24/05/15 - 13:00
Monaco Grand Prix
Circuit de Monaco • Race


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Well, there'll be fallout here, most certainly. I'll be writing up my thoughts on it later - in the meantime, thanks for your company this afternoon. See you in Canada!


Niki Lauda is in a bad mood, and says there was "confusion", which definitely lost Hamilton the race.


How awkward are these podium interviews going to be?


Lewis Hamilton has pulled up halfway round the circuit, and got going again.


Vettel takes second, Hamilton third, and Daniel Ricciardo hands the fourth place back to his teammate Kvyat.


Nico Rosberg wins the Monaco Grand Prix!


So here we go then, the last minute of a race that's become intriguing in the last dozen laps.


Ricciardo isn't going to lose any time from that incident with Raikkonen - it's all go to the end.


Rosberg has got this race wrapped up - but I'm loath to predict second or third at the moment.


"You need to get stuck into these guys early," Ricciardo's team tells him. I think he's thought of that.


Ricciardo is now chasing Lewis Hamilton!


And Ricciardo is now ahead of Kvyat as well.


Kimi Raikkonen is cross about Daniel Ricciardo - "That is not very nice!" I can't imagine Ricciardo not being very nice - what he's done is attempted the overtake on the inside.


Hamilton hasn't got quite enough to overtake in the tunnel and Rosberg is now 1.6 seconds in front.


Hamilton is right on the tail of Vettel already and Rosberg is moving out in front.


Safety car is in now. Let's do some racing.


"This is like sending swimmers to swim with weight on their legs," says Sebastian Vettel.


This is ridiculous, just in case you were wondering. Safety car is still out, lapped cars still unlapping themselves.


Hamilton's team are now asking him what on earth went on when the safety car went out - he tells them, "Nico was ahead," and he was alongside Vettel.


Ha, Rosberg's team have been asking him what they're doing at Turn 1. Can they not go and find that out? Has he not got enough to do?


The lapped cars are being allowed to overtake now. The non-lapped cars? A bit twitchier.


So when will the safety car go back in? Hamilton will be getting impatient.


"I've just lost this race, haven't I?" asks Lewis Hamilton over the radio.


So that was all a bit strange. Hamilton will be faster, obviously, but he's back in third - will he have enough time to get back to the front?


And Rosberg seems to be in the lead now after that stop, ahead of Sebastian Vettel and ahead of Lewis Hamilton.


The Toro Rosso is winched away as Hamilton pulls into the pits.


The safety car is out as Verstappen is helped away. That was nasty to watch - the cameras were live onboard with the Toro Rosso at that point as he clipped Grosjean and misread his rival's movement.


"You OK, Max?" comes the urgent question over the radio. "I'm OK," comes the reply, and the marshals help him out of the car which has ploughed into the barrier.


Oh my goodness, there's a wheel coming off the Toro Rosso.


Verstappen is on super softs and very quick, as Grosjean's team remind him.


Well, this will be something interesting to watch as we process to the end, then, at least.


Now, the blue flags are waving at Grosjean, telling him to make way for Vettel - but Verstappen is there too! So Grosjean does shift over for the third-placed driver, and then switches right back to ensure the young'un doesn't have room to go through. Great defensive driving.


Look at Verstappen! He's RIGHT there on Vettel.


Grosjean's team warn him that Verstappen will be looking to make a move on him when Vettel goes through.


Verstappen is lapping really quickly too. Hamilton's going faster than him - but nobody else is.


Max Verstappen is a smart little cookie. He's just said over the radio that he's staying close to the leaders to make it easier for him to overtake.


Kimi Raikkonen, with his very special and spicy radio messages, has had a moan about the blue flags.


Hamilton's checked in with his team to make sure everything's fine. He's 14 seconds ahead of the field.


Bottas has lost a lot of time to Grosjean, who's one ahead of him in tenth.


Valtteri Bottas asks if he can stop because he's losing his rear tyres. His team are not keen and ask him in return to try to take it to the end.


Ricciardo wants to know how well he's doing, and he's reassured that he's faster than everyone around him at the moment.


Stevens is now three laps behind at the back of the field.


Vettel is closest to pressuring a rival, but even he's two seconds behind Rosberg.


Alonso's problem was temperature-related, it seems, with elements overheating.


To be honest, there's not much of huge interest going on - the field is spread, and nobody is really pressing to move up a place.


Fernando Alonso is looming in brooding fashion around the garage, gulping water to rehydrate.


Lots of complaining over the radio about the blue flags and the backmarkers, which is a bit of a theme so far this season.


Will Stevens is dropping back at the end of the field.


Verstappen is close on the back of Bottas. It is good to see some aggressive driving, particularly in a race that seems to be edging towards stasis.


"What happened, what happened?" asks Jenson Button about his team-mate. "It doesn't affect us," comes the reply.


Ah, it's Fernando Alonso, who's locked up and skidded off the track. He's straight out of the car and the crane is about to lift it out of the way.


Yellow flags. What's happening?


Max Verstappen is next in line to be lapped - 69 seconds behind the race leader.


Rosberg clocks the fastest lap so far on these fresh tyres, while Roberto Merhi is under investigation for crossing the line at the pit exit.


"Oh, we didn't make it," observes Vettel.


Rosberg is out ahead of Vettel - great stop there.


Flurry of activity down in that pit lane now with Raikkonen in too.


And Rosberg is next in!


Ricciardo pits after reporting a problem with his rear tyres.


Probably a good strategy, mind. You know how stroppy these diva drivers can get.


Heh, Fernando Alonso doesn't know why he had a time penalty. His team tell him it was the incident with Hulkenburg at the start, but add quickly, "Thanks to your pace, it hasn't affected us."


Button says he's struggling with the rear tyres - he'll be pitting soon, one would imagine.


Rosberg is now knocking about a second a lap off Hamilton's lead.


Jenson Button is informed that folk are starting to pit - he's in seventh, with Alonso about to box two places behind him.


Hamilton's feeling much happier now that he has a nine-second advantage over his foe, saying his tyres are good.


Terrible pit stop for the whippersnapper Max Verstappen - he's going to be back on track in 13th, which is so disappointing for him.


Rosberg is ready to start pushing - nine seconds behind Hamilton, but two seconds ahead of Vettel.


The status quo continues.


Hamilton has a gripe about losing time in the traffic, as if Rosberg and Vettel aren't having the same problem.


I have to say, as we move towards the halfway point, this hasn't been a particularly enthralling race so far. Unless of course you're a huge fan of blue flags.


Hamilton's been warned about his brakes, by the way, advised to rely on the lift-and-coast.


Hamilton's furiously slicing through the back of the pack, looking to get past Hulkenberg now.


Tyre strategy being discussed over the radio, with the leaders still on primes.


Hamilton is clocking up the fastest laps now, four and a half seconds ahead of second-placed Rosberg, and taking only 80 seconds to get round the circuit.


Nico Rosberg's team advise him to start closing the gap to Hamilton - just in case a safety car comes into play.


Rosberg is now four seconds behind Lewis Hamilton as he duels with the backmarkers and Sebastian Vettel.


Kimi Raikkonen is tight-lipped about a problem over the radio - "the one I already told you about".


Time for the blue flag song as Rosberg and Vettel move through the back of the pack.


Both those Mercs are concerned about the threat of Vettel.


Rosberg is turning his attention to holding off Vettel, as Hamilton moves towards a three-second lead again.


And Vettel is really pressing on Rosberg now, just over a second behind.


Dany Kvyat is in fourth at the moment - Daniel Ricciardo and Kimi Raikkonen are tussling over fifth.


Hamilton is apparently concerned for his brakes - something to keep an eye on there.


Rosberg, on the other hand, has Sebastian Vettel looming.


Hamilton's not really pressing at the moment; he's maintaining a decent enough lead over Rosberg and has no need to do anything more.


There was a point a lap or two ago, incidentally, where Hulkenberg was the fastest man on track.


Massa is lagging a lap behind, with Hulkenberg next in line to be overtaken by the teaders.


Hamilton now three seconds in front of Rosberg. They always say Monaco isn't a great track for overtaking...can Rosberg conjure up anything?


Bits and pieces of debris all over the track from the various clips we've had already.


That's probably best for everyone.


Maldonado is in the pits, and the car is being taken back into the garage.


Alonso picks up a time penalty for that incident earlier.


And there's Verstappen going into eighth at the second time of asking.


Verstappen's pushing Maldonado, and there's contact there too.


Young Max Verstappen is being told to put pressure on Maldonado. Can't help but worry a little for him.


Maldonado is told over the radio that his brakes are OK. Gracious of them to think it might be a technical problem that caused the issue, not the driver.


Hamilton is stretching his lead, almost two seconds over his teammate now.


Apparently Massa had an incident with Maldonado. This seems quite plausible.


That clip between Alonso and Hulkenburg is being investigated by the stewards - he's carrying on for the time being with a new front wing, and Felipe Massa has pulled into the pits. He'll be lapped by the time he's back on track.


Nico Hulkenburg has run into the wall at Mirabeau after a nick with Fernando Alonso, and Felipe Massa is having problems too. Hamilton and Rosberg lead the field.


Lights out!


Hamilton struggled pulling away in the formation lap - he reckons he may have an understeer problem.


Formation lap - Carlos Sainz, who missed a weight check in qualifying, starts in the pit lane and has been advised to overtake as many people as possible, which seems smart.


The track temperature is up into the high 30s now - hotter than it's been on any other session so far this weekend.


Romain Grosjean starts 15th due to a five-place grid penalty for changing his gearbox. He seems quite placid about it.


Some anthem singing. Lewis Hamilton is fretting about his hair.


Twitter informs me that Toto Wolff has announced that the Mercs have different clutch set-ups this afternoon. Interesting.


For those of you interested in celeb-spotting, Cara Delevingne is on the track, and so is Michael Fassbender.


Johnny Herbert is assessing the opportunities for overtaking. Those tight corners round the streets - without those giant run-off areas we see on other tracks - seem to offer a lot of scope for Daniel Ricciardo (who I think is one of the best overtakers we have on the circuit at the moment) and, in a very different way, Pastor Maldonado.


Very moving reminiscences this weekend from Marussia, thinking back to Jules Bianchi's success in his home race, and thinking of his current condition.


With the Mercedeses (Mercedi?) on the front of the grid, this afternoon I'm intrigued to see how the McLarens manage - both Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button seem happier with their cars this time out.


Honestly, I know the purists hate it and think it's tacky, but I love Monaco. I love the scenery, I love the track, and I always look forward to the race.


Good afternoon, all, and welcome to our LIVE coverage of the Monaco Grand Prix. We get under way in one hour round that famous twisty, turning track, with Lewis Hamilton starting on pole.