Two red flags drew the first Tuscan Grand Prix to a halt, just one week after the Italian Grand Prix saw its own red flag.

The race was neutralised by a safety car after Max Verstappen, Kimi Raikonnen and Pierre Gasly crashed moments after the race began.

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And carnage resumed again once the safety car pulled in as cars at the back accelerated into the middle of the pack as they tried to gain an advantage upon the restart.

The middle group were yet to accelerate causing a pile-up which forced Latifi, Magnussen, Giovinazzi, Ocon and Sainz out of the race and yet another red flag as the track was cleaned up. All the drivers involved in the crash appear to be okay.

Unbelievably, the race was stopped for a second time as Lance Stroll smashed into the barrier forcing a second red flag as the barrier was repaired.

Last week, Leclerc smashed into a barrier, causing a race to be red flagged for the first time since the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in 2017.

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