13/10/19 - 06:10
Japanese Grand Prix
Suzuka Circuit • Race


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Alexander Netherton

VALTTERI BOTTAS WINS! MERCEDES WIN THE CHAMPIONSHIP. Hamilton's fastest lap gives him a bonus point which wins it for the team. And the failure of the Ferraris means that one of Bottas or Hamilton is guaranteed to win the championship. A double triumph for Mercedes who will win a six consecutive double championship.


A lap and a half for Hamilton to find second, but Vettel looks likely to hang on at this stage.


In the traffic, Vettel and Hamilton are bunched up, feet apart. Hamilton has DRS.


Hamilton is hal a second off Vettel still, and cannot find his way past yet. Vettel can't afford to slip up.


Hamilton holds off on turn one and two as he attempts to find a way past Vettel.


Hamilton grabs the fastest lap, and is starting to eat at Vettel's lead.


The drama seem to be over. Hamilton is back in third, Vettel is ahead of him, and Bottas leads.


Bottas asks if Hamilton will pit again. He is told yes, but will that hold?


Off the track, Verstappen asks what Leclerc has to do to be punished after the collision, and asks why Vettel was not punished for his false start.


Hamilton, approaching traffic, tells his team: "Tell me what I need to do to win this race."


Bottas pits. That means that when he comes out, he will have to pass Hamilton in pole position to win this. With the constructors' championship at stake, perhaps racing orders will be issued.


Leclerc flies past Gasly and he is now up into sixth. There is time fo rhim to catch, maybe, everyone but the front three of Bottas, Hamilton and Vettel.


There is now some talk that Leclerc will face a penalty after the race for getting tangled up with Verstappen in the first lap.


Vettel is now into the pits. Hamilton stays out and comes out a few seconds ahead. It means that Vettel avoids the traffic he was about to come into that Bottas had negotiated. There is a chance that Hamilton will be asked to block Vettel's progress.


And Leclerc makes his way into ninth, in an impressive recovery.


Bottas sets a new fastest lap, and is 10 seconds ahead. Six seconds further back is Hamilton.


Halfway through the race, and Leclerc is out of his pit stop. He's in 12th and on softs, and that should be enough to get him through the rest of the race.


Hamilton is again complaining that he is on the mediums. He has been an absolute mard to his team all this season about tires - but it seems to have worked, to be fair.


Hamilton is sounding off to his team now, complaining he's out of the race, and asking them why he wasn't given a set of hard tires in order to stay out.


Hamilton may have to pit again, and he is frustrated that he'll be on a two-stop strategy now. He'll have to nurse his tires if he wants to stay out.


Bottas currently holds the fastest lap record while Hamilton complains that his tires aren't much cop anymore, and in he pits.


Vettel is now back into third.


In comes Bottas for his change. A medium compound. Vettel is down in fourth, with Sainz up to third.


A relatively up to date standings. Vettel comes in for a new set of tires, allowing Mercedes to claim a 1-2. Vettel is on soft tires, suggesting they are going to two stops for sure.


Albon pits as he looks to undercut Sainz, who is still in fourth.


Verstappen gives up. The kind of incident that he subjected previous racers to has now happened to him.


Vettel won't face action for what might have been a slight false start. Leclerc slips inside Raikkonen, and is now in 14th.


After a hectic opening, there's pretty much no action acrosss the pack. Bottas extends his lead.


As we stand: Bottas, Vettel, Hamilton and Sainz make up the top four. Bottas eads, and is the best part of three seconds ahead.


Vettel is under investigation for his iffy start, which looked like a jump start.


Leclerc swings past Verstappen into 16th. That will be a pretty sore one.


Verstappen and Leclerc - 16th and 17th respectively - will both not face punishent for that earlier crash at lap 1, turn 2.


Lando Norris' car was on fire - briely - and he has dropped down from eighth to 20th. Verstappen complains his career is wiggling under braking.


Verstappen is down in 17th now.


Leclerc is in on the fourth lap to have his nose replaced.


Hamilton is complaining that Leclerc's attempt at littering should be given a warning. It seems that the damage has been ground off, but that seems a very stupid way of racing, and not a fair one either. Hamilton has lost a wing mirror because of it.


Leclerc stays out despite his wing grinding onto the track. Hamilton is hanging back from him - perhaps it's an attempt to keep Hamilton back in the pack.


Bottas takes the lead! Vertsappen spins out as he attacks the Ferraris, clipping Leclerc - who now has wing damage. Vettel, Leclerc, Hamilton then Sainz.


This will come down to race strategy, some think. Mercedes are likely to attempt a one-stop strategy while Ferrari look likelier to move to a two-stop plan.


Mercedes could win the constructors' championship today, but a Ferrari 1-2 would prevent it occuring today.


The race will begin in 15 minutes, which is 2.10pm local time.


It is! And Sebastian Vettel is on pole.


Right, let's see if the race is still on after the hurricane prevented any action yesterday...


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