Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff has said that drivers were ‘united’ in their decision to keep racing in Saudi Arabia.
On Friday there was a missile attack on an oil depot in Jeddah, which was close enough to affect the air for drivers, with some complaining they could smell smoke in the air.
Saudi Arabia have been militarily involved in Yemen against the Houthis since 2014, which has precipitated a huge crisis for those living in Yemen. Nevertheless, Formula 1 decided to press ahead with the Grand Prix this weekend.
Saudi Arabian Grand Prix
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After the attack, the teams and drivers again decided to continue with the event, with some reports suggesting that they may find it harder to leave the country if they did not fulfil their racing obligations.
Nevertheless, the German team boss Wolff was full of praise for the decision.
"The drivers were pretty united in their opinion," Wolff said Sky Sports.
"When we walked into the room yesterday, there was not one that had a different opinion to the others, which was in a way quite nice to see – seeing the drivers aligned on was good.
"We have been assured by the government that the place is safe and that they have it under control. This is the discussion we had with the drivers and also among the team principals, and you need to rely on that."
Haas’ Guenther Steiner added that he believed the event was safe.
“I think we discussed it yesterday and we were assured that everyone's safe in here, and I believe it, so the decision was made to stay here. I feel safe personally,” he said.
“From the organisers and ministers here speaking to us, they have their families here.
“I just spoke with our team and told them I feel safe and I would not do anything unless I was feeling safe and feeling safe for them. I see no issue here.
“I wasn’t in the meeting with the drivers, I can’t say who was vocal and who was not.”
Saudi Arabian Grand Prix
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