Davis Love III has described Phil Mickelson as a “troubled soul” and said it is tragic that he has switched off from his friends over moving to LIV Golf.
Mickelson was the first high-profile recruit for Greg Norman’s LIV Golf Series, for which he has been suspended from the PGA Tour.
The six-time major winner has ramped things up by - along with 10 other LIV players - filing a lawsuit against the PGA Tour.
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Mickelson’s reputation has taken a battering, with it widely reported that he made the move to LIV in order to solve money issues.
In a space of a few months he has gone from being one of the most loved golfers in the world to being heckled by spectators for joining the Saudi-funded series.
Love III has tried to reach out to Mickelson to find some common ground, but has been unable to contact the former “superhero of golf”.
“Phil is a great promoter, an actor,” Love III told the Fire Drill podcast. “He played the part of the superhero of golf very well. But we heard these rumours of problems in the background. Now they seem to have come out more public.
“Every one of these players has a different reason for going. Phil’s apparently was all about the money.”
Love III expressed disappointment that Mickelson elected to turn his back on a tour that made him famous.
“Phil always challenged the rules and regulations of the PGA Tour,” Love III said. “But the PGA Tour is what made Phil Mickelson famous.
“The system worked for him, made him famous and put him in the Hall of Fame.
“Phil is a troubled soul. He’s had a lot of friends like me trying really hard to help him. Not about LIV, not about golf but about Phil Mickelson and right now it is tragic that none of us can get him to take a phone call.
“One of his good friends said we tried as hard as we can. Eventually we have to move on.
“I am praying for Phil and a lot of those guys who are my friends, somehow something good can happen and turn this around.”
Love III cited Tiger Woods as an example of how someone can combat troubles and become a force for good in the game.
Woods took a break from the game after admitting to a string of extra-marital affairs.
“Tiger Woods had his problems a couple of times,” Love III said. “He had to face the music.
“Look at him now. He is now a leader. He is bringing young players to his home, he is mentoring guys, he is captaining teams.”
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