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Monaco Grand Prix
Circuit de Monaco • Race

Monaco Grand Prix - 26 May 2019

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HAMILTON WINS AT MONACO! A brilliant drive from Hamilton, whose tires were looking like Shreddies by the end of the race. He complained at every single turn about the state of his car, but he was able to hold on ahead of an aggressive and borderline reckless Vertsappen.


The stewards will investigate Verstappen and Hamilton for that.


Two laps left. Will Verstappen try the same thing? No, he's too far behind on the final lap. Hamilton could - cynically - allow Verstappen ahead to keep hold of the lead on time, and force Vettel into a lower position, mabye (he won't do this).


A little over two laps remaining, but Hamilton cuts the chicane as Verstappen makes contact just before it. He broke far too late, and in truth it was a daft and desperate error as is to be expected from him.


Hamilton almost loses his position going into the tunnel after the hairpin, but manages to just keep hold of the lead.


Verstappen makes a lunge a little too early and misses a chance to squeeze past.


And another question - as Verstappen cuts a corner to avoid a barrier collision - with only seven laps left, could Verstappen manage to get enough of a lead to negate his penalty disadvantage?


There's a question here. Verstappen is not as rash as he was, but he is under pressure and has the chance of a victory still within his grasp. Will he push it too far and take both himself and Hamilton out of the race?


Here are the standings.


Vertsappen has been told he has more power for the rest of the race, and can go into mode seven.


A remarkable drive from Hamilton, aided by circumstance but it could all be for nothing if he does not hold on.


Gasly has now grabbed the fastest lap to claim a bonus point.


Vettel has started to attack Verstappen. That might help Hamilton, as it forces Verstappen to split his attention.


Bottas sets a new fastest lap and is back within five seconds of Verstappen.


Hamilton has gone 53 laps on a tire that Pirelli believe can go 50 laps maximum.


Bottas has slipped more than five seconds behind Verstappen, which will cost him even when he is subjected to the five second penalty.


The superior Mercedes power means that as soon as Hamilton gets onto a straight, he can pull away by just enough. Gasly comes in to pit. He has a 24 second lead, and he might attack the fastest lap record now.


Perhaps the least jazzy stat of the day so far.


Hamilton is breaking early to manage his ragged tires but the narrow lanes of Monaco allow him to continue in ahead.


Verstappen is essentially in fourth place if you count his penalty to come, so he may consider pitting in to get some fresh tires. Hamilton tells his team 'you'll have to hope for a miracle'.


The distance between first and second is half a second.


Hamilton has been told just to stay at the same pace, don't even bother lapping anyone ahead of him.


Hamilton says he can't look after his tires anymore. His team manager tells him to ignore it all, and keep going.


There are a few spots of rain, but nothing serious as yet.


If Hamilton were to pit he might slip all the way down into sixth.


Here was the bunched pack after Raikkonen slowed them all down into a crisp packet.


Hamilton has been told to stay on the track, after Hamilton complains that his front left is 'dead'.


Verstappen has been told that there are problems with his brakes or engine, and he needs to cool things off in the chase with Hamilton.




Bottas is held back by Stroll as the front three make their way through the pack.


Raikkonen has just dipped into the pits for his first change. That allows the backmarkers to speed up a tad, prolonging the wait for the leaders to catch up. Stroll is given a five-second penalty.


An update on the bonus point.


In a few laps, the leaders are going to catch up to the stragglers. That could complicate matters front and back.


Here's the halfway point standings.


Vettel's car is overheating, which means that Vettel has to drop back to save his car's temperature regardless of the pace ahead of him.


The gap remains largely the same.


Hamilton and Verstappen have both done 30 laps on their tires each.


Strolll and Raikkonen both need to pit, but Stroll pits in a moment. He's being investigated.


Stroll and Raikkonen come together as Stroll makes an error and then takes the racing line to block off his rival. Raikkonen effs and jeffs to his team in frustration.. Stll the same with the top four - HAM-VER-VET-BOT.


Hamilton stays 0.65s ahead of Verstappen.


Hamilton has been informed that Verstappen is struggling with his tires too, now. He has asked if he can come in for some hard tires when he does actually come in.


Vettel's tires are in decent shape. There's a chance that with Verstappen's five-second overhang, and Hamilton's almost inevitable pitstop, that Hamilton will come out ahead. Bottas might come in for a medium or soft switch at some point, so he's ready to take advantage.


Hamilton is in trouble, but Verstappen's failed attack on Hamilton earlier has done some damage too.


Here is approximately where we stand.


Another round of pit stops has began, with Kvayat in now to lose to both Gasly and Sainz ahead of him. Kvyat is now down in ninth.


Giovinazzi has been given his 10 second penalty for earlier.


Hamilton has retained the lead so far, with Bottas down in fourth, unable to help.


Hamilton is being pushed by Verstappen to try and fray his tyres.


Hamilton leads by 7/10th of a second.


Verstappen has been given a five second penalty for the earlier transgression.


Here are the standings from lap 20.


Hamilton is less than a second ahead of Verstappen, who will likely have to go into the pits soon, for a punishment. Hamilton speaks to McLaren querying his tyres, and he's told just to keep managing the situation so as not to give away any clues.


Giovinazzi is under investigation for that earlier crash, along with Kubica.


Leclerc has given up. He pits and must be thoroughly hacked off with existence.


Leclerc says his car is extremely difficult to drive now. He's 26 seconds behind 19th, but he may as well hold on and hope for chaos in the rain.


Here's the touching incident from earlier in the pits..


Giovinazzi has spun into Russell, and held up Leclerc and five others, maybe. That's a farce, and they manage to sort it out before the leaders come around again.


Hamilton has been talking to McLaren, complaining about the state of his early softs, and his mediums might not hold out much better. Behind him, Bottas, Vettel and Verstappen are all on their hards.


The safety car is off, and Hamilton blasts off from the front.


A detritus update.


Leclerc has liaised with his team, asking if he's not too bashed in to push ahead of him again. They give him the all clear, once the safety car does one.


Bottas is coming in for a check, and he's given him a hard set of tires. Letting him go suggests he's whole enough to complete the race.


Verstappen touched Bottas in the pits, and could soon be in trouble.


A Williams is now following Hulkenberg into the pits. Hamilton is coming in too. Bottas stacked in and held up both Vettel and Verstappen behind him. Verstappen has come out and lamost clipped Vettel, but Vertsappen is ahead on the exit. Debris from Leclerc is everywhere.


Leclerc is out on new tires. thoroughly last and lapped by the front three. A safety car could be out soon.


Grosjean has punctured his right rear tire now, and he's now down into 19th. There's a tiny bit of rain. Leclerc's tire is shredding, and he could soon be off, crashed, or retiring.


Leclerc has lost two places, down into 11th, after he started to attack Hulkenberg, but couldn't squeeze past and clipped the barrier, forcing him into a spin.


Leclerc has finally swung around Grosjean, nipping inide him at Rascasse, forcing Grosjean out wide. It's being investigated for now.


Leclerc continues to press Grosjean, but he's too far behind to pull off an overtake yet.


Hamilton is 1.1 seconds ahead of Bottas, which has stayed pretty much constant since the opening.


There is a forcast of rain today, with a 90% probability, so there could be a little more opportunity than usual if pitstops go haywire.


Leclerc gained no position by straying at the first corner so will not be punished.


Lando Norris has dropped all the way down to 14, and DRS is enabled on the main straight. With Hamilton not pulling ahead from Bottas, he could be at risk.


Leclerc is up to 13, but he may be in bother after leaving the track to gain an advantage - deliberately or not.


Hamilton takes the initiative and retains the lead, and Bottas holds off an early charge from Verstappen on the first corner. Raikkonen and Stroll collide but appear to stay in working order. Leclerc is already agitating amongst the pack.


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A reminder of the grid. Charles Leclerc is down in 15th due to a mind aberration from the Ferrari support staff.


Here's one from Lewis Hamilton.


There are plenty of similar tributes for Niki Lauda, who died last week.


That is of course a comment made of the very best thing: banter. But Hamilton is on pole, and Bottas will get in inordinate amounts of trouble if he challenges too much on a tight street track, so the chances of any other result are slim. Not impossible, but slim.


Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Monaco GP, to be won by Lewis Hamilton, followed by Valtteri Bottas.