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NHL: 26 players have COVID-19, 15 in Phase 2

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29/06/2020 at 21:22 | Updated 29/06/2020 at 21:23

A total of 26 NHL players have tested positive for COVID-19 over the last three weeks, the NHL announced Monday.

Fifteen of the 26 tested positive after reporting to their team's practice
facility for voluntary workouts in Phase 2, which began June 8. More than
1,450 tests have been conducted for more than 250 players in Phase 2,
according to the league's release.

The other 11 positives are from players outside of Phase 2, meaning those who
haven't yet reported to their teams. All have been self-isolating and
following CDC and Health Canada protocols, according to the league.

Ice Hockey

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Last week, the league announced there had been 11 positive tests out of more
than 200 players that had been tested regularly.

In Phase 2, players have been allowed in facilities for voluntary workouts and
time on the ice, with certain health restrictions in place. Phase 3 will mark
the opening of training camps, currently set for July 10.

Players, coaches and staff members may continue to stay where they wish
through Phase 3. They will be isolated together in a hotel once Phase 4 -- the
resumption of games -- begins in two hub cities, one for each conference.

The Tampa Bay Lightning closed their facility earlier this month after three
players and several staffers tested positive for the virus. They reopened on
Wednesday, five days after shutting down.

The NHL is targeting late July or early August for the first games in its
return-to-play plan.

--Field Level Media

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