26/08/12 - 13:00
Czech Republic Grand Prix
Automotodrom Brno • Race


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Wonderful stuff from the two leading guys today, and congratulations to Dani Pedrosa for clocking up a memorable win. We'll be back in three weeks for the San Marino Grand Prix - see you then.


Cal Crutchlow takes third place, with Dovizioso fourth.


The Honda was just so much faster up the hill in that final sector, and Pedrosa took superior speed into the final two corners and cut Lorenzo on the inside. Magnificent riding from both guys, what a finish to the race!




Nothing between them, Pedrosa will have a great chance to attack on the final turn though - he has more power up the hill... AND HE GOES THROUGH! But Lorenzo regains the lead and closes the door!




The final laps begins, and as it does Pedrosa seems to have enough of a gap not to have to worry! Lorenzo is closing up half-way through the lap though...


Lorenzo is being blocked well by Pedrosa, the Honda man looking increasingly likely to hang on and win this one.


Pedrosa is keeping it together brilliantly - back down the field Rossi has succumbed to Bradl and Bautista and is now down to third, Crutchlow and Dovizioso still look nailed on for third and fourth.


The gap is two tenths as they cross the line, with Pedrosa's bike definitely wobbling around a little - Lorenzo's bike still looks rock solid through the corners...


Lorenzo keeping up the pressure well still - this remains anybody's race, one error is likely to decide it.


Lorenzo runs wide this time at that tough downhill right-hander - Pedrosa nails it and once again has breathing space, but then Lorenzo's immediately right back up on the leader.


The top two almost eight seconds clear of Crutchlow now - it's a different race.


Pedrosa obviously got a scare and went for it that lap - he's opened up a bit more breathing space now, but of the two it's the Honda that seems to have tyre wear issues.


Lorenzo's hammering it - Pedrosa is going to have to pull out all the stops, the gap just 0.1 as they crossed the line last time round.


Close for Lorenzo! Pedrosa goes wide on turn seven and Lorenzo almost nipped through on the inside of the right-hander, and now the Yamaha is all over the back of the Honda. Surely a move this lap!


Crutchlow is a clear 2.2 seconds ahead of Dovizioso, with Dovizioso seemingly backing off a little - perhaps he's keeping things safe to wrap up these points rather than risk pushing to make a pass.


Ben Spies apparently suffered from a slipping clutch on the grid, hence his drop down the places at the start. No word on whether that contributed to the problem that saw him slide off.


Lorenzo closes up again in the early few corners of the lap - he's so much faster in the largely downhill first sector, that's where he'll get back past if he can.


The difference between the bikes seems clear as they come up the hill - Pedrosa's superior fire seems to help him blast up the hill, and the gap is almost half a second on the line.


As they come round there's two tenths between Pedrosa and Lorenzo - back in third, Crutchlow is lapping calmly as if he's on an extended test run. Divzioso is well over a second back still.


Pedrosa seems unable to pull out much of a lead - this could be a classic tussle in the final few laps.


Pedrosa closes up in the second sector, then has a look in the final bend of the lap - and he goes through! Pedrosa leads at Brno, and he casually put Lorenzo out wide to help ensure that the pass would stick. Can the Yamaha rider hit back?


Crutchlow still looks safe in third place - does a podium beckon?


There's another retirement, with Silva's engine packing up. At least it happens near the pits - not far to walk back.


Pedrosa briefly closes right up on Lorenzo, but Lorenzo now grits his teeth and pulls out a bit more breathing space. This is just foreplay for the tussle to the line that will come in the final laps, of course...


Spies just went a bit wide and a bit quick into the downhill left-hander at the far end of the track, and the bike just slid out from under him. He just can't leave quick enough.


Spies goes out! He's just been trying to push too hard I guess, sliding out into the gravel trap. He's not hurt, but he looks glum as anything - even with the visor still down on his lid.


Rossi closing the door well, but Bradl's bike is faster - and he's gone through! Good move on turn five, and he hangs on despite Rossi's attempts to go straight back past him.


Bradl is closing right up on Valentino Rossi now, up right on his backside and trying to look for a way past...


Pedrosa now nearly three seoncds ahead of Crutchlow, who is 1.1 seconds ahaed of Dovizioso, who in turn is nearly four seconds clear of Rossi in fifth.


Ducati are confident that the clouds of smoke occasionally coming out of the back of Rossi's bike are just a result of a bit too much oil put in the engine - nothing to worry about for the legend.


Very big gaps between all the front seven bikes - but back just beyond that Ben Spies has just charged through to make it into eighth place. The American looks like he's loving every second of this challenge.


Lorenzo has just built enough of a gap on Pedrosa to be out of range for a move - looks like Pedrosa is going to bide his time and attack late when tyres are worn. Cal Crutchlow remains out of strike distance from Dovizioso, but he's well back from Pedrosa now.


The field really stretching out now, despite every bike in the field running identical tyre set-ups: soft at the back, hard at the front.


Cal Crutchlow is just under a second behind Lorenzo and Pedrosa, but almost the same distance clear of Dovizioso.


Spies is doing his best to slice through the field after that total blunder at the start, but he'll have to pull out a miracle to get up into the top half dozen.


Lorenzo leading, but Pedrosa is just a few bike lengths behind him and within striking distance. The leading two beginning to pull away from Crutchlow.


Ben Spies has had a nightmare start and has dropped down 10 spots already - he's back in 14th. Rossi's bike is still sending out clouds of smoke.


As the bikes come round the start-finish line Crutchlow is third, Dovizioso fourth and Rossi fifth despite some worrying oil and smoke coming from his bike.


Pedrosa gets to the first corner in second place! Brilliant start from the Spaniard, who has shrugged off that poor qualifying already.


Stunning start from Lorenzo! He storms to the first corner and is in charge of this race, but Pedrosa has dlown out of the blocks too.


We're off for the warm-up lap on this magnificent track. Beautiful smooth tarmac here at Brno, in stark contrast to the miserable surface on offer at Indianapolis last week which saw several men - including Casey Stoner - going flying.


Dani Pedrosa had been the form man in the field right up until qualifying, and he admits that his crash in the early moments of qualifying threw him off completely.


Britain's Cal Crutchlow has produced his best ever qualifying performance in the sport's premier series to start second, and credits his knowledge of this track with the great result.


We're just over five minutes from the off, with championship hopeful Jorge Lorenzo starting from pole position.


Afternoon everybody - welcome to our LOVE coverage of the Czech Grand Prix at Brno.