The all-electric racing series will return on August 5 with an unprecedented six races in nine days behind-closed-doors at the Berlin Tempelhof track to finish the sixth season as safely as possible following the 158-day hiatus during the Covid-19 outbreak.

The track layouts for the three double-headers on August 5-6, 7-8 & 12-13 will include the 'traditional' Tempelhof Airport track, a reversed-version and an extended course for the final two races.

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Lotterer, who currently sits 12th in the drivers’ standings, finished second in the Diriyah E-Prix to secure a podium in his first race for his new team but the veteran has never taken the chequered flag first during his three seasons in Formula E.

However, the German certainly knows how to win, with three victories at 24 Hours of Le Mans and a WEC driver’s title.

With Formula E famed for providing a level playing field among drivers to take victory, Lotterer pointed to his experience in endurance racing as giving him the edge.

“I am very optimistic of giving a good performance,” he said.

“Podiums are the target, but for me I am going for six wins. This is the target and I think it is achievable. We will continue to learn a few things in the first races as we are a new team, but why not go for it with a bang and immediately be at the front?

“I hope my endurance experience will pay off for Berlin. It will for sure be quite tiring with such a tight schedule, but we will try to prepare as well as possible with a lot of simulator work.

“In Formula E you do not usually get much time on the track, we always have a very short amount of time to show our performance, so in that sense there will be evolution.

Every driver will learn a lot (over the six races) and it will be interesting to see who evolves the best over these days.

André Lotterer (R)

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Antonio Felix da Costa currently leads the Drivers’ Championship in Lotterer’s former seat at DS TECHEETAH but with Formula E always being unpredictable - with every race having had a different winner so far this season - the standings remain tight at the top.

Mathematically every driver on the grid could still win the title after the nine-day finale, so even after an enforced five-month lay-off drivers will have to get into their rhythm quickly or see their title chances quickly slip away.

The drivers will return to a paddock with their Positively Charged campaign renewing a focus on a sustainable, inclusive and diverse environment but with the traditional competitive edge - something Lotterer can’t wait to return to.

“It was a very unusual situation for the whole world but now I can go back to doing what I love to do, and of course it is six home races in nine days for us and myself, so I am very excited,” said the 38-year-old.

“We learned a lot from the initial races as a team, and now we have had the time to use this experience wisely and productively to translate this information into a better performance.”

We know the different track layouts now, so we have tried to simulate everything and get back into the rhythm.

Watch the long-awaited return of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship live on Eurosport 2 on August 5 at 18:00 BST.

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