McLaren: F1 must fight teams' 2021 resistance

McLaren: F1 must fight teams' 2021 resistance
By AutoSport

03/01/2019 at 10:56

Liberty Media has no choice but to push back against resistance from some teams over plans to shake up Formula 1's "broken model", says McLaren CEO Zak Brown.

F1's owner is pushing ahead with major changes for 2021, when a new car concept, a budget cap and a fairer revenue distribution model are intended to make grand prix racing closer and more exciting.

But not all teams are yet convinced by Liberty's vision, with the big manufacturer outfits such as Ferrari and Mercedes sceptical about some proposals.

But Brown, who has been involved in the discussions with Liberty, thinks it essential series chiefs fend off their opponents.

"We know change in F1 is difficult, and we also know F1 today is a broken model, both as a business and as an on track product, that is going to need to be changed," explained Brown.

"Those that are winning today will obviously feel the compromise about what is happening, and those are not winning today are going to like the plan.

"It was inevitable that Chase [Carey, F1 chairman] would bring forward a plan that some people like and some people don't like. But he needs to move forward with what he thinks is in the best interest of the sport.

"At the end of the day, what is in the best interests of the sport in the long term is in the best interests of everyone, if people can get past the short term compromises that they need to make.

"Today's F1, if it is stays as is, I think everyone eventually loses."

Brown says Liberty has been consistent "in their vision and direction of the sport, the budget cap, and the revenue distribution" since the full 2021 plans were first revealed to teams at last year's Bahrain Grand Prix, and that discussions are now more about the fine details.

"We've not got a lot into governance, their desire strategically of where they want to take the sport, so I think various teams are looking at different levels," he added.

"I think the majority of the teams are supportive of what was presented in Bahrain and all that has really happened since was drilling deeper - what is in the budget cap and what isn't in the budget cap?

"I know that not all the teams are aligned but I think a majority are. At McLaren we are very supportive of what was presented in Bahrain and I think the sooner we can get that on the road to implementation the better.

"I believe Chase and Ross are going to move forward on that basis. For anyone else saying that they are not aligned with it, their view is 'we presented it in Bahrain, we've been working together, we've been consistent on where we are going so this is what we are doing.'

"I think some people haven't accepted that yet."