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A decisive weekend for Team GB's Tokyo 2020 hockey hopes

A decisive weekend for Team GB's Tokyo 2020 hockey hopes
By Eurosport

01/11/2019 at 08:41Updated 01/11/2019 at 15:14

Team GB’s qualification for Tokyo 2020 hockey will be decided this weekend as the women's side face Chile over two legs and the men play Malaysia to decide who goes to Japan.

The women’s Olympic champions face world number 18 side Chile over two legs on consecutive days at Lee Valley in London this weekend.

And Great Britain's women head coach Mark Hager says his side must "create their own legacy".

"People look at this team as though it's the team that won in Rio and it's not," Hager told BBC Sport.

"There are only seven of those women still in the team.

"It's a new side and a new era and they've got to create their own legacy going forwards."

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For both the women's and men's Olympic qualifying play-offs, the team with the highest aggregate score across the two ties will qualify for Tokyo - with the loser missing out.

Men's goalkeeper George Pinner is not underestimating the task at hand in their pursuit of qualification.

"These are two of the most important matches I've ever played in," he said.

"This is unique in terms of turning up on Saturday and Sunday knowing we either do the business or we don't go to the Olympics."