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Alberta asks Trudeau to lift travel ban for NHL

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27/05/2020 at 17:00 | Updated 27/05/2020 at 17:02

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney is asking Justin Trudeau, Canada's prime minister, to set aside coronavirus-related travel restrictions to bolster Edmonton's chances of becoming an NHL hub city.

Commissioner Gary Bettman said Tuesday that the NHL will end its current
hiatus with 24 teams resuming play in a playoff format in two hub cities as
soon as late July.

Three Canadian cities - Edmonton, Toronto and Vancouver - are among the 10
cities under consideration to host the playoffs, but Bettman said Canadian
cities could be eliminated if the nation doesn't exempt NHL personnel from
border crossing rules.

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Kenney outlined to Trudeau in a letter dated Tuesday just how Edmonton could
keep NHL players and staff safe, including the establishment of a "quarantine
zone" that includes using hotels linked to the arena. He said local public
health officials support the plan.

"Alberta began its phased relaunch of our economy on May 14, and there have
been no measurable increases in the case numbers for coronavirus in the
province. New COVID-19 cases in Edmonton are averaging one per day, with
recovered cases far outweighing any new infections," he wrote.

Under the plan laid out by Bettman on Tuesday, each hub city will have secure
arenas, practice facilities, hotels and local transportation for players,
coaches and essential staffs. Teams will be limited to a staff of just 50
members in each hub city, and fewer will be permitted in event areas. Each hub
city will have a comprehensive system of coronavirus testing set up before any
play resumes.

--Field Level Media

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