03/10/10 - 05:15
Japan Grand Prix
Twin Ring Motegi • Race


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Fantastic victory from Elias there and he can now win the title next time up in Malaysia.


Fantastic ride from Elias, despite a sterling effort from Simon and Karel Abraham dramatically snatches third place from Alex de Angelis. Scott Redding is back in fifth ahead of Japan's Yuki Takahashi.


Simon giving it all he can and has closed a little on Elias but doesn't look like he can stop the leader winning his 8th race.


The yellow flags are out after a crash at the back of the field.


The leaders are 8 seconds clear of the next four who are all bunched up. Redding now has taken Takahashi for fifth. Abraham could still pip de Angelis for third but Elias in front is running a fantastic race and does not look like giving Simon a chance.


Hernandez back down the field in 11th has come off his bike. Can Simon make one final push for the lead? Abraham has passed Takashi and is closing in on de Angelis, will the line come to soon for him to finish on the podium?


Just four laps left now and Redding edging closer to fifth spot. De Angelis has pulled away in third and no change in front. Elias looks set to pull away even further in the championship standings.


Elias is now extending his lead a little again. It looks like it will be hard for Simon to get back at him.


Takahashi is still keeping fourth position by the skin of his teeth but you have to fancy Abraham to get there by the end of the race. The battle between these two has allowed Redding to get a little closer in sixth.


Simon is certainly close enough to challenge Elias now. When will he chance his arm.


Takahashi holds off a move from Abraham to pass him for 4th which in turn gives de Angelis an extension to his 3rd position.


The top two are now 4 seconds clear of the rest of the field. Takahashi is still just holding onto 4th from Abraham.


De Angelis has now moved in 3rd position and Takahashi will have to worry about even keeping 4th stop as Abraham is on his tail. The top two stay the same.


No change in front. Still Elias fairly comfortably holding off Simon. These two now a full three seconds ahead of third where de Angelis is now close enough to think about taking Takashi but he himself must be worried about Abraham behind him.


Redding having tyre trouble has dropped to fifth and now the Argentine de Angelis is targeting Takahashi in third.


At the halfway stage the top three look pretty secure with the current battle between Redding and de Angelis, with Abraham looming in sixth, miles clear of seventh.


Alex de Angelis closing on Scott Redding now with Takahashi comfortable in third position. The leaders remain nose to tail. When will Simon make his move?


Big race from Karel Abraham in sixth, close to de Angelis but the order is pretty established with Simon the only rider close enough to consider overtaking


A tenth of a second now between the first two, while down the field Iannone skids off the track to end his faint title hopes.


Simon is closing in on his compatriot Elias but still not close enough to be thinking about passing him. DeAngelis having won the battle for fifth is now targeting Scott Redding.


Elias is now half a second clear of Simon, who is himself nearrly a second up on Takahashi and Redding. There is a cluster battling for fifth position.


Elias has pulled away a little from Simon now and looks like he will be hard to catch.


The gap between the first four and the rest of the riders is getting up towards two seconds now. Elias and Simon have also opened up some daylight between them and Takahashi and Redding.


Redding is the fastest rider on the circuit but is finding it hard to get past Takahasi. Simon passed Elias midway through the circuit but the championship leader went back ahead on the next turn.


Now on the second lap the top four have pulled away from the field now with Elias leading, ahead of Simon, Takahasi and Redding.


Great start from Takahasi, as the hometown hero takes the lead ahead of Elias and Simon, with Redding now back in fourth.


The warm-up lap done with, the riders await the green light....


With the spilled champagne from the 125cc race barely dry, we turn our attention to the Moto2. where Julian Simon starts on poll ahead of Scott Reading, Yuki Takahashi and champion-elect Toni Elias.


With the champagne still spilling from the 125cc race we turn our attention to the Moto2. Julian Simon starts on poll, ahead of Britain's Scott Redding