IOC President Thomas Bach says that athletes' heightened emotions are making the Tokyo Olympic Games particularly special.
Speaking to Greg Rutherford in the Eurosport Cube, Bach said he thought the year's delay of the Games due to the pandemic had made it even sweeter for participants in Tokyo.
"I do not want to single out the one or the other athlete's performance because this would not be fair to the others," Bach said. "But what is so significant during these Games are the emotions. Despite not having spectators, I think the emotions of the athletes are really flying high.
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"I was visiting the Olympic Village before the Games and you could feel this. The athletes are so happy to finally be here to be at the Olympic Games, to be able to compete - and I think you'll get this feeling also during the competitions, when you see these explosions of joy and sometimes also relief.
Even when you speak with athletes who did not qualify or who lost in the first round, they're all happy to be part of this unique experience and this I think is really great because you know in yourself, participating in the Games makes you all also very humble, because you get the real feeling that you're becoming part of something bigger than ourselves."
Bach admitted it had been an "interesting" 15 months to rearrange the Games and ensure attendees' safety as far as possible - and said these concerns would still be affecting the organisation of the next Winter Olympics in Beijing and then the Summer Games in Paris in three years' time.
"We have to be realistic, and we have to find the right measures there, against the pandemic," he said.
"Paris will be the first Games after our reforms in the IOC, so it will be the most inclusive Olympic Games ever - you will see the whole country being able to participate, not just to watch. Actually, they are starting already right now in more than 2000 communities in France. They're preparing a programme for the Games and to get their population active - you will see mass events in the lead-up to the Games...
"It will be the most sustainable Games ever. We have set the goal from the IOC, to make the Games climate-positive - not just carbon neutral but climate-positive...we have, I think, motivated, the Olympic ambition of the Organising Committee in Paris and so while they're striving for a climate-positive Games already in 2024. That would be a huge achievement."
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