Bianca Walkden is hoping the success of her housemate Jade Jones will inspire her to Olympic success.
Jones has won taekwondo gold twice at the Olympics but failed to succeed at the worlds until she won in Manchester, while for Walkden the situation is reversed.
Walkden has three world championships to her name as well as a European gold, but is yet to win at the Olympics.
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Speaking to PA, Walkden said: “Ever since Jade finally won her world title in Manchester we’ve been talking about how it means we’re so close to both of us having the full set.
“I watched Jade win after all the setbacks she had had and it really made me feel like I can go on to win the Olympics and establish that kind of legacy together. There is no doubt I can take confidence from that.”
Walkden continued: “It’s great to win another European title but it’s not life or death for me – the Olympics is the one major title I am yet to win and that is what truly matters for me.
“I’ve put quite a lot of pressure on myself throughout my career so I don’t mind saying I don’t want anything less than gold.
“When it comes to the Olympics, the biggest difference is in those people who don’t break under the pressure and are able to stand there and face the mental as well as the physical side of it all.”

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