03/10/10 - 07:00
Japan Grand Prix
Twin Ring Motegi • Race


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Thanks for joining us for today's live coverage of the Japanese Grand Prix. Join us next week as the circuit moves on to Malaysia.


Confirmation of top six after dramatic Japanese GP: Stoner, Dovizioso, Rossi, Lorenzo, Edwards, Simoncelli.


Stoner eases to victory over Dovizioso by over two seconds and though Lorenzo took Rossi again the champion once more regained his podium position after an epic last lap battle. Edwards back in fifth ahead of Simoncelli.


Dovizioso has given up chasing Stoner now and is two seconds back. Lorenzo gets past Rossi and then Rossi takes him back in the tunnel. They touch as they go round the next corner. An absolute battle royale between these two team-mates.


Lorenzo decides against taking Rossi on the first turn and then is not allowed a move for the rest of the lap. Rossi is not worrying about his shoulder now...


Still Rossi is holding off Lorenzo in third with the champion-elect running out of time to get back in the top three.


Stoner's place in front is definitely secure. After terrible early qualifying, after a few tweaks he came back to secure second spot on the grid and hasn't he taken advantage.


Stoner is now 1.3 seconds ahead of Dovizioso but back in third Rossi at present is not giving Lorenzo a chance to pass him.


All eyes are on the battle for third between Rossi and Lorenzo - the reigning champion and the future champ. The last five laps could be spectacular.


Stoner's lead is now over a second. Only a drastic error now will keep the Aussie from his second straight victory. Lorenzo takes Rossi but the Italian gets back into third. Edwards is also past Simoncelli. It's all happening!


Dovizioso is secure in second place three seconds ahead of Rossi. Lorenzo should have one more opportunity to strike at Rossi. Stoner's lead is 0.7 seconds.


Stoner just retaliated with his quickest lap and his lead contracts once more. It is as you were in the top six: Stoner, Dovizioso, Rossi, Lorenzo, Simoncelli, Edwards.


Dovizioso just recorded his fastest lap of the race reducing the lead to just under 0.6 seconds but there still seems little prospect of him passing Stoner.


The lead in front remains comfortable for Stoner over Dovizioso and Rossi has a half second advantage over Lorenzo who looks likely to have to wait until the final two races of the season to secure a title.


The biggest battle at present is between Simoncelli and Edwards, Stoner has now extended his lead to 0.8 seconds.


Stoner responds and extends his lead back towards half a second over Dovizioso. Rossi, two seconds back is now going as fast as anyone and looks slightly more comfortable in front of Lorenzo.


The top two have a 2.1 seconds lead over Rossi in third now. There is also a battle going on for fifth position where Simoncelli is just holding off Edwards.


Despite Lorenzo's massive lead he will not like having his second straight race finishing outside a podium position and he is inching closer to Rossi. Stoner's lead over Dovizioso is now down to 0.4 seconds.


Stoner retains his lead and Lorenzo is not letting Rossi get away in third either recording his fastest lap of the race to keep less than half a second gap between him and a podium position.


After the top four there is a six-second gap to Simoncelli in fifth ahead of American Edwards.


Dovizioso has stopped Stoner pulling away but is certainly not making any inroads into his lead. Rossi is targeting second place now but is still the best part of two seconds behind.


Rossi passes Lorenzo on the hairpin bend to move into third place and resists the championship leader's attempt to get back into the podium position. The lead at the front is now 0.666 seconds.


Stoner continues to extend his lead ahead of Doviziozo and Rossi is just waiting to make his move on team-mate Lorenzo, certainly no team orders being followed here.


Stoner has now extended his lead with Doviziozo nearly half a second back. Third place will not be enough for Lorenzo to secure victory in Malaysia but at present he is being threatened for that position with Rossi right behind him.


The top four positions stay the same though Doviziozo looks to be closing on Stoner with Rossi also pressurising his team-mate Lorenzo in third.


Fantastic start from Stoner sees him take the lead. Doviziozo is second with Lorenzo up to third ahead of Rossi.


The word is that Pedroza won't back for the Malaysian GP but may return for the next race in Australia.


Italian Andrea Dovizioso has his first pole position ahead of Lorenzo with Australian Casey Stoner in third. American Ben Edwards makes up the front grid just ahead of Valentino Rossi.


So we're closing in on the start of the MotoGP. A race that will of course be overshadowed by Dani Pedroza breaking his collarbone on Friday. His operation yesterday was successful but no date on a potential return has been given. As he was the only man who could catch Jorge Lorenzo the Spaniard has all but been handed his first championship.


A very good morning and welcome to final qualifying for the Japanese MotoGP.