Lewis Hamilton 'killed TFI Friday', but weren't viewers being a bit harsh?

Lewis Hamilton 'killed TV show', but weren't viewers being a bit harsh?

14/06/2015 at 08:20Updated 14/06/2015 at 13:30

Lewis Hamilton could be forgiven for never wanting to appear on a TV entertainment show again after the way he has been panned by fans this weekend.

Hamilton, who is often accused of not offering enough of his character for the public, attempted to do exactly that in appearing on TFI Friday, only it backfired horribly as viewers criticised him on social media.

The Formula One world champion appeared on the final segment of Chris Evans's revival of the 90s show and it was, to say the least, an uncomfortable showing from the British driver.

Hamilton did not appear remotely confident as he joined Evans for the final section of the resurrected entertainment show, broadcast on Channel 4, and viewers pounced on his discomfort with brutal assessments.

World champion Lewis Hamilton appearing on TFI Friday on Channel 4 (Twitter)

World champion Lewis Hamilton appearing on TFI Friday on Channel 4 (Twitter)Eurosport

The 30-year-old, who has been a regular at movie premieres and red-carpet events of late, has spoken of how he has been embracing his "rock and roll lifestyle" away from the F1 circuit.

But given the way his appearance was received, with many fans accusing him of 'killing' the show, it would be understandable if he decided not to bother making cameos from now on.

And that was a selection of some of the kinder responses regarding Hamilton's showing, with others naming it the worst TV performance from a sports star.

But many seemed to forget all about the existence of Tom Daley's appearances on his 'Splash' reality TV show, which would surely give Hamilton a run for his money. Daley, coincidentally, also appeared on TFI Friday.

Tom Daley - Splash (ITV publicity photo)

Tom Daley - Splash (ITV publicity photo)Eurosport


The criticism of Hamilton seems very harsh indeed. Expecting an F1 champion to perform on the track is perfectly understandable, and something he would thrive on, but expecting him to be entertaining and amusing on a TV show alongside Chris Evans is another thing entirely. Not only do some sports fans demand that their heroes succeed in competition, but also that they shine in every aspect of their life away from it.

Hamilton has never claimed to possess a sparkling personality, and even if he has one he does not have to showcase it at all times. Channel 4 booked him as a big name for the show and perhaps should have thought through whether he would offer what viewers would be looking for from the entertainment show.