15/09/12 - 12:55
San Marino Grand Prix
Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli • Qualification


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We'll be back for tomorrow's race - that starts at 13:00 UK time tomorrow - join us then!


Top 10: Pedrosa, Lorenzo, Crutchlow, Bradl, Bautista, Rossi, Dovizioso, Spies, Rea, Hayden


So the top two in the championship start first and second in Misano, while Brits can celebrate Crutchlow being on the front row.


No! 0.038 seconds behind. Scarcely the blink of an eye, but it makes all the difference in the world.


SESSION OVER - and all that remains is to see if Lorenzo can snatch pole back....


PEDROSA UPSTAGES THEM BOTH! 1:33.857 - and there was nothing to separate the top three, but just as it looked like he was losing time, he comes back.


Crutchlow down again - 1:34.001 - but LORENZO QUICKER! 1:33.875 and that's beautifully judged from the Spaniard.


Crutchlow going quicker still, but Lorenzo might be on an outrageously fast lap. Don't bet against anything...


CRUTCHLOW ON POLE! Fabulous lap 1:34.088, and he made up so much of the time at the end of the lap. Big move from the Brit. Lorenzo not quick enough to improve.


Bradl has never been on the front row of the grid in a MotoGP race, so he really is heading for a big result.


Everyone with aspirations of pole position back on track now, and Dovizioso the first man to move - up a place to seventh.


New rubber on for Pedrosa - he dominated this session for so long, but has seen it taken away from him in the latter part of the hour. What does he have left?


Back they go, virtually side-by-side. Bradl, just as he is on the timesheets, just narrowly in front of Lorenzo.


Bradl and Lorenzo are now in the pits. One last run possible for the leading riders in this session, and plenty to play for.


Now it's the rookie Bradl! Surprises everyone with a 1:34.221 to take the pole for now. Crutchlow briefly went to fourth, but drops that place straight away.


Bautista now up to second, only for Pedrosa to immediately displace him. Battle has been joined, but it's an all-Spanish battle for the front row at present.


1:34.260! Vicious lap from Lorenzo, and a huge improvement from anything he had posted so far. Spies could have improved too, but blew it in the final straight.


Bautista just a tenth behind and into second place! Alvaro has shown great pace whenecer running has been possible... but Lorenzo looking quicker still!


Not that the Spaniard is dawdling itn the pits, however - he's out on the circuit, along with everyone in the top 10 barring Dovizioso.


If Dani Pedrosa stayed in the pits from here until the end of the session, would he already have done enough for pole?


The last remaining Brit in the field, James Ellison, is currently 18th and in the pits. He'd be hoping to gain another place or two before the hour is out.


Rea up to ninth now. Given he couldn't run yesterday, Casey Stoner's replacement is doing a very decent job.


Hayden was keen to test his fitness in dry weather today - he had doubts about whether to compete. I think he'll be racing tomorrow on this showing.


Top 10 with 20 minutes to go: Pedrosa, Bradl, Bautista, Lorenzo, Spies, Crutchlow, Rossi, Dovizioso, Hayden, Abraham.


Rossi briefly up to fifth, but Bradl and Crutchlow instantly displace him.


Bautista does his best, however - moving up to second with a blistering lap. He appears to have switched to a softer Bridgestone tyre on the rear, and it paid off.


Pedrosa extends his lead again! Down to a 1:34.516 - and that's looking very tough to beat.


SPIES DOWN! On the brakes into the second corner the bike was already wobbling, but he slipped off the back of the bike as he turned into the right-hander.


Pedrosa is back out, as is the entire top 10 bar Crutchlow.


There's still plenty of running time left in this qualifying session, however - it's a simple format - as many laps as you like within the hour - set the fastest time you can. Lorenzo gains another couple of tenths.


More like it from Lorenzo - on his 12th lap he posts a 1:35.214 which is good enough for second. But he's still four-tenths down on Pedrosa.


Pasini currently 13th, and it remains to be seen whether he will be able to hold on to that.


Replays show that was a nasty bump for Pasini, who travelled a long way on the ground. Just lost the bike at the wrong moment.


Mattia Pasini has had a stumble! Off the bike, somewhat irritated, but crucially, he's not hurt. Walks away.


Lorenzo undone by a poor fourth sector time - his time is a little better, but he stays in eighth. Hard to imagine the 2010 champion starting from row three.


Back up to sixth for Crutchlow - that makes him the fastest man still out on track. Lorenzo, who's slipped to eighth, is also racing the clock.


Crutchlow, now down to eighth after the latest flurry of activity, is looking like gaining a place or two here on his latest lap.


Some high-quality riding at present, but there is still a certain amount of feeling out the bike. Friday's practice was wiped out entirely by poor weather.


Dovizioso up to second, while Spies upstages team-mate Lorenzo for the moment to take third place.


Pedrosa back in the pits having shaved another four-hundredths of a second off his best time. He looks in top shape.


Bright skies over Misano at present - that's good news, because the weather has been very changeable this weekend.


... He is! 1:34.813 - that cements his advantage at the top of the standings. Meanwhile Lorenzo is leapt up to third.


Pedrosa looks like he's going quicker still, meanwhile...


Bradl shoots up to second, as the riders begin to return to track.


Rea, meanwhile, having his chance in MotoGP, is currently 12th, around 2.2 seconds adrift of the leaders. It's pretty good, given his inexperience.


But lagging back in eighth in the season standings, is Rossi focused on this year with Ducati, or next year?


The focus very much on Valentino Rossi, who'll be at Yamaha next year - he's doing a decent job on the Ducati so far to be sitting 7th.


Lorenzo is now the only man in the top ten out on track after Crutchlow, who is sitting third, ducks into the pits.


Most riders have been out already, but nobody anywhere near Pedrosa's best time. Lorenzo, still just warming up, is now sitting seventh.


Misano, of course, has been renamed in tribute to Marco Simoncelli, who died in a tragic accident last year.


The quickest man in practice earlier today was Alvaro Bautista. He's currently in second place.


Pedrosa has hit top form in the last few races and is still very much in the title hunt. Jorge Lorenzo leads, however, with six races to go.


You join us a few minutes into the session, where Dani Pedrosa is the early pace-setter with a 1:35.039.


Hellow and welcome to coverage of qualifying for the MotoGP race in Misano.