31/10/10 - 11:15
Portugal Grand Prix
Estoril • Race


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So, a round-up of the top ten: 1. Bradl, 2, Baldolini, 3. De Angelis, 4. Redding, 5. Sofuoglu, 6. De Rosa, 7. West, 8. Talmacsi, 9. Aegerter, 10. Abraham.


Bradl parks his bike on the grass, sits down on the barriers, and soaks up the moment of his first Moto 2 victory! A superb ride from the German, and indeed from Alex Baldolini, who acknowledges the cheers of the crowd after a very impressive second place.


Aegerter loses third early in the lap just after the home straight, then De Angelis squeezes through into third. Now Sofuoglu comes past De Angelis...BRADL TAKES VICTORY!!! Baldolini in second, De Angelis in third, and Scott Redding in an impressive fourth position after fighting his way through the field from a starting position of 24th!!!


Just one lap to go, and Bradl brings them through ahead of Baldolini, with Aegerter back in third, but with four men sat right on his wheel, among them Sofuoglu and Redding!


The battle for third is really hotting up now, with six riders really scrapping for it! Thrilling stuff!!! Scott Redding is the man carrying the speed - can he force his way through? Can he even catch the leaders? Baldolini and Bradl trade places once again - their lead is 2.2 seconds over the chasing pack.


Baldolini hasn't really been in this position before, so will surely go for it in the final couple of laps. He's still right on Bradl's rear wheel. Aegerter is back in third, with Talmacsi in fourth and Sofuoglu who seems to be staging something of a mini-recovery in fifth.


Baldolini has closed right up on Bradl and will be challenging for the lead in the next few turns. Aha! Britain's Scott Redding has jsut set the fastest lap of the race - 1'45.590! Dani Rivas, meanwhile, has just fallen. In fact, Baldolini overtakes Bradl, only for Bradl to take back the position going into turn two.


Sofuoglu's tyres must be absolutely shredded. He had very little set-up time, and now he's suffering. Interestingly Raffaele De Rosa is in fourth, but closing hard on Aegerter in third.


Iannone's down!!! He was on such a roll!!! All that good work has been undone, and now Sofuogly has been passed by Aegerter and is down to fourth. He's pretty much going backwards now, after blazing away from everyone in the first half of the race. So, Bradl leads, followed by Baldolini.


Elias is out! His first non-finish of the season. Suddenly Bradl is right on Sofuoglu's wheel!!! And Bradl and Baldolini storm past the Turk on the home straight!!!


Ioannone is right on Aegerter's wheel in the fight for fourth...and the Italian takes it!! But wait, Aegerter wakes it right back, only for Iannone to take it again. A better start to the season could have seen Iannone emerge as a Championship contender, but he's certainly on fine form now.


Iannone continues to set fastest laps - and he's now through to seventh!! 1'45.914 was the time of his last lap. Meanwhile, Sofuoglu's lead is down to 1.9 seconds, and very soon Bradl and Baldolini will be on the wheel of the leader! Baldolini and Bradl trade places quickly, with the German emerging from that little duel still in front.


3.6 seconds now the split from Sofuoglu back to Bradl, and Elias has fallen! He's fine, but is forced to take evasive action. If he doesn't get back on then it'll be his first non-finish of the season. Sofuoglu is still not happy with his bars - he keeps giving his left handle bar a mighty good whack every so often.


Bradl and Baldolini have just taken over a second out of Sofuoglu's lead on that lap!!! It's now down to 4.7 seconds! This one's not over yet!


Bradl is very gradually eating away at Sofuoglu's lead. It's come under the six-second mark now, while Iannone has flown through into the top ten.


Baldolini is tight on Bradl's wheel, looking to take second place, while Morales is in fourth....NO HE'S NOT! HE'S JUST FALLEN ONT HE SLOWEST CORNER OF THE CIRCUIT! Disaster for Morales, but Iannone is absolutely flying through the field. He's up to 12th from 34th initially!!


Interestingly, Bradl has a hard front and a soft rear tyre, while both Sofuoglu and Talmacsi are on soft-soft combinations! Will their tyres hold with still over half the race to go? Bradl lapped marginally quicker than Sofuoglu on that last lap, but the Turk still has a very healthy lead.


Bradl's raw speed takes him past Talmacsi and the German is up to second. Talmacsi doesn't seem to have the pace he showed in the practice sessions earlier in the week.


Sofuoglu's lead is a massive 6.531 seconds at the end of the tenth lap, while Andrea Iannone has just set the fastest lap back in 13th place.


Baldolini goes past Aegerter, but like Sofuoglu earlier, he runs wide at the turn at the end of the home straight and that allows Bradl through, and the German then goes on to edge past Aegerter and move up to third.


The real battle going on at the moment is the one for third position, with very little separating Aegerter, Baldolini, and Stefan Bradl.


The gap between Sofuoglu is now 2.7 seconds, and it's then another 2.7 seconds back to Aegerter, who is coming under pressure from Alex Baldolini.


Sufuoglu is extending his lead! It's now up to 1.7 seconds over Talmacsi, with Aegerter back in third. Indeed the Turk has just set the fastest lap of the race - a barnstorming 1'47.676!


Sofuoglu is extending his lead, and it's just been extended further as Hernandez sees his front wheel give way and he ends up in the gravel too. Talmacsi is up to second then, 1.2 seconds behind Turkey's Sofuoglu.


Dominique Aegerter now moves up to fourth...and Takahashi, the winner in Barcelona, has fallen!!! The marshals are helping him retrieve his bike from the gravel.


Sofuoglu is on fire this morning, he now goes wheel to wheel with Hernandez, and edges past the Columbian. Talmacsi is down to third, while Germany's Stefan Bradl has just recorded the fastest lap of the race so far.


Hernandez brings them through the home straight after two laps followed by Talmacsi, then Sofuoglu in third, and Debise overtakes Elias to take fourth.


Sofuoglu goes for a bold move at the end of the home straight, but overcooks it and drops back a few positions, and now Yonny Hernandez moves past Talmacsi and into the lead. The aerial view of the track gives an interesting picture. Most of the track is dry, though there are a fair few dark patches where the track is still a little wet!!


The lights go green on this 26-lap Portuguese GP and we're underway!!! Elias makes a good start, but Sufuoglu is latest on the brakes and he's into the first corner in the lead, though Talmacsi takes him back, with Hernandez having forced himself up to second, with Sufuoglu third and Elias fourth!!!


The riders set off on their warm up lap ahead of this 26-lap Portuguese GP.


Fastest in today's warm up was Australian Anthony West, with a time of 1'55.602 followed by Kenan Sofuoglu.


So, after yesterday's wet weather in Portugal saw qualification cancelled, the starting grid was determined by the combined practice times. As such, Gabor Talmacsi will start from pole, with Julian Simon, Toni Elias and Kenan Sofuoglu making up the rest of the front row.


First up today is the Moto2 race at 11:15, followed by the MotoGP rave at 13:00, then the 125cc race is at 14:30.


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