Magnussen one reprimand away from penalty

Magnussen one reprimand away from penalty
By AutoSport

10/11/2018 at 22:51Updated

Kevin Magnussen is now just one reprimand away from a Formula 1 grid penalty, after being found guilty of driving too slowly on an in-lap in Brazilian Grand Prix qualifying.

The Haas driver was found to have not kept below the maximum time for his in-lap in Q2, which he was eliminated from at the end by a late lap from Charles Leclerc.

But although he explained to the stewards that he had driven so slowly because of giving way to other cars, plus tricky track conditions with the rain, he was still sanctioned.

A statement from the stewards said: "The stewards closely examined the driver's in-lap and found that car 20 took particular care not to impede other drivers. The driver also noted that he was concerned with the rain in the circumstances.

"However, the stewards noted that other drivers were setting representative times at this moment, and that the delta time is based on 145% of a representative lap.

"Therefore the stewards found that a breach was committed, but took into account the driver's concern about rain and imposed a reprimand."

The Brazil reprimand is Magnussen's second of the season, having been given one at the Spanish Grand Prix for his part in a near miss with Leclerc.

If a driver earns three reprimands in a year he will be given a 10-place grid penalty, meaning Magnussen will need to avoid any trouble before the end of the season finale in Abu Dhabi.

Williams driver Sergey Sirotkin was also reprimanded for committing the same offence, although he explained this was down to an error in the delta time he was being shown on his in-car dash.