08/11/15 - 13:00
Valencia Grand Prix
Circuit de la Comunitat Valenciana Ricardo Tormo • Race


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Toby Keel

JORGE LORENZO BECOMES WORLD CHAMPION! It's a third title for Jorge Lorenzo, who has beaten Valentino Rossi after holding off the Hondas of Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa in a thrilling final 10 laps. What a race! Thanks for joining us - and we can already not wait for next season.


No way that Lorenzo will be caught now, at least not by both bikes. Lorenzo will surely claim the title and probably also the race...


LAST LAP! Marquez reclaims second place just as Pedrosa goes ahead - and their tussle gives Lorenzo breathing space!


Spain v Spain v Spain - at least there will be a local winner. Unless all three knock each other out! And it nearly happens as Pedrosa passes Marquez!


PENULTIMATE LAP! A three-way tussle, Lorenzo still in charge, less than five miles left to go!


Marquez seeking gaps now, but STILL can't attack... but Pedrosa is making this a three-man battle now, officially.


If it finished like this, there would be five points gap - but Pedrosa now within a second of the front two.


Pedrosa still closing, Marquez STILL not quite able to attack Lorenzo despite getting close corner after corner...


The gap closes up again, just 1.2 seconds from Pedrosa to Marquez. All three could cross the line in tandem at this rate!


Marquez now all over Lorenzo... Pedrosa lurking... Rossi miles back in fourth but safe...


Over the line, Pedrosa is 1.5 seconds off the front two now, but Lorenzo is holding firm... Can Marquez attack!?


Lorenzo ups the pace knowing he has a battle on his hands!


This is crazy - Pedrosa looked done for but now he has found new pace, relatively speaking at least. Remember if both Hondas pass Lorenzo, Rossi is champion... If only one does, Lorenzo wins!


As the front two bikes tussle Pedrosa is closing the gap! Just 1.6 seconds gap, Pedrosa on a charge!


Marquez now all over Lorenzo once more, sniffing a morale-boosting win at the end of a disappointing season...


Pedrosa's gap to Marquez is 2.3 seconds now, but all the bikes are slowing down a little. Tense moments with worn tyres and mistakes a possibility...


Rossi slips further off Pedrosa's pace - after pushing so hard early on you have to suspect that his tyres are the key here.


Pedrosa really not getting this done for Rossi, even as Marquez closes right up on Lorenzo's back wheel momentarily.


A third of the race left to go, and Rossi now over 13 seconds behind Pedrosa - his race pace just letting him down, which to be fair it has done all weekend.


Lorenzo turns on the style a bit in that lap and builds up his gap a little. Marquez now not in a position to challenge...


Pedrosa-Rossi gap is now over 12 seconds, so once again it's definite the Rossi needs a favour from Honda's Pedrosa and Marquez.


Team now telling all the riders to push harder - tyres still holding well as it stands.


Lorenzo loses a couple of tenths on that last lap - Yamaha slightly going off the boil now.


Marquez really pushing Lorenzo now... that gap closing almost to attacking range.


Rossi outpaces Pedrosa in that lap, but just by a handful of hundredths.


This is now going to be all about whether Marquez and Pedrosa can overtake Lorenzo from the looks of things. Rossi needs BOTH Hondas to overtake Lorenzo if he's to win.


Over the line, and this time Rossi has lost a quarter of a second to the Honda of Pedrosa, who was the fastest man in Valencia in that last lap.


If it finished now, Rossi would lose out on the championship - but we're still not yet at the half-way point...


Rossi cutting into the gap ahead to Pedrosa as well as he can, but Pedrosa is now 11.5 seconds ahead of him.


ROSSI INTO FOURTH! He whips past Dovizioso - but now there's the three big names ahead of him: Pedrosa, then Marquez, then Lorenzo.


That Ducati pulls clear of Rossi on the start-finish straight, but Rossi is soon back up on the man ahead of him...


Within moments Rossi has caught Dovizioso - all over his back wheel, this duel looks like it won't take long...


Rossi does it again - and this time he makes it stick! Up to fifth place now!


Rossi goes through - but the Suzuki takes him straight back as Rossi goes wide! No favours being done here...


Tense faces in the Yamaha garage... Rossi now all over Aleix Espargaro's Suzuki...


Pedrosa and Marquez really not pushing Lorenzo at the front - could be that tyre wear will prove crucial, because at the moment this is Lorenzo's title to lose.


Espargaro sure to let team-mate Rossi through imminently now - and he does! The other Espargaro, Aleix, now in sight as Pol slips back, then Dovizioso just a few yards further ahead...


Marquez now actually closing on Lorenzo a little, while Espargaro now has Rossi all over his back wheel.


Up at the front, it's a procession now with Lorenzo, Marquez and Pedrosa - who is the fastest man on the track right now.


Rossi goes wide at the start of lap seven and loses a few yards; some ground to make up now and he probably won't have a chance to strike this lap.


Espargaro is Rossi's next victim..


That tussle cost Rossi - he's 9 seconds off the lead now...


Rossi goes through Petucci! Up to seventh, 24 laps to go!


Petucci now - inches from Rossi's front wheel... Up ahead, Lorenzo is three quarters of a second clear out in front.


Rossi takes Smith - and the crowd goes mad, even here in Spain!


Rossi left frustrated there as Bradley Smith right in front of him closes the door time and again - Smith in his own battle with Petucci, of course, and with every right to ride hard.


Behind Lorenzo it's Marquez, Pedrosa, Dovizioso. All still reasonably tightly packed - two riders right ahead Rossi now, and he could be 7th by the end of this lap if he plays it well.


Rossi's gap to Lorenzo is just under six seconds incidentally, and holding steady....


One more spot for Rossi and he's into 10th - then Iannone goes off ahead of him, and he comes up to 9th.


Rossi takes Bradl on turn 1 - he's now 11th.


Rossi now up to 12th as he claims another spot - but remember if Lorenzo wins, Rossi must come second to claim the title...


Rossi claims another spot, then another! Up to 13th...


Rossi into 15th now, Lorenzo still comfortable at the front of the pack.


Just a dream start for Rossi - but it'll be tougher from here on as he comes up against better riders on better bikes...


Solid start from Lorenzo, Marquez safely second.... Rossi confirmed in 16th! Ten places made up!


They're away! Rossi takes eight places from the start from the looks of things!


Theye're under orders now... Rossi at the back, Lorenzo at the front...


Welcome to our LIVE coverage of the MotoGP season finale!