13/05/12 - 13:00
Spanish Grand Prix
Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya • Race


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Grosjean takes fourth, then Kobayashi and Vettel. Despite starting from the back of the grid, Lewis Hamilton beats Jenson Button. They are eighth and ninth.


PASTOR MALDONADO WINS!! Incredible joy for Williams! Only Frank Williams keeps his cool! Alonso second, Raikkonen third.


Final lap! We are seconds away from an incredible result!


Maldonado's lead is up to 3.3 seconds - it's his to lose now, surely. What a moment for Williams and for Venezuela!


Sebastian Vettel is past Rosberg and into sixth place.


Alonso is losing grip, and it looks like Pastor Maldonado is going to hang on and win this race. Kimi Raikkonen is 9.0 seconds back.


It's now a 2.3 second gap between Maldonado and Alonso - has he broken the Ferrari man?


I tell you what, that Chelsea crest on the front of the Sauber is very distracting. Still, if you want to come sixth...


Over the line again, and what happened on that lap? Maldonado is 1.4 seconds clear! Raikkonen continues to close but remains 12 seconds adrift with seven laps to go.


Ferrari talk to Alonso over the radio, giving him permission to gun the engine to its maximum 18,000 revs. Vroom. Raikkonen is catching at 1.5 seconds/lap!


Down the start-finish straight again, and still Alonso is at bay. Raikkonen just 14.8 seconds back and he could be a real contender based on pit stops.


Maldonado eight tenths ahead as they cross the line... Alonso not close enough to make a move, though the DRS down the straight helped him close the gap.


Alonso is back in the DRS zone, 0.9 seconds behind Maldonado.


Raikkonen is 17 seconds off the lead, and in touch only if the leading cars both pit and he does not. Even then, it's a very long shot.


You have to imagine, if this were old school Ferrari, they might have made Maldonado's life a bit more difficult when he tried to lap Massa. Suppose you can't really do that sort of thing any more.


Maldonado noses his way past Massa and extends his lead to over a second, so no DRS for Alonso. Nice work from the Williams man.


Sky's Ted Kravitz reports that Williams do not intend to pit Maldonado again! This is all set for a fascinating finish.


Alonso is well within the DRS zone, as Raikkonen posts a fastest lap of 1:26.938.


Alonso has a go at Maldonado at turn one, but can't edge in front. He is all over the Venezuelan, though.


Raikkonen has just pitted, and there is just a tiny chance that if he can eke his tyres out until the end he could nick this.


Alonso much faster than Maldonado now, and he is just 1.4 seconds behind now. Both will probably need one more stop.


Maldonado is past Raikkonen at the end of the start-finish space, and that is huge for the Venezuelan! Alonso in hot pursuit, though.


Alonso pits... Maldonado comes through, and keeps hold of the lead. But he is being held up by Raikkonen who is yet to pit.


The thought fom the pit lane is that Lewis Hamilton will not be able to get to the end of the race on these tyres, and will need a third stop. That could well cost him a points finish if so.


Another Red Bull nose change - this time it's Sebastian Vettel!


So, what is Alonso's lead over Maldonado? 16.3 seconds... the Williams man still just has the advantage as it stands, allowing 20 seconds for a pit stop.


Maldonado comes in for his third stop! It is a slow stop, and could that be crucial? A problem with the left rear - Ferrari sense their chance here.


Button squeezes his way past Massa, but did he do it under a yellow flag? The stewards seem hot on this sort of thing... could it be a drivethrough?


Maldonado's lead is now down to 4.8 seconds. Ferrari mounting something of a comback.


Button, really struggling, stops and changes his soft tyre for more hard rubber - which actually seems to be quicker today.


Nice little dice between Vettel and Button, and the German comes out on top. Miserable afternoon for Button, who may well finish behind his team-mate - who started at the back of the grid.


Mad enough for a Venezuelan to win - but Williams have not topped the podium since 2004!


Hamilton pits, and comes out... just behind Paul Di Resta in 14th. But he is on hard tyres, and will try to nurse these through to the end.


Into the second half of the race, and here's how they stand: 1-Maldonado, 2-Alonso, 3-Raikkonen, 4-Grosjean, 5-Hamilton, 6-Rosberg, 7-Kobayashi, 8-Button, 9-Vettel, 10-Hulkenberg.


Contact! Kobayashi nudged Button to one side and goes seventh! Looks like a fair move, albeit an aggressive one.


Betting fans, Maldonado is now 2/5 on the betting exchanges. Before qualifying, he was available at 300/1!


Maldonado is stretching his lead, and he is now 7.4 seconds clear. It is looking really good for a Venezuelan sporting first.


Bruno Senna has expressed an utter lack of surprise that Michael Schumacher is blaming him for their collision. Senna puts it down to a "confusion of message".


Drive-through penalty for BOTH VETTEL AND MASSA!! Both for failing to slow down under a yellow flag! There was no overtaking - race control just thought they failed to lift off.


Hamilton is still all over the back of Massa! This is seat-of-the-pants stuff!


MALDONADO LEADS!! Alonso comes out several seconds behind his rival, and that was a great strategic move from Williams. What a moment that is for the Venezuelan!


Alonso finally gets past Pic, and gesticulates wildly! And now he will pit. Surely this will send Maldonado into the lead?


Alonso DOES NOT PIT, and at the moment he is much slower than Maldonado. Button locks up and will have a terrible flat spot... he comes into the pits and comes out with softs.


Maldonado pits, and he absolutely hammers the outlap... Alonso is being held up by Pic!


Great action! Hamilton bears down on Massa and tries to get past round the outside... he cannot make it stick, and more surprisingly there is no contact between the pair!


Race control is investigating an incident between Vettel and Massa under the yellow flag. Could be a drive-through penalty for the German.


Great lap from Perez - 1:28.605. Fastest lap of the race.


Unlucky for Maldonado, who takes about half a second out of Alonso, but loses all the time and more trying to get past Narain Karthikeyan.


Webber sets a new fastest lap following his pit stop - 1:29.140. He is 17th, though.


Jenson Button's team tell him over the radio they are moving to Plan B and are 'on target'. Cryptic.


Vettel is menacing Rosberg in the battle for fifth. He is within a second, so he is able to operate the DRS.


Webber has come in for a new front wing - not sure what the precise issue was there.


With everybody through their first set of stops, Alonso leads by 2.3 seconds from Maldonado, with Raikkonen a further 5.3 seconds back. Button seventh, Hamilton 12th.


Schumacher has called Senna an "idiot" on his radio. Looked like Schumi's fault from here...


Hamilton into the pits... he hesitates as he leaves the pit box, stops and then starts again! What happened there? Another pit lane calamity for McLaren! He ran over something as he pulled off, which caused the car to leap up into the air!


Senna has now pulled over - race over for the Brazilian.


Senna has a puncture and will come into the pits. What a strange incident - Schumacher just ran into the back of Senna, and that was definitely the German's fault. He was trying to nip from one side to the other and misjudged it.


SCHUMACHER OFF!! He collides with Senna, ends up in the gravel and chucks his steering wheel away. He is fuming.


Hamilton, Kovalainen and Senna are yet to pit from the top 15. Fastest lap from Alonso, 1:29.1. That's nearly two seconds faster than Hamilton, who needs to come in.


Contact! Grosjean and Senna appear to collide, and somebody loses a piece of bodywork!


Maldonado and Raikkonen come in now.... Alonso comes through and still leads comfortably.


Alonso pits, as do Grosjean and Schumacher. Hamilton now sixth, though he has not pitted yet.


Button pits, and nearly collects a Force India on his way out... he comes out behind Vettel.


Hamilton past Hulkenberg and that puts him in 12th place. Great stuff from him. He's 23.4 seconds behind Alonso.


Next to pit - Kamui Kobayashi. They have responded to Red Bull pitting, and Kobayashi does indeed emerge in front of Webber. Meanwhile,. Lewis Hamilton is into 13th.


Vettel pits now, and he comes out just in front of Charles Pic. Interesting gamble by Red Bull.


Pit stop for Webber! He is the first man to come in for a 'regular' stop, and he will now do a long stint on hard tyres.


Stat ftom Infostrada: "Bear in mind that previous 15 Grands Prix of Spain have all been won by a driver that started in the front row (1st or 2nd) on the grid." That's Maldonado and Alonso.


Fernando Alonso reports that his tyres are starting to degrade. We could have stops very soon.


Sergio Perez sets the fastest lap, a 1:29.533. He is still 24 seconds adrift of 23rd pace, but it shows the pace of the hard tyres.


Felipe Massa is already up to 11th - a great start for Ferrari. Hamilton squeezes past Senna into 17th. Alonso's lead is 0.9 seconds.


Charles Pic spins at the back of the pack - down from 21st to 23rd. His car looks OK, though.


How they stand: 1-Alonso, 2-Maldonado, 3-Raikkonen, 4-Rosberg, 5-Grosjean, 6-Schumacher, 7-Vettel, 8-Button. Perez into the pits with that puncture.


Hamilton has gained four places, but it's Alonso who leads - bringing massive cheers from this Spanish crowd!


GOOOOO!!! Alonso inches down the inside of Maldonado and TAKES THE LEAD! Puncture for Perez.


Vettel and Hamilton both starting the race on soft tyres. The two compounds Pirelli have made available are soft and hard - no medium tyres. Every car on soft 'option' tyres.


It is less warm than yesterday, thought the sun is out. 22C air temprature, 33C track temperature. And the formation lap is under way...


Race betting: Alonso 10/3, Raikkonen 7/2, Vettel 11/2, Grosjean 7/1, Maldonado 12/1, Button 12/1, Hamilton 25/1, Webber 25/1.


Lots of anti-Hamilton feeling on the comments board below, and most of it completely unjustified. You don't have to like the bloke, but yesterday's incident was obviously not his fault.


Bit of an embarrassing spelling gaffe in the pits at Barcelona. Courtesy of the Daily Telegraph's Tom Cary.


Kimi Raikkonen is trending on Twitter thanks to a typically monosyllabic interview with the BBC. He's 'reasonably confident' today.


Brilliant! Martin Brundle is approaching random Spanish ladies on the grid and asking for predictions. Some great rabbit-in-headlights looks.


The rather marvellous flipside to Hamilton's misfortune is that Pastor Maldonado is on pole position for Williams. Blimey. World champion Sebastian Vettel is seventh after effectively throwing away Q3 - Red Bull will start the race on more durable tyres than the likes of Maldonado and Alonso who went hell for leather in qualifying. We will see how that pans out.


If you went to bed early last night, you might think Lewis Hamilton will start the race on pole position. Alas, no. His McLaren was underfuelled when he did his best lap in Q3, and he has been relegated to the back of the grid. Yet another colossal blunder from McLaren.


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