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Toulouse respond to Rochdale claims

Toulouse respond to Rochdale claims
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29/04/2016 at 19:51Updated 29/04/2016 at 19:54

Toulouse have responded to Rochdale coach Alan Kilshaw's comments in which he allegedly branded the French club "dirty".

Kilshaw criticised Toulouse in the immediate aftermath of Sunday's 28-28 draw in Kingstone Press League One in which centre Lewis Galbraith claimed he was bitten by his opposite number.

Centre Bastien Ader was this week charged with a grade E offence but Toulouse say their player was provoked and issued a statement insisting they are not a dirty team.

The statement said: "We would like to respond to the post-match comments made by the Rochdale Hornets CEO and head coach who publicly criticised the behaviour of our team and accused us of playing dirty (biting, eye gouging).

"All this is based on one incident, when Lewis Galbraith wanted to rip Bastien Ader's head off (or break his neck), with his forearm in the mouth of our player.

"Everyone can form their own opinion about which team played dirty by viewing the video of the game.

"This is the first time since Sylvain Houles became head coach in December 2013 that there have been any such complaints. They are totally unfounded. We are shocked and still do not understand the purpose of such comments. We are definitely not a dirty team.

" We strongly believe in rugby league values, such as fair play and respect, as our British friends do as well. Our first six games this season were played in a great atmosphere and with great spirit between the directors, coaches, players and fans, and we will do our best to ensure it will be the same if Rochdale comes to Toulouse during the summer."