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Saturday Fourballs pairings - USA 11-5 Europe

  • Tony Finau and Harris English vs 1&0 Shane Lowry and Tyrrell Hatton
  • Brooks Koepka and Jordan Spieth vs 2&1 Jon Rahm and Sergio Garcia
  • Scottie Scheffler and Bryson DeChambeau 3&1 vs Matthew Fleetwood and Viktor Hovland
  • Dustin Johnson and Collin Morikawa 4&3 vs Ian Poulter and Rory McIlroy
Ryder Cup
Lowry hits out at 'idiots' in Ryder Cup crowd
29/09/2021 AT 17:27

00.20 - Onto the singles...

Join us again at 4.45pm tomorrow for the Singles. It will need a herculean effort to win from here for Europe...Let's see if they can do it then.

00.18 - Fourballs shared

After Hovland's putt sails just past the hole on the 17th, with DeChambeau close, the Europeans concede and the Americans have a six-point lead going into the singles.

00.09 - Morikawa seals victory

Morikawa with yet another birdie and McIlroy fails to do the same and the match is over.

00.06 - Scheffler again

Hovland misses a very holeable putt for birdie and then from just inside Scheffler made no mistake.

00.05 - The unbeatable Spaniards win again

Sergio Garcia scrambles a par on the 17th and that's enough for the win.

00.01 - Lowry seals it

It's Big Shane's world we're just living in it. A fine 12 ft or so putt at the last to secure a par and ensure victory for his pair.

23.46 - Rahm again

His approach was anything but smooth but he ends with an incredible putt to put his team two up with two to play.

23.44 - Scheffler puts USA in front

A chest bump with DeChambeau to celebrate after Scheffler nails a 12 footer to give his pair the lead.

23.37 - Dormie one

Hatton and Finau narrowly fail to make birdies, so Europe are one up going down the 18th.

23.25 - Back to all-square

From similar distances, DeChambeau putts and Fleetwood misses. Back all-square.

23.20 - Clutch putt to go in front

That man Jon Rahm. A big pressure eight foot putt is nailed in the middle of the hole and now Europe are one up in the first three contests.

23.05 - What a putt

They're still just one up and it has taken putts like this from Hatton to keep them there.

22.50 - Young duo back in front

A par is enough to get Fleetwood the hole on the 13th.

22.42 - Koepka brings US level

A nervy putt but Koepka nails it to end the Spanish duo's lead they have held since the first hole.

22.35 - Just not happening for Poulter

An amazing approach but it didn't drop and Morikawa birdied too.

22.20 - Finau halves the lead

A bit of a right to left putt ffrom Finau but he holes and reduces the deficit in the first match to one.

22.15 - DeChambeau levels it up

Not an easy man to like but you have to admire a putt like that. His pairing level again.

22.10 - Hovland puts Europe in front at the turn

A perfect approach shot puts him within four feet of the hole and no one else could match the birdie.

21.57 - Par enough to extend lead

The wretched Ryder Cup for McIlroy and Poulter goes on. Three down now after both bogey the eighth. Koepka also halves the lead of Rahm and Garcia.

21.51 - Hatton comes to the party

Lowry finally gets some assistance as Hatton nails an uphill putt to put the European pair two up in the first match.

21.36 - Scheffler wobbles

He was worried about his ball oscillating in the wind, so he took more time over his putt - but it still evaded the hole. The third match level again.

21.32 - Lowry gives it to them...

A wonderful long putt from Lowry gets him another birdie and he roars at the American crowd. English needs to sink his to half the hole - and he does.

21.30 - USA two up in the last

Morikawa sinks a putt with authority to double the lead in his game.

21.18 - Turnaround for hosts

Scheffler puts America in front in the third match with a par as the young pair couldn't do the same and Koepka brings the deficit down to two in the second.

21.14 - Johnson restores lead

America's oldest player, Dustin Johnson, nails a 12 foot putt to putt America back in front in the last match

20.54 - And Spieth misses!

Rahm and Garcia three ahead now.

20.53 - Rahmming it home

The top man delivers again. Spieth under pressure to sink his very sinkable birdie putt.

20.52 - Johnson misses...

And the veteran British pairing are level.

20.50 - Another monster from Poulter

Let's hope no other birdies on this hole.

20.38 - As I was saying...

DeChambeau nails his looong birdie putt, putting pressure on Fleetwood to nail his - and he wilts. The match is level.

20.35 - Fleetwood with birdie chance

All players on the green for three on the par 5 fifth, but it is only Fleetwood with a real prospect of a birdie.

20.15 - Lowry with another birdie...

His fourth of the round, but Finau gets one too and there is still just one shot between the teams.

20.07 - Rahmmmmmmmmboooooo!

45 foot putt, no problem for the Spanish master. He puts his team two up.

19.50 - Up in three

But a pressure putt from Hovland puts Europe ahead in the third game.

19.49 - Veteren duo down

McIlroy misses a 12ft putt which puts Johnson and Morikawa in front.

19.36 - Spanish pair back in front again

Rahm has started on fire and has the star duo back in front.

19.26 - 'Come on.....'

That's the Poulter we know and love. He sinks a long putt for a birdie at the first and roars with delight, but Johnson nails his put and the hole is halved.

19.18 - Bryson will be Bryson

Afrer putting from all of a yard to half the hole with a par, Bryson puts the end of his putter in the hole and poses like Chris Eubank after a knockout victory. Elsewhere, Spieth and Koepka are level.

19.13 - Where has he been?

Lowry with a third straight birdie, this time not replicated and he roars as his pair go in front.

18.55 - Tap-in birdie for Rahm

Starting off where they left off the Spanish duo are in front once more.

18.39 - Birdies from Lowry and English

A great putt from English ensures Lowry's tap-in birdie is equalled.

18.29 - Monster drive from Lowry

Lowry has driven to the fringe of the green. Three other good tee shots but the Irishman has the advantage.

18.25 - Ready to go again now...

Is there anyway back for Europe? Probably not.

18.00 - Fourball pairings

17.50 - And America are six up

Fitzpatrick needed to hole his chip from off the green in the deep rough and he could not do it, a half enough was enough for Team USA to win this game too.

Saturday Foursomes pairings results

  • Brooks Koepka and Daniel Berger vs 3&1 Sergio Garcia and John Rahm
  • Dustin Johnson and Collin Morikawa 2&1 vs Paul Casey and Tyrrell Hatton
  • Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas 2&0 vs Viktor Hovland and Bernd Wiesberger
  • Patrick Cantlay and Xander Schauffele 2&1 vs Matthew Fitzpatrick and Lee Westwood

17.45 - Another game bites the dust

Taking a drop, Hovland needed to hole his fourth and though he hit a marvellous shot, three feet away was not enough.

17.40 - Game over

Wiesberger from the rough misses the green and Spieth and Thomas will now win this match. Westwood similarly going for the low percentage shot is wide of the 17th green.

17.37 - Westy holes, game alive

Westwood holing a 15 foot putt meant Schauffele had to sink his to win the match but he failed to do so and the game is barely alive.

17.31 - Spieth picks up ball

After both players fail to get the ball out of the thick rough, Spieth picks up the ball and the rookie European duo have a chance to half the match going down the last.

17.23 - First American point of the day

It briefly looked like they might be hauled back but a dominant round from Johnson and Morikawa.

17.17 - Spieth holes Eagle putt

After a great approach from Thomas, Spieth does the rest to bag an Eagle and now America are two up in three.

17.09 - Spanish stars win 3 & 1

The Americans conceded the hole with no way of winning it so Europe for now have cut the lead down to 6-3. Spoiler alert: it won't last.

17.02 - USA up in three

It has been coming. Spieth and Thomas now have the lead. America up in three.

16.59 - 2 up, 2 to go...but that's all

America off the green in three gives Europe a big lead in the first, but Johnson does the same to virtually settle the second match the other way. Maybe just Spain against America next time out.

16.51 - Serg, oh Serg

A perfect long iron into the 16th, gives Rahm a short putt for an Eagle. The unsportsmanlike opposition are in the bunker. Some karma.

16.48 - Back level again

Wiesberger just misses a putt from the fringe and Spieth and Thomas are all-square once more.

16.36 - Shot of the day

Casey has a blind shot from 70 yards or so...and only goes and holes it. They are now just one down.

16.32 - Things getting testy

Keopka and Berger are angry about not getting a free drop from a bad lie. They have had a second opinion and are having to play it. "If I break my wrist..." Koepke says. Poor, poor sportsmanship.

16.22 - They couldn't could they?

Dustin Johnson misses a short putt, albeit with a big break, he would have gobbled on the first nine. What looked like maybe being a record defeat, now is down to just two-up.

16.17 - Last game looks lost

Westwood misses a putt and Cantlay and Schauffele go two up. The incredible first game is also back to just one-up.

16.05 - Back in front

Plus ca change. Spieth and Thomas both failed to get the ball out of a bunker on the 11th and the European rookies are back in front.

16.01 - Star duo rattled

Koepka misses a short putt and now our Spanish stars are two up, but a fine putt from Cantlay has American in front in the final pairing.

15.53 - Back all square

After their great start Hovland and Wiesberger are now all-square with Spieth and Thomas who did briliantly to grab a birdie three on the 10th.

15.46 - Spaniards in front

Garcia holes his putt after a fine approach from Rahm. A herculian effort to get in front after losing the first three holes.

15.42 - Rookies stumbling

After a great start once more Hovland and Wiesberger lose a hole to a par. This time Spieth put pressure on with a longer putt and Hovland missed from shorter in.

15.31 - All-square again

Schauffele had a longer putt than Fitzpatrick but holed it, putting the pressure on the Englishman who couldn't follow suit.

15.25 - Top drawer golf

A marvellous chip from Garcia leaves Europe with a tap in but a 20ft putt from Koepka halves the hole.

15.23 - So close...

Hovland almost putts in from another post code but it lips out of the hole and is likely to be halved now.

15.11 - Europe now in front

Really didn't see this coming after the first three holes. Thomas goes ballistic after a par putt and Wiesberger then misses his, so that lead is reduced.

15.09 - GOAT gold from Garcia

Europe's record points scorer chips in from off the green, pressure on the American putt now for Berger....and he misses.

15.08 - Vintage Westy

A sublime approach from Westwood and a poor chip from Cantlay gave Schauffele a tricky birdie putt and Fleetwood get the chance to get a read of the American putt and putt Europe in front in the last game - and he does just that. Casey and Hatton are about to go four down though.

14.57 - Spanish duo closing in...

Sergio did hit this putt and reduces the American lead to one in the first game....but there seems no way the oldest and youngest Americans - Johnson and Morikawa - are gonna be beaten. They go back to three up. Hovland and Wiesberger are today's European heroes though - they go three in front.

14.47 - Wiped its feet...

Hatton has a putt to win the hole after a fantastic recovery shot from Casey and it drops in, after hitting every part of the hole.

14.43 - Berger wastes chance

Garcia didn't hit a putt up the hill from 12ft, giving Berger a chance to take the lead back to 3 up but he misses a shorter putt.

14.38 - Spieth hits water

The least known European pairing are set to go three up after five.

14.35 - Each side gifts a hole

You can't be giving away holes to a par and that's exactly what Casey and Hatton and Cantlay and Schauffele just did.

14.29 - Rahm reduces lead

A fine Garcia pitch enables Rahm to reduce the lead in the first pairing to two. Every hole has been won by one team or other.

14.22 - Cantlay cups

A familiar tale. Down in three, up in one. Cantlay sinks a 10ft birdie to put the fourth American duo in front. A wayward shot from Thomas helps Hovland and Wiesberger extend their lead.

14.18 - One lead reduced, one extended

A par is enough to win the fifth hole for Koepka and Berger, and the fourth for Casey and Hatton.

14.02 - Back down to two

Rahm has his putt conceded with Koepka's wayward iron to the green proving too difficult for Berger to rescue.

13.56 - Chipped in

Dustin Johnson's wedge play today is out of this world. Here with a tricky lie on the side of the green he chips in.

13.48 - At last some good news

A magnificent iron shot from Hovland on the first enabled Wiesberger to get Europe's first birdie and first lead. Morikawa also sunk a birdie putt to double the second pairings lead though.

13.44 - Three holes, three down

An awful tee shot from Garcia left Rahm in trouble with the second shot and ultimately two putts to extend the lead to three.

13.32 - Nightmare start

The Americans playing sublime golf. Casey and Garcia needing to sink long putts to match the birdies from both American pairs, as Morikawa and Berger sunk short putts.

13.16 - Oh dear....

US one-up already in the first pairing as Berger with his hood up sinks the putt.

13.12 - Not an ideal start

Garcia well to the left in sand, Berger splits the fairway. Koepka gets he ball within 12 feet. Rahm over the back of the green.

13.00 - Ready to go...

Less than five minutes to go until the Spanish duo are on the tee looking to make a statement for Team Europe.

12:45 - Welcome to Day Two

Hello and welcome to Day Two of the Ryder Cup and coming up shortly the morning Foresomes matches where Europe really have to make a dent in the four point US lead after the first day. I'm Ciaran Baynes and I'll be following the play with you.
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