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PSG's Dani Alves admits he "would come back tomorrow if Barcelona were to call me"

Alves: I'd come back tomorrow if Barcelona were to call me

24/04/2018 at 08:21Updated 24/04/2018 at 10:38

Paris Saint-Germain's Brazilian full-back has admitted that he was sad to leave Barcelona in 2016 and would happily return to the club if they wanted him.

"Barcelona is my home," he told Brazilian channel Globo TV. "It's impossible to say that I wouldn't return.

" I would come back tomorrow if Barcelona were to call me."

Alves spent a season with Juventus after leaving Barca before being snapped up by PSG.

However the 34-year-old Brazil international clearly still has a soft spot for his previous paymasters.

"If I were to say that I didn't leave there feeling hurt then I'd be lying. I left hurt because I think I fought hard to create a great history at Barcelona. I left with 23 titles in eight years.

"I finished up giving them more great results and then they ended it without respecting my story."

Dani Alves

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Alves left La Liga under a cloud, dissatisfied with being allowed to leave by the club he'd been at for so long, but now says that his subdued farewell was due to plans for a return to the Nou Camp in the future.

"They wanted me to have a farewell and I told them no, because I consider that place my eternal home and when a place is considered your home you don't have to say goodbye," Alves said.

"What's the point in a farewell if you're going to come back?"