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Australian Grand Prix
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Australian Grand Prix - 17 October 2010

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The top of the Moto GP standings now look like: Lorenzo 333 points, Pedrosa 228, Stoner 205.


So on the podium are Stoner, Lorenzo and Rossi who held on by 38ths of a second from Hayden.


Rossi passes Hayden on the hairpin again and the American tries to get him back at MG but there is no room for manouevre. Stoner of course wins, Lorenzo is second and then on the final corner Rossi just holds on by the length of the bike. Some backyard manouevres used but Ducati bragging rights to the Italian!


Stoner and Lorenzo on their last lap but all eyes now are on Hayden and Rossi.


Finally the gloves are off between Hayden and Rossi. Rossi is desperate to get back in front but Hayden has added nearly 0.4 seconds as he heads to Siberia.


Hayden has taken Rossi on the Dunlop corner and he held on around the Honda hairpin. Fantastic move.


Stoner is over seven seconds up and Lorenzo just over 11 and a half seconds up on Rossi and Hayden.


Spies just gets back to fifth and holds onto it. This battle will certainly not end until a photo finish on the line.


Rossi just too far ahead for Hayden to challenge now. These guys are going to be Ducati team-mates next season so Rossi is keen to show he's still the man.


Simoncelli is back ahead of Spies in fifth but there is still no movement in third as Rossi gamely holds off Hayden.


They're showing the start again and initially it looked like Lorenzo had a chance to take Stoner on the first corner but the Aussie shut the door on him and from this point on Lorenzo was more worried about securing his position in second, allowing Stoner to get away. There has been no threat since.


Hayden has decided the time is now to move on Rossi, he is right behind him and just picking his moment to try for third.


This is set to be Stoner's third victory of the season which is hard to believe given his domination here. He is a machine on this course.


Little action for the Aussie fans as Stoner extends his lead to five seconds but they don't look like they care cheering on their man as he's on his way to a fourth straight win here. One less than Rossi's consecutive record.


No change in, Stoner has extended his lead to just over four and a half seconds. When is Hayden going to make his next move for third?


Simoncelli's not letting Spies go and is still within a couple of tenths behind him in sixth. Edwards is two and a half seconds back and doesn't look like getting a top six finish.


Stoner's lead is now four seconds ahead in front. Nine seconds back now is Rossi who has a little breathing space from Hayden who is back a couple of tenths and maybe just waiting to make one last concerted push for third.


Superior corner speed sees Spies beat out Simoncelli for fifth and he will now try to catch the other duelling pair of Rossi and Hayden.


Stoner increases his lead to three-and-a-half seconds. Lorenzo in second is now himself eight ahead of Rossi who is still just ahead of Hayden.


It is a separate battle now between Hayden and Rossi in third and fourth and Simoncelli and Spees for fifth. Edwards has dropped back a little.


Hayden is fighting Rossi hard for third. Trying to beat the master at his own game, this battle could go all the way to the line.


Three seconds the gap now at the head of the race. Lorenzo is over six seconds ahead of Rossi in third.


These four are having a great race for third, make that five as Edwards is closing in as well. It's a good job as Stoner seems set to romp to victory, he's just set the quickest time of the race so far. Rossi meanwhile has rounded Spies to go third. Hayden is back up to fourth.


A typically agressive move from Rossi sees him get past Hayden into fourth. Simoncelli also gets past Hayden in his slipstream.


Great race for third, at the moment it is Spies, Hayden, Rossi, Simoncelli. Stoner's lead in front is up to 2.7 seconds. Lorenzo in second has a four-second window.


Rossi is up to sixth now close behind Spies in fifth and Simoncelli in fourth. As you were in front.


Nicky Hayden has reclaimed third place from Simoncelli chasing just his second podium finish of the season.


Lorenzo is trying to pull away from Simoncelli but he is unable to keep tabs on Stoner who has already pulled away 1.8 seconds at the head of the race.


Stoner holds onto first position and there's a great battle for second but Lorenzo just holds onto his position in second. Rossi has lost a position on the start and is ninth. Simoncelli third, hayden 4th, Dovizioso 5th and Spies 6th.


They're underway for the warm-up lap.


We've just had the Australian national anthem and we're about to get down to business. Can Casey Stoner get his fourth straight win at his home GP?


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