30/03/14 - 09:00
Malaysian Grand Prix
Sepang International Circuit • Race


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So that's Hamilton's first win since Hungary last year, and Rosberg adds to the points he gathered in Australia. Thank you so much for joining me this morning!


Vettel takes that third place after a difficult day for Red Bull; good work from him.


"Awesome race, Lewis...you've done the job there, pal," he's told, and he thanks them profusely in return.


And it's a Mercedes one-two for the first time since 1955, I'm told! Lewis Hamilton records that victory and the team run to greet their dynamic duo.


It's doubtful he's going to. He's been in control of himself, the car and the race throughout.


Mercedes are reminding Lewis Hamilton - in a slightly panicky fashion - that he doesn't need to take any risks on this last lap.


Massa and Bottas are still having that exciting little squabble in seventh and eighth. Bottas is faster but despite instructions Massa doesn't want to let him overtake.


Hamilton is told to reduce the pace a little bit in order to protect the car - he has no need to push it any further.


Hamilton now has an incredible 13-second advantage over Rosberg, and still has around 10 per cent of his fuel left. A very efficient drive in all senses.


And quietly, with little aplomb, Lewis Hamilton records a lap time pretty near dead-on 1:43.


Team-mates Bottas and Massa have a little power struggle - the Finn is the faster and is ready to overtake into eighth.


Yes, Ricciardo opts to retire. What a shame for him and Red Bull.


Poor Ricciardo is in the pits again and it looks like that might be a good time for him to gracefully draw a veil over a disastrous day for his car.


No problems at all for Mercedes in that pit stop.


Hamilton is preparing for his final pit stop of the race. He'll have his fingers crossed for a smooth change and to be able to resume his placid saunter to the top of the podium.


You have to feel for Ricciardo - two laps behind the leaders now and at the back of the pack.


Vettel's called into the pit for the necessary tyre change, and Rosberg will be the next one in.


Alonso is around two seconds a lap quicker than Hulkenberg, but only has seven laps left to make up four seconds' disadvantage.


No more evidence of that rain, by the way, and Hamilton is cruising, nearly 14 seconds in front of Rosberg.


He's trying to move in on Hulkenberg, who's clinging on to fourth place.


New fastest lap - Fernando Alonso in the Ferrari - 1:44.165 on the medium tyres.


Ricciardo does that stop-go penalty and heads back out on the track in an attempt to claw back some standing.


And it's a ten-second stop-go penalty for Ricciardo for that "unsafe release". Dreadful few laps for him.


Hamilton's quietly getting on with things, recording a best time of 1:44.329.


He pulls in to the pit again to get that tyre changed and the wing fixed. He'll be emerging at the back.


Part of the wing is still out on the track and Ricciardo is meandering around with difficulty.


Ricciardo's front wing is scraping the ground on the right and this is not looking good for him. "What should I do?" he asks - he thinks the wing has punctured the tyre.


Alonso is now in fourth, and to add insult to injury there'll be an investigation into why the car was released from the stop-box when it wasn't ready to go, with that front left tyre not on properly.


Ricciardo is on his way. He'll have lost so, so much time there - looks like a whole lap.


He was weaving on his way out, struggling with the steering, but the engine is still going. The mechanics pull him back into the stop-box, and they're working on the front left wheel.


And he stops in the pit lane!


Daniel Ricciardo is in for his final pit stop.


Still a few drops of rain in the air, but it's not a downpour, and the track is staying dry.


Vettel might have put in that exceptionally quick lap, but now Rosberg is extending his lead without too much stress.


Ricciardo's Red Bull is still guzzling the most fuel at the moment, but there's more than likely another instalment of pit stop drama imminent.


Vettel notices liquid on his visor, and wonders if it's fluid from the car in front of him. Unlikely - it's more probably a few drops of rain.


Gutierrez is struggling in the pit - his Sauber's engine is off and looks like they're pushing him back into the garage.


So as all those pit stops pan out, Hamilton and Rosberg are back in first and second, with Vettel and Ricciardo in third and fourth. Alonso sits in fifth, with Hulkenberg in sixth.


Sutil's car is off the track. End of problem.


Kimi Raikkonen reports via the team radio that there's some rain in the air. That radar forecast seems to have been accurate, then.


Sutil has stopped stock-still on the final turn, with no marshals in evidence to eliminate that little obstacle quite yet.


Yes, Hamilton's in, and meanwhile Vettel has recorded the fastest lap so far - 1:44.779.


Rosberg makes his second pit stop, replacing the medium tyres in a straightforward change, and Hamilton will be in at the end of the lap.


Correction - Ricciardo moved down to fifth with that earlier pit stop, but he'll be after Hulkenberg very shortly.


And Daniel Ricciardo puts in the fastest lap so far - 1:45.831. He's still in fourth, mind.


Accordingly, Hamilton is told that there are clouds forming and a threat of rain.


It's still sunny and dry on the track - but the radar forecast is predicting rain. Keep an eye on those conditions.


Ricciardo's in for a switch to the hard tyres.


Hamilton's carving his way through to lap the lower orders as Alonso heads into the pits for his second stop.


So there may be a glitch with the Red Bulls, but the Mercedes are cruising.


There's a problem with the fuel-flow monitor on Ricciardo's car, which has failed completely - they're now using the back-up system.


The Mercedes one-two is looking very comfortable at the moment; they're still lapping extremely quickly.


Pastor Maldonado says he retired to save the engine and save the car. He doesn't know much about the collision incident as yet, so no light shed on that.


Hulkenberg is pulling away from Button in seventh place, but he's got a long way to go to catch Alonso, who has a five-second advantage.


Looking at the fuel consumption, Hamilton's just up to 40 per cent, while Daniel Ricciardo is the heaviest consumer so far - nearly past 43 per cent already.


"Keep doing what you're doing," is the content team radio message to Lewis Hamilton.


Hamilton's lead is nearly up to ten seconds over Rosberg now. Vettel is opening up his margin over Ricciardo.


Perez's team-mate Hulkenberg is in sixth after that brief spell in first place.


Sergio Perez, who didn't start the race, says there was a problem with the car's software, "very similar to the one we had in qualifying, every time I'm downshifting...a very frustrating weekend."


Ricciardo gets a verbal thumbs-up over the team radio for the way things are running and the car's fuel efficiency.


Vergne and his Toro Rosso are into the garage and their day is over.


Interesting - Raikkonen takes a pit and moves on to hard tyres.


Vettel's also had a reminder about the need to take care of one's tyres. He's now nearly three seconds ahead of Ricciardo and 2.5s behind Rosberg.


Ricciardo gets the suggestion to ease back a bit to save his tyres. He isn't impressed: "If something goes on, I want to be part of it." The team accept that.


Hulkenberg takes his pit stop - does that mean he's planning only two? - and Hamilton resumes the lead happily.


Hamilton makes his pit stop, handing over the lead (temporarily, one presumes) to Nico Hulkenberg. The Mercedes is still in second, though.


Bianchi has retired from the race, by the way. A bad day at the office all round.


Rosberg is first Mercedes in to the pit as Hamilton is reassured that he's "good for fuel".


Vettel and Riccardo are scything their way through the field, and are back into fourth and fifth respectively already.


Vettel follows his team-mate in for a change of tyres and tweak to his left wing. This three-stop strategy is going to have exciting consequences, I think.


So Ricciardo makes his first pit stop in his Red Bull. Important moment there - and he comes out ready to fight his way back through the field, starting with getting past Alonso, now in seventh.


Hamilton is told via the team radio that he was two-tenths quicker in the last lap.


Alonso is into the pit, for a really quick stop.


Hamilton's carefully and quietly extending that lead - up to over six seconds now.


Eventful day for Magnussen - he now gets a five-second stop-go penalty for that clash with Raikkonen, so he'll have to pull in again at some point.


He's having his nose changed, and as he pulls away, Bianchi is coming in.


Magnussen is going to make a pit stop...


Lewis Hamilton is a pleasing five seconds ahead of Rosberg, who in turn is about three and a half seconds ahead of Vettel, who's trying to get further clear of that pesky Ricciardo.


And Maldonado is being pushed into the garage by his mechanical team. More on the reasons for that when we have it.


And Maldonado's just been told he has to bring the car in and retire at the end of this lap - unsure what damage might have been accrued in that spin, or whether it's another technical issue.


There was a clash between Raikkonen and Magnussen on the second lap, which is being investigated; and added to that Bianchi has a stop-go penalty for spinning Maldonado off at the start.


He's still comfortably leading, though, so the tyres should be reasonably fine for the time being.


Hamilton's been told on the team radio that Rosberg is struggling with his rear tyres, so "make sure you look after them".


Interesting little duel between Magnussen and Massa in eighth and ninth at the moment, swapping places.


Raikkonen has a new tyre but he's going to be way back in the field now, obviously.


This battle between team-mates Vettel and Ricciardo is going to prove fascinating, not just today but potentially for the rest of the season.


Kimi Raikkonen has a problem with his rear tyre, and is chugging along in his Ferrari in a desperate attempt to get back to the pit.


That's a two second lead for Hamilton at the end of the first lap.


Rosberg wobbles on Turn 3 but recovers, and Hamilton is stretching his lead out already.


A dramatic start! Hamilton leads as Rosberg squeezes past Vettel at the start and Ricciardo takes the place of his team-mate in third!


Here we go!


The formation lap is in progress. We're counting down to the start now.


Force India's Sergio Perez is out of his car and divesting himself of his gear - he finishes before he even begins the day due to that car problem. Disappointing for him.


A lot of chat about tyres in this heat - a lack of grip on the track makes the use of hard tyres unlikely, and a three-stop strategy quite possible.


If you're a fan of Sherlock, apparently Benedict Cumberbatch will be presenting on the podium later. I suspect that he won't be wearing one of those very long coats in this heat.


There's a minute's silence now in honour of missing plane MH370.


Force India's Sergio Perez has stalled in the pit lane - the mechanics have to go out to retrieve him and drag him back.


If you're in the UK, you'll be suffering due to the disappearance of one hour's sleep overnight - but you'll also likely have strong opinions about Lewis Hamilton equalling Jim Clark's record for most pole positions by a British driver. Hamilton starts at the front of the grid in his Mercedes this morning. Sebastian Vettel sits alongside Hamilton, with Nico Rosberg in third.


Just under half an hour to go until the start, and for those of you wanting to know whether yesterday's thundery and very, very wet conditions are replicated on track today - well, not yet. Looks fine and extremely warm.


Good morning, and welcome to our LIVE coverage of the Malaysian Grand Prix!


LIVE coverage of the F1 Malaysian Grand Prix - race begins at 9:00am GMT on Sunday.