17/10/10 - 04:15
Australian Grand Prix
Phillip Island Circuit • Race

Australian Grand Prix - 17 October 2010

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The championship standings then look like this: Elias 271 points, Simon 181, Iannone 179. Join us shortly when we'll see the big boys in action.


De Angelis takes the chequered flag, comfortably ahead of Scott Redding, who himself was a second or so up from Andrea Iannone. Juan Simon edged Brandl for 4th place with world champion Tony Elias winning the battle for seventh behind Mike di Meglio.


Now on the last lap the only battles are for fourth and seventh. The other places ares settled.


De Angelis is vastly experienced but this will be only his second podium finish. Redding is comfortably in second.


Elias is back battling for seventh spot with about six or seven others. He's currently ninth. No problem for De Angelis in front, his lead is up to one-and-a-half seconds.


De Angelis' lead is up to almost a second now and it is hard to see him not seeing the chequered flag.


The battle for fourth is now just between Brandl and Simon who have been together throughout the race. Mostly in that order. De Angelis again extends his lead slightly.


De Angelis' lead is up to 0.263 seconds, Redding still has time to catch his rival but the leader looks increasingly confident.


The top two are battling it out while trying to pass back markers at present.


Iannone is now 0.8 seconds behind Redding and it seems to be a battle between the top two now.


But now it is all change once morer. De Angelis and Redding have both taken Iannone. Just behind there is a great battle for fourth between Brandl, Simon and di Meglio.


Iannone's mastery of the straight has seen him take the lead. Two tenths ahead of de Angelis with Redding just behind.


De Angelis just shuts the door as Iannone tries to get past him. Redding is right behind. This will be nip and tuck all the way to the line. Fantastic stuff1


Nightmare straight for Redding. He began it in first and ended it in third as de Angelis and Iannone passed him.


It's as you were at the front of the race but de Angelis is lining up for an attempt to pass.


Bradl is now ahead of di Meglio in fourth place and will now set his sights on Iannone.


Its as you were in front with Redding just under half a second head of de Angelis. Iannone is back in third, still not out of it.


Fantastic action off the track as Aussie Wayne Maxwell punched Faubel after he forced him off the track! Interviewed he said: "I told him he was a clown, he went 'huh?', so I layed one on his chin!"


Mike Di Meglio has now taken Iannone as well. Bradl has estain fifth blished a gap ahead of Simon and there is barely a couple of seconds between 7th and 18th.


De Angelis is now up to second ahead of Iannone. Fantastic riding. The two in front were the quickest in qualifying and so it has proved for real.


Redding has been quicker everywhere on the track except the straight but on this occasion he holds onto his lead.


Outside the top four Bradl and Simon are in a battle for fifth. Di Meglio lost third place but took it back on the start/finish line. Iannone and Redding are again together with the Brit taking the lead again.


As they head into lap four Iannone takes the lead once more with de Angelis challenging di Meglio for third as well.


Wasting no time Andrea Iannone took the lead on the third lap but Redding regained the lead. Di Meglio and de Angelis are both close behind. Elias is down to eighth.


Iannone has taken di Meglio now and has set his sights on Redding.


Round 15 is underway and Mike di Meglio initially took the lead but Scott Redding has pulled back in front. Iannone is in third and Alex de Angelis down to fourth from poll. A good start from Tony Elias sees him up to sixth.


They're easing off at the end of the warm-up lap and soon it will be showtime.


Here we go then for the exciting Moto2 race. Scott Redding came seconds away from his first ever pole before Alex de Angelis stole ahead at the end of qualifying for his own maiden pole.


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