Lorenzo and Crutchlow disagree over collision

Lorenzo and Crutchlow disagree over collision
By AutoSport

13/10/2017 at 10:33

Jorge Lorenzo and Cal Crutchlow disagreed over who was to blame for their collision in wet practice for MotoGP's Japanese Grand Prix at Motegi.

LCR Honda rider Crutchlow was running behind the cruising Ducati of Lorenzo approaching the Turn 9 left-hander in the latter stages of Friday morning practice.

Crutchlow lost control of his bike under braking as he locked his front wheel in avoidance of Lorenzo, and took both of them into the gravel.

The incident was followed by a heated argument between the two in the gravel trap, in which Lorenzo said Crutchlow questioned why he was going so slow.

"Firstly, Cal didn't apologise, actually he said why was I so slow," said Lorenzo.

"This is Cal. But he was good, after two hours he came to my office and he said sorry, he understood it was his fault.

"I was slow and he could see me in front.

"I think he could understand it was the best line for not making any stupid thing in the first free practice.

"He braked so aggressively, too much, and he lost control of the bike.

"Anyway, he feels sorry and it's OK."

But when asked about the incident, Crutchlow insisted Lorenzo was going too slowly and reckoned the blame should be allocated "60/40" to the Ducati rider.

Crutchlow said Lorenzo looked back twice, so knew he was coming.

"I'm sorry for him because I hit him, and it looks like I'm completely the villain," said Crutchlow.

"But he was going really slow on the racing line.

"I was going really fast, and if you look at the rider in front of him, he brakes later than me.

"But I had to brake harder because I was going to hit Jorge. I locked the front on the water.

"He knew I was coming, and he was six seconds slower than his previous lap.

"I crashed into him, so it doesn't look good for me. We're not going to agree on the situation, for sure.

"I didn't want to take him out, and it was a big crash.

"I think it was 50/50, more 60/40 in his favour."

Crutchlow confirmed he sought Lorenzo out after the crash, but said he only wanted to make sure he was uninjured and had not visited to apologise.

"The main thing is we're both OK," he said. "I've seen him to make sure he's OK, and that's it."

Lorenzo feared injury

Lorenzo was initially afraid he had broken his hand in the incident, but medical check-ups confirmed he escaped the crash unharmed.

"[My hand] is good," said Lorenzo. "I was really afraid because 20 seconds after the crash the hand was inflamed so much and I had a lot of pain so I thought it was something broken.

"Luckily, the x-ray showed no fracture so I was really happy because it could have ended quite badly.

"I saw it on the tv, the crash, and saw how the bike impacted me and the impact was huge."