Hamilton wins the Tuscan GP!

Hamilton takes the chequered flag! It's another track for the world championship leader to win at. Bottas crosses the line in second and behind him Albon completes the podium! What a result for the young Red Bull driver. That will feel very sweet after what has been a challenging season.
Ricciardo finishes fourth, with Perez, Norris and Kyvat behind him. The Australian will be disappointed that he wasn't able to get the job finish to claim his first podium finish in the Renault.
Tuscan Grand Prix
Hamilton triumphs amid chaos in Mugello as Tuscan GP sees two red flags
13/09/2020 AT 15:35

59/59 - Last lap!

Hamilton looks to have done just enough to claim the race victory. He has just set a new fastest lap and has opened up a two-second lead on Bottas. Albon is one lap away from claiming a very sweet podium finish!

58/59 - Battle for first!

I said a few laps ago that Hamilton looked to be out of sight. Well, that's not really the case anymore. Bottas has found some real pace and the gap between the two Mercedes teammates is down to just a second-and-a-half. Can the Finn get close enough to Hamilton to use DRS?

56/59 - Vettel v Russell

Russell is hunting down his first ever championship point. Vettel is currently in 10th place at the moment, but the Williams is hunting him down. The Ferrari is sooooo slow when it comes to straight line speed, but Vettel is doing just enough to keep hold of his position.

54/59 - Bottas fastest lap

That's a new fastest lap for Bottas. Of course, there is a bonus point for that, so the best the Finn can hope for now is that he holds on to second place under pressure from Albon and claims the fastest lap point. Hamilton looks set for the race victory. He is out of sight.


Albon gets past the Renault! What a fantastic pass from the Red Bull, going around the outside of Ricciardo into the second turn of the circuit. Albon held his nerve by going wheel to wheel with the Australian and now has Bottas in his sights. The Red Bull has some real speed. Second place isn't out of the question!

50/59 - Bottas back in P2

Up into second! Bottas has managed to undo the damage that was done on the restart and is ahead of Ricciardo again. The Renault now has a fight on his hands to hold on to the podium finish he has worked so hard for this afternoon. This should be a really interesting scrap until the finish.

49/59 - Fight for the podium

"Right, let's get into Ricciardo now. You can get him," comes the message over the Red Bull team radio to Albon. The young Thai driver has an excellent chance of a podium finish here. He has great pace since the restart.

48/59 - Ricciardo into second!

Bottas down to third, Ricciardo up to second! What a start from the Australian! Ricciardo gets past Bottas into turn one! Albon suffered a poor start, but made up for it over the next few corners and he's up into P4. More drama off the line!

Standing start!

For the third time this afternoon, the drivers are on their way to the grid. There's a lot on the line here. Can Bottas pass Hamilton to claim a victory? Can Ricciardo keep hold of P3 to secure a podium finish?


Can you believe this? We haven't had a red flag since 2017, but we have now had THREE in two weekends! That barrier has taken a pounding from Stroll's Racing Point and so the marshals are going to need some time to rebuild it. The drivers have been pulled into the pits again.

46/59 - Bottas box, box!

On to new tyres! Bottas gets his wish with the safety car deployed for that Stroll incident. Bottas is now on fresh tyres and will coast up behind Hamilton for the restart of this race. We could have a real duel between the two Mercedes over the final 12 laps or so, whenever the safety car comes in.

45/59 - Stroll out!

Stroll into the barriers! The Racing Point lost the rear, as if he got a puncture. Did he pick that up on the kerbs? Is that why Mercedes were so keen to stress to their drivers to stay off them?

43/59 - Albon charge

Albon has found some new life in the medium compound tyres and is closing the gap on Ricciardo in P3. There is just over two seconds between them, although Stroll is in between them.

41/59 - Mercedes instructions

Hamilton has been told to stay off the kerbs to help protect "tyre integrity." The instruction has been given to both drivers, but Hamilton is complaining that this is resulting in slower lap times. Mercedes are basically trying to ensure that they secure a one-two here and that there are no unwanted twists.

39/59 - No action

The stewards have finally decided that there will be no action taken on the collision between Gasly, Raikkonen and Verstappen on the opening lap. "Car 33 was a victim” of these three cars coming together. We regard this as a first lap incident albeit with major consequences" is the official judgement.

38/59 - Bottas update

"Safety car would be nice now," Bottas says over the Mercedes team radio after being told how much his tyres had deteriorated before the pit stop. Unless there is another safety car, it seems Hamilton is destined to see the chequered flag and claim another race victory.

34/59 - Norris on the hunt

"Great job, Lando. Perez is in front and we're going to hunt him down." A statement of intent over the McLaren team radio. Norris has raced a very consistent race, but he has struggled to get close to anyone in front of him. Does the McLaren have the pace on the Racing Point?

32/59 - Mercedes box, box!

Mercedes have pulled in Bottas and Hamilton in back-to-back laps. Bottas wanted to go on the different tyres to whatever Hamilton was on, but he pitted first and Hamilton then just copied the hard tyres that his teammate was put on. Hamilton is now out on P1 and is WAAAAY ahead of Bottas. That might be game over.

31/59 - Renault undercut!

Norris' undercut hasn't really worked because he had to wait a couple seconds to allow Kvyat past him in the pit lane, but Ricciardo looks to have pulled it off. Renault have got the Australian out in P4 and Albon ahead of him has still to pit. Ricciardo might be on course for a podium finish!

28/59 - Mercedes strategy

"For the second tyre set, I want opposite to Lewis," says Bottas to his race engineer. That's not something Mercedes have spoken about before. Bottas wants a hard tyre, while Mercedes want to put him on the soft tyres. Interesting. This is something to keep an eye on...

27/59 - Undercut!

"Yay," says Norris as he's told over the McLaren team radio that they're going to try the undercut to slingshot him past Perez. It's been a decent enough race for Norris, but he will need a change of strategy to push him any higher up the standings.

26/59 - Ricciardo in the hunt!

Into fourth! This Renault is looking good right now. Ricciardo has just moved into P4 and the Australian is within touching distance of his first podium finish as a Renault driver. Stroll ahead of him now.

25/59 - Hamilton issue?

"This tyre doesn't feel great. Rear is sliding," says Hamilton to the Mercedes pit wall. He is leading the race comfortably, but Mercedes have had some real problems with tyre management this season (see what happened at Silverstone). Have they made another misjudgement here?

22/59 - Box, box!

Leclerc into the pits! Ferrari decide to pit Leclerc after he demanded that they make some sort of change of strategy over the team radio. They have put him on the hard compound tyres, which will presumably take him until the end of the race.

21/59 - Perez past Leclerc

This is very quickly turning into a humiliating afternoon for Ferrari. Vettel is struggling to get past Russell into the points while Leclerc just doesn't have the speed to hang on to his race position. Leclerc was P3, but he's dropped down to P7 in a matter of just four laps.

19/59 - Ricciardo into P4!

Leclerc dropping like a stone! The drag that Ferrari experienced at both Monza and Spa seems to be a factor again here at Mugello. That was too easy for Ricciardo to get past Leclerc who now has a fight on his hands to take this car to the end of the race in the top six places.

18/59 - Stroll into P3!

Stroll into the podium places! The Canadian's Racing Point just had too much pace for Leclerc and the Ferrari couldn't get his elbows out enough to keep his third position. Meanwhile, Albon has passed Perez into sixth. One place up, once place down in the same lap for Racing Point.

17/59 - Hamilton in control

The world championship leader is opening up a gap on Bottas, which the two Mercedes as a whole opening up a real advantage on the rest of the pack. This is how things have been going for the Silver Arrows this season. There's just nobody that has the car to match them in 2020.

15/59 - Ricciardo into fifth!

Good move! Ricciardo uses DRS to get a run on Perez and there was nothing the Racing Point could do to stop the Renaul passing him into fifth. That's the first time this afternoon that we have really seen the pace of this car which is getting better and better as the season progresses.

12/59 - Pink Panthers assault

Stroll is all over the back of Leclerc's Ferrari in third. The Racing Points look to have exceptional pace since the restart, with Perez also up into fifth behind his teammate. Can they squeeze out Leclerc and make their way on to the podium?

11/59 - Ocon out

It should be noted that Ocon was withdrawn from the race before the restart due to overheating brakes. Russell had said on the Williams team radio that he saw fire from the brakes of the Renault.

10/59 - Restart!

We are racing again! Hamilton goes around the outside of Bottas into turn one and we have a new car at the head of the pack! Albon had a difficult start off the line, but Perez has made up no fewer than four places! He's up into P5 in behind Stroll in P4!

Standing start?

Bottas has been told that it's "very likely" there will be a standing start to get this race up and running again. What a dramatic start to this race. A lot of repairs going on in the pit lane at the moment. The inquest into what actually happened with that huge collision between four cars is still going on.

9/59 - RED FLAG!

We had mayhem and a red flag at Monza last weekend and we have another one here! The session is stopped as there is just so much to clear up down the straight. It's going to be a standing start just like we had at the Italian GP.

8/59 - Latifi out too!

It looked like the back of the pack were racing while the front wasn't and that saw Sainz go into the back of about three cars who weren't racing. Four cars have been eliminated from the race - Latifi, Magnussen, Giovinazzi and Sainz. The safety car is going to lead the pack through the pit lane as there is so much debris down the straight.

7/59 - Safety car in... BIG CRASH!

Big collision! The safety car had only just come in and there's a big crash near the back of the pack! Three cars have been caught up in it! It's Giovinazzi, Sainz and Magnussen. And the safety car is back out again.

4/59 - Still under Safety car

Gasly and Verstappen are out of the race already, so let's recap how the standings look right now after that start... 1) Bottas 2) Hamilton 3) Leclerc 4) Albon 5) Stroll 6) Ricciardo 7) Perez 8) Norris 9) Kvyat 10) Ocon 11) Russell 12) Magnussen 13) Latifi 14) Giovinazzi 15) Sainz 16) Grosjean 17) Raikkonen 18) Vettel

2/59 - Leclerc in third!

While Ferrari have pulled Vettel into the pits to give him a new front wing, Leclerc is up into third! What a start for the youngster! We thought this might be a difficult weekend for the Scuderia, but this could still be a race that produces a good result for the Ferraris. Although not so much with Vettel who is now plum last.

1/59 - LIGHTS OUT!

What drama! Bottas gets a great start off the line and takes the lead! Sainz spins and collides with Vettel who has sustained some drama... and Verstappen has spun into the gravel! His race is over! The safety car is out!

14:10 - Formation lap!

The Red Bull engineers seem to have resolved the problem on Verstappen's car on the grid and the drivers are on their formation lap around his magnificent Mugello circuit. What a day it is in Tuscany.

14:05 -Ferrari's 1000th race!

It's a shame the Scuderia aren't more competitive at the moment. This would have been a really special occasion with the two Ferraris challenging at the front on the day of the team's 1000th race in F1 at the Mugello circuit they have owned since the 1980s!

14:00 - More Max problems?

Is Hungary repeating itself?! There seems to be an issue with Verstappen's car on the grid! This happened at the Hungarian GP and the Red Bull mechanics only just managed to get the Dutchman to the start line. There seems to be some sort of issue with the exhaust. A lot of activity around Verstappen's car.

13:55 - (Some) fans are back!

There are 2,800 fans at Mugello for this race as spectators make a return to F1. Of course, it's not the same as having packed grandstands, but those who are here will be hoping for a positive result from the Scuderia. Italy loves its team!

13:50 - Relentless

Bottas was faster in every practice session... apart from the one that mattered, Q3. The pressure is on the Finn between now and the end of the season to prove that he still deserves to be Mercedes' second driver alongside Hamilton, who just isn't showing any sign of slowing up. He has been absolutely relentless this year.

Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) in Mugello

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13:45 - Eyes on Perez/Vettel

This is the first race since it was announced that Sebastian Vettel will be replacing Sergio Perez at Racing Point next season. Ferrari are suffering a dreadful season, while Racing Point are consistently in contention for podium finishes. Can the Scuderia mark this weekend with a better race result? How will Perez fare knowing that he doesn't yet have a seat for 2021?

13:40 - Race day!

Good afternoon and welcome to Eurosport's LIVE coverage of the Tuscan Grand Prix. This is a special one. The abridged F1 season for 2020 has taken the 10 teams and 20 drivers to the Ferrari-owned Mugello circuit in Italy. What a place. And it just so happens to be Scuderia Ferrari's 1000th race in F1!
Lewis Hamilton is on pole with Valtteri Bottas ensuring the Silver Arrows locked out the front row in Saturday qualifying. And the second row is locked out by the Red Bulls of Max Verstappen in P3 and Alex Albon in P4.
Tuscan Grand Prix
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Tuscan Grand Prix
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