Sir Mo Farah has claimed that plans are in place for Olympic athletes to be vaccinated against Covid-19 ahead of this summer's Olympic Games.
Western countries have authorised several vaccines for the virus in recent months, although Japan is yet to roll any out to the public. It is thought that the Pfizer vaccine will be approved in mid-February.
With the Games looming, having already been postponed by a year, speculation is rife as to whether they will be able to take place amidst the pandemic, but Farah claims a plan is in place for the event to go ahead.
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“I think most people in a career want to go to an Olympics and take part in an Olympics," he told talkSPORT.
"The key thing is to stay safe and see what the country can do. What they have said to us is basically everyone will be able to get Covid injections and after that it’s less risk of spreading the disease, and then from there just see what happens and take one day at a time.
"I think [the Games] will go ahead but at the same time, for me I have had the experience of taking part in three Olympics and I have to see it as another race and see what happens."

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There has been plenty of debate as to whether elite athletes in England should be vaccinated, with the Premier League confirming a record 40 positive tests among players and club staff earlier this January. The numbers have dropped since.
The UK is in the midst of a second wave of the pandemic, but had vaccinated over 10% of its population as of Sunday.
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