Right, that's all from me. I'll be taking solace in the fact that there might yet be a bronze for GB's curlers. Find out tomorrow! Until then...


So GB will play for the bronze against whoever wins between Japan and Korea in their semi-final, which is finishing up now. It's looking likely to be Japan who trail Korea by three points going into the ninth end.


Oh dear. GB shake hands early with their Swedish competitors after the ninth end. With a cluster of stones of both colours on the edge, they glide straight onto the button picking up another three points to leave them with 10 points to GB's 5. Another end would really have been wasting everyone's time.


Oh ye of little faith. Great shot by GB there, sails through the two reds to take out Sweden's central stone and give GB two points. It's not enough, though. 8-5 as we go into the ninth end.


This looks difficult for GB. Sweden have two stones in the house after taking out one of GB's with their last stone. Their stone covers the button and GB will have to get through a narrow gap between two outer-laying reds to even get to it.


GB would need probably three stones and two steals now, and I can't see Sweden letting them have that.


I think the dream of silver or gold is over for GB. There, I've said it.


OH NO! That's gone horribly wrong for GB. The stone just nicks the edge of one of GB's guards and they fall short of the centre. Three points for Sweden. I'm not sure GB can come back from that.


The seventh end is drawing to a close, and it's GB with the hammer. Sweden play their last stone, hoping to limit GB's score, which they have successfully done. GB's two stones rolled out of the house and their maximum score here will be one point.


So close for GB but a good game by Sweden who manage to take out GB's stone and take two points.


Muirhead looks anxious going into this, it's a lot of pressure with a place in the gold-medal final up for grabs. I was expecting GB to take Sweden's stone out there, but they've nipped just in front of Sweden's stone there and I'm not sure how Sweden are going to play this.


We've gone into the second half with the Swedes back on the hammer and controlling this sixth end. Right now they have one stone in the house with team GB's final stone to be thrown.


GB throw their last stone with just one currently in the house. It's a clear run so hopefully this shouldn't cause Eve Muirhead too many problems. There we go, that's the takeout and great stuff there by GB. We go into the break 3-3. COME ON TEAM GB!


Right, that's one point to the swedes after some measuring by officiators. 3-1 as we go into the fifth end. GB with the hammer this time so they need to pick up a solid couple of points here to feel relaxed going into the second half.


Sweden made it difficult for GB there and they take just the one point. 2-1 to Sweden after three ends.


Good shot by Sweden, taking out a GB stone leaving two of their own in the house. GB follow up with a deeper stone than they might have chosen. I feel nervous.


That looked pretty tight to me, GB probably could have asked to measure the final configuration there - both had two stones on the outer ring of the house. But they've gone ahead without. Fair play to them, I'm sure they know more than I do about such things.


Nope, no where near the second stone, but Sweden will be limited to two here, assuming they take out GB's clear stone.


GB are eyeing up the angles now so see if they can displace another two stones. They're quite far apart, it might be a stretch, but they'll go for it.


GB went for a double takeout there, hoping to limit the points Sweden can take from this end, and they take out one stone, but can't quite remove the second from the danger zone. Good, from Muirhead, but almost brilliant.


And here is that controversial ending of GB's round robin match against Sweden...

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Video - Watch the curling controversy as crucial final stone ruled out for Team GB


Oops, a stone has made contact with GB's Anna Sloan. Sweden would have had an opportunity to remove that stone from play, but seem to have left it.


The team throwing last has the advantage, for obvious reasons in that they can take out other stones. The Swedes had the advantage then, but made nothing of it. We're 0-0 after the first end. BOOM!


Teams play 10 ends - 11 if tied. Each end has eight stones per team and it's basically like Petanque - you want to get your stone as close to the middle (button) of the target (house). The team with the stone closest to the button after all the stones have been thrown takes the points - a point for each of their stones in the house.


We're off and the first end is developing, Sweden have the hammer first so will take the last shot of this end and will also take the last shot in the second, the commentator reports. You all know how this works, but I'll give you a quick recap, in case you've been watching less than Mr T...


The GB women's team is headed up by Skip Eve Muirhead, and it's a grudge match for the team, after they were controversially penalised during the round robin match against Sweden, almost costing them their place in the semis.


The main event today is, of course, the women's curling. Great Britain take on Sweden in the semi-finals which means, for the numerically challenged among us, if GB win this they are guaranteed a medal.


GOOD MORNING! Welcome to our LIVE coverage of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, and many thanks for joining us!