But who is this poker player?
He's a 25-year-old Scot who plays like a pro. His poker enthusiasm doesn't leave time for much else, apart from his football and his love for Rangers.
With his three years of poker experience, he eliminated one player after the other in Brno.
Round-up: Phelps for London?
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His aggressive but shrewd style kept his opponents under just the right amount of pressure, especially in the moments when prudence and caution were required.
On the 29th November, this charming no-limit player will get to travel to Vienna from his home city of Edinburgh to compete for his share of the $500,000 prize pool in the grand finale.
The decisive moments
To fight your way to the top of the Poker Race Trophy you need to win some key hands.
Marky_Crash, who had qualified twice for the Poker Race Trophy, was one who fell to Puggy82 in the final phase of the tournament (with only three players left at the table).
Well known in the fun.PokerRoom.com community, his fans in the forum cheered Marky on as he pushed in his chips with a pair of 4s. Puggy82 called with AJ and the ace came on the flop.
As the chip leader, he had already entered a decisive phase in the heads-up against the Canadian mechanical engineer MadEngine, who went all in with a 10 2. That left an easy decision for Puggy82 with his K5. His bet paid off with a full house after a 444 on the flop and a 5 on the turn.
You still have until 9th July to win the pole position on fun.PokerRoom.com and take part live before the cameras at the final tables in the next Poker Race Trophy weekend in Brands Hatch for the $500,000 prize pool. The qualifiers for the next live semi-final games will continue until 18th September.
The Poker Race Trophy show from Brno will be broadcast on Eurosport on 4th July 21.30 BST. Admire the poker skills of the qualifying players at this exciting semi-final table in the Czech Republic
Poker Race Trophy
More on the Trophy
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