-mate.


Fistfuls of drivers going in now for their inters.


The Mercs, actually, have a sizeable gap between them and the chasing Williamses now - over ten seconds.


Button is matching the Mercs for pace at the moment after that pit stop, but obviously he's got the field to plough through.


Pastor Maldonado has gone off the track! Score one for Maldonado bingo. He's back on though.


Massa sounds really scared over the radio - "It's so bad! So bad!"


Safety car has gone and Hamilton is having to go wide of Rosberg to see where he's supposed to be going. Button has pulled into the pits to switch to his intermediates - as has Pastor Maldonado.


Hamilton is getting ready to pounce...


Safety car is about to head in this lap, and the crowd goes wild!


Felipe Massa is still reporting poor visibility in the spray, however much the leaders might be raring to go.


Hamilton also reckons he's ready for intermediates.


Lewis Hamilton has opted to attempt to address race director Charlie Whiting directly over the radio, telling him that they should be racing right now.


Vergne tells his team that conditions are perfect. Optimistic but you get his point - the drivers are ready to race now that visibility has improved a touch.


The three Mercedes continue to lead the pack. Valtteri Bottas is informed that they're expecting a race to Lap 40 - the cut-off point for awarding full points. That's a coincidence, isn't it?


Fernando Alonso strips off his coveralls and looks a bit bewildered.


The word was that the rain had stopped but it does look like there's fresh fall on the cameras as well as that troublesome standing water.


Alonso has stopped on the track. He's clambering out. What on earth is up with Ferrari?


Let's try again then, shall we?


The rain seems to have stopped for the time being.


Ten-minute warning! Get back in your car, Nico.


Nico Rosberg is asking if he'll get a ten-minute warning before the race restarts. Maybe he has somewhere else he wants to be.


The cars are called into the pit lane and have completed their second lap - mandatory if points are to be awarded. The drivers are climbing out of their cars. So, probably not starting again any time soon, then?




Hamilton tells his team he can't see Rosberg in front of him.


Marcus Ericsson is off on the gravel on the final corner. He just span off and he's now being wheeled back on to the track.


The Williams Twitter account says their drivers are reporting no visibility.


No formation lap, by the way, just straight into the race and there is lots of water on the track. Lewis Hamilton is told the conditions are much wetter than when he did his test laps earlier, and he responds: "The safety car needs to go faster." OK, Lewis.


Off we go then behind the safety car.


The little tents, the waterproofs and the covers are being removed as the teams flit off the tracks under their umbrellas.


It's all a bit frustrating, really; this rain is hardly unexpected, and isn't predicted to ease off at any point. A safety car start might be necessary but it doesn't improve the spectacle.


Daniel Ricciardo sprints off towards his car, saying he hopes there won't be a safety car start. There's significant amounts of standing water on the track and it's pouring, Dan, so unfortunately I fear you will be disappointed. That silver Merc is revving up and is ready to go.


The cars are hidden underneath tents on the grid as everyone makes last-minute adjustments.


15 minutes to go until lights out - time for the national anthem.


Nico Hulkenberg seems in a good mood. He says he's looking forward to the race and hasn't noticed any problems with visibility so far - although then he admits that he didn't have anyone in front of him when he tested the track earlier. OK then.


Meanwhile, Sergio Perez has skidded off at the Esses. Jenson Button isn't happy about the lack of visibility on the straights. And Nigel Mansell is wearing a ridiculously white waterproof cape and saying he wishes he was still driving.


I probably don't need to point this out, but everyone's setting up with wet tyres. And waterproofing whatever they can.


Toto Wolff is talking about the Mercedes team bonding via ten-pin bowling last night.


The TV coverage is showing highlights from the 1994 Japanese Grand Prix, also in pouring rain, but sans safety car. The amount of spray obscuring drivers' vision is gobsmacking.


The talk is all still about Sebastian Vettel's defection from Red Bull, distracting our attention from that continuing Mercedes duel at the front of the grid and the top of the standings.


Good morning, and welcome to our LIVE coverage of the Japanese Grand Prix. If you're a fan of the safety car, this is certainly the race for you - it's pouring it down.