Reliability and performance problems with Honda's all-new engine concept have given McLaren a very tough start to the 2017 season.
When the governing body and F1's manufacturers agreed 12 months ago to keep the current turbo hybrid rules until 2020, a plan was also made to work on engine parity.
The FIA said it would analyse the potential of each power unit after the first three races of 2017 and, if the difference between them exceeded 0.3 seconds on a simulation around the Barcelona circuit, then the Strategy Group would be asked to intervene.
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The FIA's engine chief Fabrice Lom said at the Spanish Grand Prix last year: "We check every car of every lap of the first three races, we take the best of each power unit for each race, and then we do the average.
"That should give a power unit index of performance for each power unit manufacturer.
"Then we have a translation of this index for the Barcelona track, and this is what we will do.
"We transform this index to lap time and check the difference in lap time to the Barcelona track."
It has emerged that a plan to assist Honda is likely to be discussed at Monday's Strategy Group meeting.
Alongside the ongoing FIA engine parity work, McLaren racing director Eric Boullier is set to raise Honda's situation himself - though he is sceptical about the potential for any help.
"It is something that we have to raise," explained Boullier.
"We are in a position today where I am not sure everyone wants us to get more performance from the power unit, but I think it will be fairer for F1 to have a level playing field.
"I am not saying helping someone to beat the best power unit, but to be within this 0.3s ballpark of performance.
"I think it will fairer and good for F1. It will be more attractive for other car and engine manufacturers to join F1, and for the fans it will be much better as you will have closer racing on track.
"So it would tick all the boxes, except we are in a competitive world and I know a lot of people do not want us to deliver on that part."
Options for rules breaks to help Honda are limited now the engine development freeze and token system are gone.
One possibility could be to waive penalties for excess component use to allow Honda to develop faster with less of a focus on reliability.
Any measures to assist Honda during this season require unanimous agreement from the other F1 teams, with majority approval needed for any changes that would take effect for 2018.
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