Three-time Olympic champion Eric Frenzel has spoken exclusively to Eurosport from his isolation hotel after testing positive for Covid-19 on arrival in Beijing.
The German team confirmed Frenzel arrived in Beijing on Thursday and tested positive along with four other German athletes, but they were cleared after a series of re-tests.
“I've been here at the hotel for two days now and luckily I have everything I need,” Frenzel told Eurosport. “I have opportunities to do sports and the food is okay.
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“I have to be patient now, luckily the Covid levels are also going in the right direction. So I hope to get out of here soon.”
Frenzel won the normal hill event at both the 2014 and 2018 Olympics, but admitted that his chances of being able to defend his title are in doubt as that competition is held Wednesday. However, he still hopes to join up with the team for the large hill and relay events.
“Nevertheless, the situation is very annoying because it will probably not be enough for a start in the first competition. But I hope that there is still enough time to prepare well for the two competitions on the large hill, to be able to take part and to support the team.
It's annoying that it happened like this. We have done everything to avoid this case.
“I probably came into contact with the virus at the Nordic combined World Cup in Seefeld. I was moving in an area that we all hoped we were safe from. We were all well tested in advance, including the athletes.
“The athlete who was positive afterwards was also tested negative in advance. That's why he's not to blame. At the moment it can probably just happen to anyone. The virus is invisible, nobody has a stamp on their head: 'I have Corona.'
“That is why the situation is extremely annoying. I've done everything I can to avoid contracting this virus for two years. Now I'm going to the Olympics and I'm positive at this very moment. That was a big shock, but you can't change it afterwards. I want to stay positive and strong mentally, keep fit and stay tuned to take the opportunity if it does come my way. Then I want to step on the gas so that I can hopefully leave here with a positive feeling."
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