Classified positions

1) Hamilton 2) Perez 3) Vettel 4) Leclerc 5) Sainz 6) Verstappen 7) Albon 8) Norris 9) Stroll 10) Ricciardo 11) Ocon 12) Kvyat 13) Gasly 14) Bottas 15) Raikkonen 16) Russel DNF - Magnussen, Grosjean, Latifi, Giovinazzi

Hamilton is world champion!

Hungarian Grand Prix
Aston Martin to appeal against Vettel disqualification from Hungarian GP
Hamilton is 2020 world champion! What an incredible drive from Hamilton as he takes the chequered flag. He is a seven-time world champion, equalling the record set by Michael Schumacher! Today demonstrated why he is the best. What a way to do it! He was out of this race for so long! It looked over for Hamilton, but what a drive!


Hamilton clinches record-equalling seventh world title with win in Turkey

58/58 - Last lap

Hamilton looks to have this in the bag... as long as there's no downpour in the last lap of this race which was predicted. Norris has passed Stroll up into P8. What a dreadful second phase of the race for the Canadian, who was in control when Racing Point pitted him at the wrong time.

57/58 - Mercedes playing it safe?

Hamilton has decided against the orders from his team. Mercedes' plan was to give him a safety pit stop just to make sure there are no nasty surprises in the final two laps of the race, but Hamilton has made the call to stay out and survive until the end on these tyres.

56/58 - Oh, Bottas

"Four laps to go," Bottas is told over the Mercedes team radio. "I wish it was less," comes the response. It has certainly been an afternoon to forget for Bottas.

55/58 - Waiting for rain...

It feels like the only thing that can stop Hamilton now is this rain predicted for the last lap of the race. Mercedes have made the right call to keep him on these tyres because Bottas is lapping six seconds slower than his teammate despite being on the new intermediate tyres.

54/58 - The top 10...

1) Hamilton 2) Perez 3) Leclerc 4) Vettel 5) Sainz 6) Verstappen 7) Albon 8) Stroll 9) Norris 10) Ricciardo

52/58 - Six laps to go

It appears Mercedes' strategy is to run Hamilton on these intermediate tyres until the end of the race. They have run them down to slicks and Hamilton is seemingly in control of things. HOWEVER... there's just been a message that we are expecting 'heavy rain' for the last lap of the race. Drama!

51/58 - Spins!

Double spin! Raikkonen goes wide and spins, while Verstappen also spins behind the Alfa Romeo. Just as it seemed the Red Bull was finding some real pace. Meanwhile, Hamilton has been on to Bono to make sure his tyres aren't going to blow up.

50/58 - Weather update

There have been some reports of rain between turns eight and nine. Could that shake things up for the final phase of this race? Mercedes have their mechanics out in the pit lane. Are they getting ready to bring in Hamilton? And if so, when do they do it? This is so finely poised.

49/58 - Yellow flags

Grosjean has had a spin and we have some yellow flags, although they have already stopped waving and we are racing again. What will the final 10 laps of this race have in store for us? It's been a dramatic day of racing and it feels like anything could still happen.

46/58 - A lap on Bottas

Well, that's a bit embarressing for Bottas. He has been lapped by Hamilton. It just hasn't been Bottas' day. By my count, he has spun no fewer than four times. He just hasn't been able to handle the conditions in the way Hamilton has been able to.

45/58 - Sainz on the charge!

Sainz up into P5! The Spaniard is down the inside of Albon into Turn 12 and he claims fifth place. Sainz is on the charge and surely fancies his chances of a podium finish. This is shaping up to be a very interesting finish to this race.

44/58 - Leclerc is through!

Leclerc up into P3! The Ferrari has pace and grip and Leclerc gets past Verstappen, with Red Bull taking the decision soon after to move the Dutchman on to a fresh set of tyres. Leclerc has to fancy his chances of finishing second here and maybe, just maybe, pushing Hamilton who will surely have to pit.

42/58 - Stroll spin

Oh dear. It's all gone badly wrong for Stroll who has suffered a spin, losing a position to Sainz. The Canadian looked on course to claim his first ever race victory, but he's now down in P8 and might even be scrapping to finish in the points positions. Yikes.

41/58 - Hamilton charge!

This is incredible stuff from Hamilton. He has a 10-second lead over Perez at the head of the pack. Of course, Hamilton will have to pit before the end of the race, but at this rate he will have a lead over second place to emerge from the pits in front again. Hamilton needs to watch out for taking those tyres too far.

40/58 - Ferraris past Stroll!

Vettel and Leclerc are through! Stroll loses two positions and he is down to P6. It's all gone wrong for the Canadian in the last few laps. He might have been right! He might have been better staying out on the old intermediates for a few more laps. Also... THERE IS RAIN COMING!

39/58 - New tyres

Stroll is on the fresh intermediates. While the Canadian was very calm for the first half of the race, there is an element of panic in his voice as he expressed concern over the Racing Point team radio that these tyres are not giving him the sort of grip he wants.


Hamilton past Perez! That was easy for the world championship leader in the end, with Hamilton using DRS to get past Perez. He couldn't, could he? Hamilton looked out of the equation for a victory, but he is now leading the race. What will the strategy be with the tyres?

37/58 - Magnussen out!

DNF for Magnussen! That's a shame for the Haas driver who was in play for at least a point. Yellow flags for the time being, although they shouldn't be out for long. No Virtual Safety Car required.

36/58 - Stroll unhappy

"Why are we doing that? Why, why, why?" Stroll doesn't like the decision from Racing Point to move him on to a fresh start of intermediates, but that's what the rest of the pack are doing and it seems to be working for them.

35/58 - Perez getting closer

Stroll has been on the Racing Point team radio complaining about a lack of grip while Perez is closing the gap. What do Racing Point do if Perez has the pace on his teammate into the final phase of this race? Would they really make the call to swap the drivers?


Hamilton into third! Albon spins into turn four and that is a costly mistake by the young Thai driver. He allows Hamilton past him and now it's his turn to keep pace with the Racing Points, who are edging closer and closer to a very impressive one-two finish.

33/58 - Sainz up into sixth

A lack of grip gives Ricciardo some real trouble and Sainz takes advantage and moves up into sixth. Renault have now made the late call to pull in Ricciardo for a new set of tyres.

31/58 - Leclerc gambles

Leclerc comes into the pits and he's going to gamble on a new set of intermediates. There has been a lot of discussion across the team radios over are the right tyres to move on to at this stage of the race. Ferrari have rolled the dice to try and push Leclerc up into the fight near the front.

30/58 - As things stand...

1) Stroll 2) Perez 3) Albon 4) Vettel 5) Hamilton 6) Ricciardo 7) Sainz 8) Verstappen 9) Leclerc 10) Norris 11) Magnussen 12) Russell 13) Gasly 14) Raikkonen 15) Ocon 16) Kvyat 17) Bottas 18) Grosjean 19) Latifi

29/58 - Albon's tyres

"The fronts are completely gone," says Albon over the team radio. You know, Hamilton might still be in the fight here for the victory. He is the fastest man on the track and both the Racing Points and Red Bulls (at least Albon's) are dropping the pace. Hmmmm...

28/58 - No rain... yet

One surprise so far is that we haven't had the rain that was predicted before this race. There are, however, some dark clouds gathering over head. Will they dump some more water on this track before the end to make things that little bit more interesting?

27/58 - Hamilton frustration

He might be on course for a seventh world championship, but Hamilton is a very frustrated man at the moment. He's in P5 and just can't get near Vettel to at least make an attempt at a podium finish. The two Mercedes just haven't been able to make these condititions and these tyres work for them this weekend.

26/58 - Verstappen wide again

Verstappen has been wide at turn 14 two laps in a row. Another one and he will be shown a black and white flag and if he were to do it once more after that he will be handed a time penalty. All going wrong for him now.

25/58 - Chance for Albon

The Red Bull is right on the tail of Perez. This is turning into a good scrap between two drivers who have widely been predicted to fight for the second Red Bull seat for 2021. Albon has the pace, but Verstappen's spin shows how hard it is to attack in these conditions.

22/58 - ANOTHER Bottas spin!

What is going on with Bottas this morning? He has spun for a third time and is down in P17. Hamilton is only in fifth, but that would be enough for him to clinch the world championship given what is happening with his teammate. Have Bottas and Vettel swapped cars for today or something?

21/58 - Investigation!

From bad to worse for Verstappen! The stewards are having a look at Verstappen for potentially crossing the white line at the pit exit. He's down in P8 at the moment. It's a long way to the Racing Points from there, especially if he gets some sort of penalty.

20/58 - Change of strategy?

So this is an interesting situation for Red Bull. With Verstappen now down in P8, Albon looks like Red Bull's best chance of a victory here. He is very fast right now. Just set a new fastest lap and is seemingly the only one who can catch the two Racing Points. This is Albon's chance.


Verstappen mistake! The Red Bull was engaged in a battle for second with Perez, but Verstappen spins and that is a costly mistake. He lets Albon, Vettel and Hamilton pass him. Verstappen should have remained more calm. That was a bit mad. Needed to keep his cool. He would have got another chance to pass Perez.

17/58 - Red Bull pace

It appears Red Bull have the fastest car at this stage of the race, with Albon setting a new fastest lap. Verstappen is also closing the gap on Perez in second. The Racing Points have the high ground, though, and Stroll in particular has been unflappable. In control.

16/58 - Hamilton worried

"These brakes aren't working, man," says Hamilton as he explains what happened a few moments ago when he got his move on Vettel and actually lost a position rather than gaining one.

15/58 - Racing again!

The Virtual Safety Car has ended and we are racing again. Hamilton is having a good look at Vettel as he tries to get past the Ferrari on the restart and up into P4. Hamilton tries to go the long round past Vettel, but he goes way too wide and Albon makes up a place on the world champion in waiting! Got that wrong.

13/58 - Yellow flags!

A mechnical problem for Giovinazzi and his race is over. The yellow flags are waving and we are behind a Virtual Safety Car. I'm amazed it has taken 13 laps in these conditions for there to be yellow flags!

12/58 - Verstappen pits!

The race leader into the pits! Red Bull pit Verstappen, but there's a slight issue and that adds a second or two on to the pit time. Nonetheless, the Dutchman comes out ahead of Vettel and the overcut has worked, somehow!

11/58 - Perez box, box!

Now it's Perez's turn to come into the pits to move on to the intermediates. Verstappen is still out there. The Dutchman is trusting his instinct and staying on the wets. One wonders if Red Bull might overrule their driver here. They need to get him on to these new tyres.

10/58 - Stroll pits!

The race leader comes in for a set of intermediates. Perez is kept out for at least another lap, but Verstappen is now the fastest car on the track and this is his opportunity to make a go of this and apply some pressure on the Racing Points. He is staying out there on the wets.

9/58 - Something is changing...

Leclerc is flying on the intermediates as Racing Point start to lose a bit of pace. Something is changing in the dynamic of the race and the teams are catching on to that. Vettel and Albon both come in for a set of intermediates. Hamilton also in. He comes out in P8.

8/58 - Leclerc into the pits

Ferrari have taken the decision to shift Leclerc on to the intermediates. It seems a bit early to go on to that tyre compound, but Ferrari need to try something to get Leclerc through the field. A role of the dice. Vettel still hodling Verstappen off in third.

7/58 - Hamilton concern

"Front brakes aren't really working very well," says Hamilton over the Mercedes team radio. The Silver Arrows just don't have the grip or the pace this weekend. History is on the line for Hamilton, but it seems unlikely that he will clinch it on the podium. Bottas still down in P16.

6/58 - Drying!

"It's drying up," says Stroll on the Racing Point team radio. Of course, the radar showed there was another heavy shower of rain forecast for this race. When will that come and how will it impact things?

5/58 - Top 10 as it stands...

1) Stroll 2) Perez 3) Vettel 4) Verstappen 5) Albon 6) Hamilton 7) Ricciardo 8) Raikkonen 9) Sainz 10) Magnussen

4/58 - Racing Point pace!

The Pink Panthers have enjoyed a remarkable start to this race. Stroll has just charted a lap that was five seconds faster than Hamilton's! If Racing Point can keep their cars on the track here, they might have a one-two in their sights. They are handling the conditions so much better than anyone else.

3/58 - Ocon pits

Ocon is into the pits to get a new front wing. it actually seems that Ocon collided with his own teammate Ricciardo heading into turn one and that then caused Bottas to spin. The Finn is down in P17.

2/58 - Vettel into third!

Verstappen has recovered somewhat after a dreadful start. He's up to fifth... and now he's up to fourth and the Red Bull passes Hamilton! Vettel is up into third! Where did he come from? What an incredible start to this race. We expected it might be like this!

1/58 - LIGHTS OUT!

Dreadful start for Verstappen! The Red Bull crawls off the line! Bottas collides with Ocon into turn one and we already have yellow flags! That was predictable. Stroll has managed to stay ahead. Hamilton is up to third behind the two Racing Points!

10:10 - Formation lap

The drivers embark on their formation lap. Just a reminder that if Bottas does not outscore Hamilton by eight points today, Hamilton is world champion for a seventh time. Everyone besides Latifi and Russell starting on Wets. The two Williams are on the intermediates.

10:05 - Calm before the storm... literally

The drivers are taking one final opportunity to dry themselves off on the grid before the formation lap. Not a great deal of activity on the grid from the mechanics. They know they have done all they can. They will be required during the race. Feels like everyone is bracing themselves.

10:00 - Stroll on pole!

Saturday qualifying was outrageous with so many drivers and teams struggling to get to grips with the conditions. Verstappen looked to be in good shape to take pole until Red Bull pulled him in on a very fast lap to put him on intermediate tyres that didn't work so well. Stroll took advantage of that opportunity to take pole for the first time!

09:55 - Anthem time

It's stopped raining, but the teams are expecting another heavy shower in about 30 minutes' time. Which should make things interesting. For the time being, the drivers are lined up for the national anthem and for F1's 'End Racism' campaign. As has been the case all season long, some drivers take the knee, others don't. Not good enough.

09:50 - History maker

Hamilton says he hasn't been thinking about winning a seventh world championship which, eh, seems hard to believe. Here's a fact they have just said on Sky Sports - Hamilton has won a third of the races he has started over the course of his career. That is just an outrageous record.

09:45 - Practice lap spins!

Drama before the race has even started! Kvyat and Russell have both spun on the practice lap. Kvyat found himself stuck in the gravel trap and Russell has some front wing damage. And there's Giovinazzi too who has some significant damage! Will anyone actually finish this race?

09:40 - It's race day!

It's ean early start today for the Turkish GP! Welcome to Eurosport's LIVE coverage! This promises to be one of the most exciting races of the season with the conditions causing mayhem for the drivers yesterday! It looks like it might be more of the same today!

Can Hamilton win the title today?

Lewis Hamilton looks to be in extremely good shape to win the title. He will do so, and equal Michael Schumacher's all-time record, as long as his team-mate, Valtteri Bottas, does not outscore him by more than seven points, and as the Finn is starting three places behind the world champion, he would not be expected to beat Hamilton.

Qualifying recap

Lance Stroll won an incredible qualifying session where six-times world champion Lewis Hamilton qualified sixth for a race that could seal his seventh title.
Hamilton's team-mate and sole title rival Valtteri Bottas finished in ninth. Stroll was the first Canadian on pole since 1997 world champion Jacques Villeneuve.
"I can't put it into words right now. I'm shocked. I didn't expect to be here," said Stroll, who greeted his pole with shouts of 'let's go, let's go' over the team radio.
"I had the confidence in the car and I just nailed pretty much every corner. It's such a nice way to bounce back after a few rough weeks, so it feels really good.
"It's a special moment for me, one of the biggest highlights of my career."
Hungarian Grand Prix
Hamilton suffers "fatigue and dizziness" after chaotic Hungarian Grand Prix
Hungarian Grand Prix
Ocon secures dramatic first F1 win at chaotic Hungarian GP