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United States Grand Prix
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United States Grand Prix - 3 November 2019

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Race classification... 1) Bottas 2) Hamilton 3) Verstappen 4) Leclerc 5) Albon 6) Ricciardo 7) Norris 8) Sainz 9) Hulkenberg 10) Perez 11) Raikkonen 12) Kvyat 13) Stroll 14) Giovinazzi 15) Grosjean 16) Gasly 17) Russell

DNF - Magnussen, Vettel, Kubica.


BOTTAS WINS THE US GRAND PRIX! AND HAMILTON IS THE WORLD CHAMPION! Bottas claims his fourth race victory of the season, but the headlines have been made by his Mercedes teammate who finishes behind him in second. Hamilton has clinched his SIXTH world championship!


Last lap! Hamilton is having to fight to keep Verstappen at bay. The Red Bull has the pace on the Mercedes, but Magnussen has had a brake failure and there are yellow flags! Have they come to Hamilton's rescue?


Bottas has very quickly put some distance between himself and Hamilton and the Finn looks set to win the US Grand Prix. But this will still be more than enough for Hamilton to clinch the championship.


BOTTAS RETAKES THE LEAD! The Finn gets the job done a lot earlier on the straight and comfortably moves past Hamilton. Bottas simply had the straight line speed on his Mercedes teammate!


Bottas gets forced off the track! The Finn attempted to go the long way round to get past his teammate, but he couldn't make it stick and Bottas was forced wide. This fight is still on, though!


The front two in this race are coming into some traffic. There's a pack of Gasly, Norris an Perez, but Hamilton and Bottas will now have to make their way through them. Will this have an impact?


Hamilton has done a good job of nursing his tyres just like he did in Mexico. Does Bottas have the speed to get past his Mercedes teammate? Hamilton's tyres are now down to around 40%!


"Okay, now we're talking," Bottas responds when told that the gap between him and Hamilton is now down to two seconds. This race looks set to finish with a real duel between two teammates!


The gap between Hamilton and Bottas has now been closed to just over two seconds. The Finn will have about five laps, if this pace continues, to get past his Mercedes teammate!


So we're into the last 10 laps of the race. Hamilton is making good pace which sort of defies logic. However, it's estimated that Bottas will be within striking distance of his teammate in about four laps' time.


Hamilton is stretching this out. His race engineer was on the team radio not that long ago to warn the Brit that his tyres might not last the distance, but he's making it work for the time being!


Bottas has just been on the team radio to complain about yet more traffic in front of him due to pitting. The traffic just seems to be never-ending for the Finn. This is very interesting now.


In typical Hamilton fashion, he is all about getting the win. But it's important to keep in mind that he only needs to finish in the top eight to clinch his sixth world championships.


Bottas has been slowed down by some traffic, but the Finn has now cleared that and has some free track between himself and Hamilton. The gap between the two stands at 4.6 seconds.


Norris passes Verstappen! We warning you that there was a good battle developing for fifth place and the McLaren has just taken it. Very nice pass from the teenager who is having quite the race.


There's an interesting battle developing between Ricciardo in P5 and Albon and Norris behind him. Leclerc has so far run a race of his own - too quick for the chasing pack, but not quick enough to catch the top three.


Bottas box, box, box! The Finn comes into the pits. Hamilton might not last to the end of the race on these tyres. This is an interesting tactical duel between the two Silver Arrows.


PICTURE: Will this be the day Hamilton clinches the championship?

Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) - GP of United States of America 2019

Verstappen into the pits! A new set of medium compound tyres go on to the Red Bull and that should take Verstappen through to the finish. How will that set him up for the finale?


Kubica retires! The Williams has come into the pits, but he won't be coming back out again. Kubica had to wait a long, long time to race in the United States, but it's ended badly for the Polish driver.


So just to recap... as things stand Hamilton will be world champion for a sixth time. He is running in third place at the moment. He only needs to finish in the top eight to keep his crown.


Great move! That was pure opportunism from Perez, who moves up to 12th place after passing Kvyat. That was an excellent move from the Mexican, a popular figure with the home fans in Austin.


This race has become a waiting game for Hamilton. He is banking on his tyres lasting until the end of the race while Bottas and Verstappen are expected to have to pit once more.


Hamilton has just set the fastest lap of the race on new tyres. In fact, he has just taken a 2.7-second chunk out of Bottas' lead. That is a fast lap! He still has his eyes on winning this.


So all of the front four have now pitted with Hamilton the last to come in. His three rivals look to be on a two-stop strategy so the race victory could still be in play for him.


Bottas gets past Hamilton! The strategy of staying out as long as possible hasn't really worked for Hamilton and Bottas gets past his teammate. And this time Hamilton does in fact pit.


"I want to go longer," Hamilton says on the Mercedes team radio. This is definitely a one-stop strategy from the five-time world champion. Will it help him to become a six-time world champion?


Ricciardo past Perez! The Renault has pitted and gets past the Racing Point into P6. Ricciardo has shown some good pace today and must fancy his chances of pulling in Leclerc.


PICTURE: Bottas is running in P2. He's on a two-stop strategy.

Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) - GP of United States of America 2019

Leclerc into the pits! That's a 7.7-second pit for the Ferrari. This has been a race to forget for Ferrari so far. They just don't have the straight line speed on Mercedes and even Red Bull.


Verstappen is losing about a second a lap to Bottas at the moment. Sainz and Magnussen are into the pits. Things could be falling into place for Hamilton, though.


"The other cars are on a two-stop, so we'll just stick to our original plan." That sounds like Hamilton is on a one-stop strategy. The longer he stays out the more likely that is the case.


Verstappen gets past Leclerc with ease into Turn 1. This is a three horse race. The Ferraris just haven't had the straight line speed right from the first lap. Leclerc stranded in fourth.


Bottas into the pits as well! With Verstappen coming back out in fourth Mercedes were presented with the opportunity to pit the race leader. That's an opportunity that they took. Bottas back out in P3, but he passes Leclerc quickly.


Verstappen into the pits! That's an interesting one. The pit window has only just opened, but by switching on to the hard tyres they are keeping their options open. Will they go for a one-stop?


Ferrari have been on the team radio to Leclerc to warn him about Turn 8. That's where they think Vettel picked up his suspension issue so they don't want their second car to experience the same thing.


Hamilton is closing the gap on Verstappen. The Red Bull enjoyed a good start to the race, but Verstappen is now struggling for performance. He's been asking his team to let him know when Hamilton is in the DRS zone.


PICTURE: Hamilton is running in P3 after 13 laps.

Lewis Hamilton

Bottas is turning in a very controlled performance at the front of the pack. The Finn has a lead of over two seconds over Versteppen in second place. The Red Bull has been unable to close the gap.


In the midst of all the fuss around Vettel, Ricciardo managed to get past Norris into Turn 12. The Renault has made a very good start, although there's a big gap between P5 and the top four.


Suspension failure for Vettel! The German had already suffered a poor start to the race and now he's out of the race! The suspension broke as he went slightly wide and rattled over a few chunky bumps on the circuit.


Ferrari have just been on the radio to Vettel to inform their driver that they are switching to 'Plan B.' What does that mean? Are Ferrari now shifting to a two-stop strategy? We'll see!


There's an interesting battle for fifth unfolding. Norris currently holds the position after a very good start, but Ricciardo is just 0.6 seconds behind the McLaren and Vettel is finally finding some straight line speed.


Vettel said on the radio that he had picked up some damage, but that doesn't appear to be the case. It was just that the Ferrari tyres had no grip! What a strange race set up from them.


This was the start off the grid...


Bottas has established a lead of over a second on Verstappen. The Finn made a good start to the race, but the early story here is the issues being experienced by Vettel. He's been on the team radio to claim about understeer.


Albon and Sainz made contact coming out of Turn 1 and Albon is now in the pits getting a front wing changed. The Red Bull picked up some damage. Verstappen is running in P2.


Norris is up to P5! Vettel is down to sixth place. It has been a bad first lap for the Ferraris! In fact, Ricciardo has just passed Vettel as well! He surely has some kind of problem!


Bottas gets a good start off from P1. Hamilton gets past Vettel and up into fourth place! Leclerc has also got past his Ferrari teammate! Does the German have a problem? He's struggling for grip!


LIGHTS OUT! We're under way at the 2019 US Grand Prix! The drivers are rushing up that incline into Turn One.


Okay, here we go. The drivers are about to embark on their formation lap in Austin, Texas. Hamilton is just 56 laps away from his sixth world championship as an F1 driver.


All Hamilton needs to do to clinch his sixth world championship is finish in the top eight. He can also finish outside and still get the job done if his Mercedes teammate Bottas doesn't win the race.


I'm Graham Ruthven and you can catch me on Twitter ahead of the race to let me know your thoughts. Will this be the day that Hamilton makes it official? Or can Bottas and the Ferraris (and Verstappen!) make him wait a little longer? Tweet me!


Hamilton's coronation? The Brit is on the verge of his SIXTH world championship! That would put him second on the all-time list behind Schumacher. He still has to get over the line, though!


The Grid... 1) Bottas 2) Vettel 3) Verstappen 4) Leclerc 5) Hamilton 6) Albon 7) Sainz 8) Norris 9) Ricciardo 10) Gasly 11) Hulkenberg 12) Magnussen 13) Kyvat 14) Stroll 15) Grosjean 16) Giovinazzi 17) Raikkonen 18) Russell 19) Perez 20) Kubica.


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