31/10/10 - 14:30
Portugal Grand Prix
Estoril • Race


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Thanks for following Eurosport-Yahoo!'s live text coverage of the Portuguese GP from Estoril. Join us next week for the final race of the season from Valencia!


So, Marquez has his fourth GP on the bounce, and his team are almost in tears of joy!!! He really is in pole position to win the championship now, having come back from last on the grid of a nine-lap dash to win the Portuguese GP. His lead is 17 points in the championship now, while Espargaro is 36 points back, and his championship challenge is officially over.


Marquez leads them through the chicane, into the penultimate right-hander, Marquez leads down the home straight...AND LEADS ACROSS THE LINE!!! Incredible!!! Marc Marquez wins his tenth GP of the season ahead of Terol and Smith!!! What a dramatic race!! Folger comes in fourth, a long way back.


AND RIGHT AT THE START OF THE LAST LAP MARQUEZ FORCES HIS WAY THROUGH!!! Terol takes the lead back, but overcooks it going into that corner, and Marquez takes the position back!!! And the pair then switch positions two corners later!!!


But Marquez now finds a gap up the inside with one and a half laps remaining, and gets through! So, Terol leads Marquez with Smith in third with just one lap remaining here in Portugal!!


The lead trio are streaking away from the rest. Nobody else is even visible on screen! Nine seconds is the gap to Folger in fourth. Sterling work from Smith for his team-mate Terol - he's making Marquez go round the outside to make the pass, and the Spaniard isn't happy to do it.


Marquez is right on Terol's tail. His Derbi team already told him third position was okay, but he totally ignored that when passing Smith...THOUGH SMITH TAKES HIM BACK NOW! Great stuff from the Brit.


Poor old Pol Espargaro is really losing ground on his full treaded tyres, while everyone else is on slicks. He's now down to seventh. It looks like the rain, having stopped, is coming down a little again, though the race won't be stopped again. Marquez looks like he's going to make a move on Terol...but not quite yet.


Terol remains out front, with Marquez chasing him down. Smith has a 4.8 second lead over Folger in fourth, with Moncayo a further 1.8 seconds back in sixth. The skies are really darkening here, both due to the heavy clouds, and simply because the evening is closing in!


Smith is under heavy pressure from Marquez now. Espargaro, who's not on slicks, is positively going backwards. Marquez goes up the inside of Smith....AND TAKES SECOND!! The way Marquez is riding, it's pretty unlikely the Briton will take back that position.


Marquez now goes past Espargaro and up into third. Folger is in fifth, Moncayo sixth, Krummenacher seventh, Vazquez eighth. Terol still leads, with Smith in second.


So, it's Terol, from Smith, with Espargaro in third and Marquez in fourth as they crioss the start-finish line with eight laps to go!


We're ready to restart now with Marquez, the world championship leader, in last position. Terol, Smith adn Espargaro all get good starts, BUT MARQUEZ HAS DONE IT AGAIN, AND SOMEHOW CHARGED THROUGH TO FOURTH!!! INCREDIBLE STUFF!!


Marquez's Derbi team now have seven minutes to get their man's bike ready. He must be ready to leave pit lane when the pack start their warm up lap ahead of the restart.


They're sorting out the bodywork of Marquez's bike now, but he'll be starting from the back of the grid. The bike took a fair old bashing when it flipped as it went into the gravel!


The pit lane shuts in a matter of seconds, and Marquez's bike is still in the garage...he's almost out...but now the red flag is up!!! He hasn't made it, and must now start from the gap of the grid!! What drama!


Marc Marquez falls on his out lap!!! He has gone out on slicks, and has gone straight over!!! Why on earth is he on slicks?!? Surely the conservative way is the way forward!


The rain is coming down ever more heavily now. Umbrellas are going up, and the track is getting wetter and wetter.


Well, of a field of 28 riders we're down to just 16. The race as it stands right now: 1 Terol, 2 Marquez, 3 Smith , 4 Espargaro , 5 Moncayo, 6 Salom, 7 Krummenacher , 8 Folger, 9 Webb, 10 Kornfeil, 11 Tonucci, 12 Morciano, 13 Barbosa, 14 Khairuddin, 15 Grotzkyj, 16 Vazquez. Those riders will resume for a short 9-lap dash at 15:10.


THE RED FLAG IS OUT!!! The red flag is out due to weather conditions. There will be a restart with grid positions based on last full-lap classification.


It's now beginning to rain. That will certainly make things interesting for the riders, we could well see a red flag out here...


Terol and Marquez are streaking clear. They already have a four second lead over Smith, with Espargaro in fourth a massive 18 seconds back!!!


Terol has gone very wide, and still manages to get back on the race track, though his two-second lead has now disappeared.


Smith is losing ground in third on the front two. Cortese and Fagerhaug were two of those to go down earlier!


Terol is riding a storming race, and is pulling clear of his rivals!!!


A multitiude of crashes in the opening laps, more people have gone down than I can keep up with...I'll update you on all those in a second, though Terol still leads from Marquez, who has gone past Smith!


The green lights are on, and Marquez gets a great start, though it's Terol who leads early on. Terol from Smith, then Marquez and Web and Espargaro, who goes up from 12th to 4th!!!


Improving conditions for racing now in Estoril. The track has warmed up nicely, though there is still a fair bit of wind about.


Welcome to Eurosport-Yahoo!'s live text coverage of the 125cc Portuguese GP from Estoril!